How I Made Almost $5000 Last Month as a Stay at Home Mom

Becoming a stay at home Mom has been such a huge blessing for me. When we first had the girls I stayed home with them full time. With Ace I did stay home with him but watched another baby while doing so. Since we had two babies and a toddler to take care of I stuck to just staying home with them. Right after Everly’s second birthday I went back to work and Branden stayed home with the girls. I love having someone home with the kids, it’s just a personal preference, and since this is something I want for my family that means making money from home.

One of my largest incomes has been from rental properties. The next large income has come from blogging. I used to make more money from blogging before I went back to work so this has not been my most profitable month. I am slowly getting back into the grove of it and will try to do posts like this regularly. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or email me. I will totally help you with any of the websites. 

Apps and Income Earning Website Income

Inbox Dollars: $130 

  • You can sign up here and start earning cash through surveys, reading emails and shopping!

Swagbucks: $154

  • You can sign up for Swagbucks here and earn 300 Swagbucks through my link!

My Points: $5.00

  • This one works just like Swagbucks and I am new to it so I literally just started earning money. You can use my link to sign up here.

Shopkicks: 2,545 kicks which is equal to just over $10.

  • You can sign up here and get 250 kicks the first time you use the app at a store (you get kicks for walking into stores or scanning items at the store). I am more tips on earning money on Swagbucks HERE.

Mobee: $32.75

  • This is basically like being a secret shopper. I don’t do this a lot but if I am going to a store and it has a mission I will do it while I am there. Use my code FS8Q to get $3.00. Download the app through this link.

Thred Up: $29.96

  • You can sign up here and get $10 to use on your first order but it expires after 30 days so use it quickly.

Ebates: $14.05

  • I didn’t really shop through Ebates this month so it was a low income for them. If you want to earn $10 after your first order you can use my link HERE.

Total Income from Apps & Websites: $375.76

Blogging and Social Media Income

Linqia: $420

  • If you are a blogger you can sign up here to join this program

Amazon Affiliate: $300

Shopsense Collective: $158

Heartbeat: $20

  • I have only done one instagram post with them so far but it was super easy. If you want to sign up you can through my link here and we will each get $2!

Small Business Collaborations: $200

  • This is not in actual money but in exchange for goods so I am including it with the cost of the products.

Total Income from Blogging and Social Media: $1,098

Rental Income

Rental Property Income: $3500

  • This is between 3 rental properties. This is my personal take home from it not the actual rent we receive. I own these with my sister and uncle. Branden and I are looking to buy 1-2 more so this may go up soon.

Total Income: $4.973.76

Since I am just getting back into making income from home I will try to share another post soon on how I have grown. So far I have added two more sponsored posts so that amount will also go up. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

I also would love to giveaway a Target gift card to one of my amazing readers. I feel like it is my chance to give back because you all are the reason I am able to make money from blogging. I am giving away a $100 Target Gift Card. Please make sure you come back each day for the daily entries!

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  1. I am a stay at home mom/GaGa; when the kids get out of school im there to pick them up and to watch them and have fun until mommy and daddy get home!

  2. I’m a stay at home mom. I got a degree and worked for eleven years in a museum setting, now I’m at home raising my son and I love it 🙂

  3. These are all awesome ideas, thank you!! 😀 I’m currently a part time student, & work part time doing web usability/bug testing.

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