Lets Have a No Spend Week!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day.  I am doing some meal planning for the week today. Do you meal plan? Some weeks I do and some weeks I don’t.

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I have noticed, though, the weeks I do meal plan I spend a lot less money on food and am not tempted to eat out.

Since Branden and I are in the thick of demoing one of our rentals and I am doing my own little side business (post on that coming soon but if you want to know about our other ventures go HERE) I decided to try out a no spend week to save money. This means paying any bills we have for the week, getting gas, and grocery shopping by Monday and seeing if we can go the whole week without spending a dime. Should be a fun little challenge.

I also decided to try to set a strict budget for grocery shopping this week so we can use up some freezer and pantry items.

The main items I need to buy from the grocery store are fruit, peas, buns, eggs and sliced cheese. We have enough frozen veggies, meats, bread and milk to last the week so I don’t have to worry about any of that.

I like this idea because it kills two birds with one stone. One, it will save money for the week and two it will help clear out the pantry and freezer. I can be really bad about checking those when I go shopping so this week I made sure to plan around what we have. Our freezer is so full so I have to get stuff cleared out of it.

To do my meal planning for the week I used the free printables from An Organized Life. Totally love her! She is seriously so inspiring.

I decided the easiest way to grocery shop and stick to my list was using Walmart Grocery (get $10 off your order using my link). I order what I need online and pick it up from the store. They bring it right out. So easy and they really do have awesome customer service. This is not sponsored, I just really love how awesome they are. You will have to have a Walmart Grocery near you since this is not at the regular Walmart stores.

I have also used Shipt (which is having a deal for their yearly cost). And they deliver to your house. They now work with TARGET now!

Seriously great options to stick to your list and not be swayed.

I will check back in later this week or next week and let you know how we did.

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