For the Motherless on Mother’s Day

Dear Motherless Mothers,

I know today is a day meant to spoil you and bring you joy. A day to be all about you. But it is also a day that is meant to be all about your Mom. Your Mom that is no longer with you. A day where you can no longer give your Mom handmade cards from your babies or tell her how much she means to you because you finally get it.

You finally understand what she went through as a Mom. You finally can truly appreciate all she was. And now you can only talk to the sky or pray or cry about it. It’s one of those days that is extremely hard. A day that is hard because as a mother you know how much you meant to that woman because you know how much your babies mean to you.

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You know what she gave up, sacrificed and put herself through to make sure you were happy and healthy. It is a day that isn’t easy. I see you, I feel your pain and I wish I could just give you a big hug and say this sucks and it doesn’t feel fair.

It’s definitely not fair. But life isn’t fair. Life is sucky sometimes. I am usually the look at the bright side of life, see the good in everyone kind of person but some days it’s hard to not feel sad or bummed. And I don’t like people feeling bad for me about losing my parents. It is a part of life and I was very, very lucky to have had so many fun times with my parents. I want people to know that while I get sad and bummed about it I don’t want sympathy. I want people to take this as a way to remember life is short so go and enjoy your loved ones. Go celebrate the Mom in your life, whether it is your own Mom, sister, aunt, best friend, whoever! Enjoy your babies and the one day meant to celebrate you. And if you are sad because you are missing your Mom that is ok too. Just remember she would want you to be happy and enjoying this day.

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So to all my Motherless Moms out there, I feel your pain and hope can find a little positivity or good in the day. I know it isn’t easy. And to my sister, who I know struggles with this day more than me because she never had one Mother’s day as a Mom with our Mom, I love you and wish we were together.

And if all else fails go take a bubble bath and cry because crying is therapeutic, right? Or maybe just hit up Target and cry your way through the dollar spot. That sounds more my speed.

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