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How and Why I Embraced a Healthy Lifestyle: Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! First I want to start out by saying this post has been something that is hugely personal and scary for me to post. I think anytime we talk about weight and health it can feel like you are exposing a very private part of your life. I am sharing parts of my journey that are hard to admit but I hope this post can help or inspire someone else feeling the same way.

I also broke this post up into a more than just one post because it was too long for just one.

I decided to make this post because after I posted a recent photo of myself I got a lot of questions about weight loss. Since moving and focusing on my health I have lost over 14lbs. Being only 5’1 it has definitely helped me feel a lot better in general. This is also a hugely personal post and I am putting it all out there. I hope in doing so I can help inspire someone else to ditch the unhealthy lifestyle and make a change.

My Main Reasons for Making a Lifestyle Change

For those who don’t know my family has a lot of heart disease and I have genetically high cholesterol (Familial Hypercholesterolemia). It is actually a very scary thing to have when your father died of a heart attack. So this is my main reason for making a lifestyle change. I want to be around for my children and grandchildren. I also want to set a better example for them than my parents set for us. For me this doesn’t mean going on any crazy diet. It is about choosing what is best for my body. Thankfully I am not a person who craves sweets or goes to the grocery store and buys a bunch of junk. That’s never really been something I have struggled with. My main struggle was just eating out a lot and eating a lot of carbs without the balance and portion control. I also have Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome so excess carbs are not great for me.

I also didn’t feel my best and didn’t really care about putting on make up and doing my hair because I felt terrible about myself. I think I just gave up a little. I felt like I was just gaining weight and eating terrible and needed something to spark a change. Stress was a huge part of this and I think making the big moved was a huge game changer for me. I will never forget when I went back to my old job after I had only been living in our new home for about 3 months and everyone was like wow, you look so happy and great. The months prior to moving I was so overly stressed that I wasn’t my normal happy go lucky self and I didn’t like that.

healthy lifestyle weight loss

Some things I wanted to get out of a healthier lifestyle

  1. Have more energy. When I went back to work my lifestyle changed a lot. I was always used to running around after kids (I was a nanny before I had children) and when I went to a desk job that changed. I gained so much weight and also became so tired all the time. I felt sluggish and didn’t have the energy to do what I wanted.
  2. Lower my LDL Cholesterol, raise HDL. Since I have genetically high cholesterol I have to take cholesterol medication and eat healthy. If I take the cholesterol medication it will lower it to an extent because it will help my body with the excess it creates but it will not help the high cholesterol foods I eat. Basically if I am eating crap, I am sabotaging my medication and it would make it pointless to take. I need to make sure I am doing everything I can to keep my cholesterol down and a healthy lifestyle is key.
  3. Feeling good after I eat. I noticed when I ate junk food or after eating out I felt like crap. I would get a headache or feel tired and icky. I also felt bloated. It sucked. I was running around so much that the conveinence or fast food or eating out just became a habit. It also felt norma to feel terrible after eating. Not good.
  4. Feeling better in my clothes. I had gained so much weight when I worked. Part of it was stress, part of it was no longer running around my house keeping everything together. Another huge part of it was not exercising. I just wanted to come home and be with my children. My clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I hated it.
  5. Being a good example for my children. Branden and I pride ourselves on setting good examples for our children. Whether that is showing the value in family time, prayers, or turning lights off when we leave a room. Another huge thing for us prior to me working was being physically active. We would go on bike rides, I took the kids to the gym or I’d go on walks with my friend Melissa almost every day. When I went back to work all of that changed. I was too tired to do any of that. I didn’t set a good example for them. I could have gotten my bike out and gone for a bike ride with them or gone on more walks but my overall lifestyle made me tired and it wasn’t the best example.

Now that I talked about all the whys and what I want from a healthier lifestyle I will follow this post up with details on how I went about implementing a healthy lifestyle. Stay tune for tomorrows post. 


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