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Happy Tuesday, everyone! So much has been going on and it has been so busy around here that I have been slacking on my blog. If you ever want to stay up to date with what’s going on you can check out my Instagram or Facebook. I update those daily.

March was a crazy busy month. We had my birthday, Everly’s birthday, Spring break (more on all that later in the post) and I had a lot of doctors appointments.

My family has a really bad history with heart disease. My Dad died of a heart attack at 59, my uncle on my Mom’s side died of a heart attack and my cholesterol is genetically high. It is called Familial Hypercholesterolemia. Basically my liver produces too much cholesterol and my body can’t get rid of it as fast as it is making it. My mother had the same issue and I know one of her sisters do as well. I have had high cholesterol my whole life and my doctor waited till I was done having children to finally get me on a statin to keep it under control.

I went for my yearly check up with a new doctor since we moved. As she was listening to m heart she heard a palpitation. She asked if I had ever had them before and told her I had felt a couple but had my doctor before had never heard them and all my EKG’s, Echo and Holter Monitor I have had in the past were normal. Since these seemed to be a recent development and I had some major anxiety about it she scheduled me to see a cardiologist and have a battery of tests done to make sure everything looked good and reassure me that I was fine.

The cardiologist I saw was so amazing, well his physician assistant was, since that was who I talked to mostly. After the EKG, which came back normal, he said he was going to have my wear a ECG monitor for two weeks and then have an echo done as well as a CTA. Thankfully everything came back normal and they have no concerns for my heart! Such a relief to have had that testing all done. The money spent on all of it was worth every penny to have peace of mind. I will still go for yearly visits just to keep them up to date on my cholesterol and to keep an eye on my heart. In 5 years they will do a stress test and we will just keep an eye on everything.

If you have any concerns about your health whether it is because of family history or a weird bump or feeling, go get it checked! My anxiety was on another level before all my tests were done. Once I got everything back I felt so much relief. I knew there could have been some issues with my arteries because of my high cholesterol but I also knew with all the tests and information we could get things figured out ASAP if we needed too. Now we have a real baseline for everything from here on out. Do not take your health for granted. I lost my parents when they were only 59 and I never want my children to go through what I did. Sure, I can’t guarantee I will live longer than them or not have something happen to me tomorrow but taking steps to help ensure a healthy body really does give you a better chance.

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