Can he catch a break?

Hey friends! Happy Thursday. Today we are keeping things super low key since Ace seems to be feeling icky again.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram than you might not be up to date with things. Just over two weeks ago Ace was complaining about a sore through. I didn’t think much of it because he had allergies. He didn’t have a fever and seemed ok. I left the next day for a girls weekend so I had Branden keep an eye on him. He would give him medicine for his sore throat and he would be fine after. Energetic and running around. Friday and Saturday he had t-ball games but by Saturday afternoon Branden said he had a fever. I Facetimed with him and he looked terrible, even swollen. Branden took him to the ER with the girls because we were worried he had strep. He got on antibiotics and a steroid. I got home the next day and he looked terrible. The next day I looked in his mouth again and it was covered in yellow. My friend who used to work in the ER said it looked like mono so I took him to be tested and sure enough he also had mono. About 3 days later he was feeling better and was allowed to go back to school. He recovered pretty well and his doctor said he would still play t-ball since he had no swelling.

A week later Ace has croup! This poor kid never gets sick and when he does he gets everything. He felt better a couple days later but his ear hurt a little. He had All Star tryouts for t-ball (which he didn’t make, 🙁 ) and today he is coughing non-stop. I think we let him do too much too quickly. He is such a high energy kid so seeing him not himself is so weird. My friend told me with mono his energy level could stay low for about 6 months.

Anyway it has been frustrating seeing him go from feeling sick to fine to feeling bad again. It seems like it’s a bit of a roller coaster. Once he gets better something else pops up and it’s only been almost three weeks. Obviously he just hasn’t fully gotten better but when he starts to feel better he wants to just go, go, go that we think he is fine. Lesson learned he is chilling out now.

On another exciting note I am heading to The Mother of All Baby Showers on May 11th in Orlando. If you are local to the area come out and make sure you say hi! There is a coupon code for $10 off too. Use code: ORLANDOblogger


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