How I made over $800 in sales my first month being an Amazon FBA Seller

For some being a stay at home Mom means sacrificing one income. It means giving up on certain luxuries. It may mean living on a very tight budget.

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I know for us having only one parent working and trying to buy more income properties meant sacrificing a lot. Our extra money would go to these properties and getting them fixed up and rented out. As this was going on I saw a woman on instagram talking about how she was able to quit her job and travel full time while selling on Amazon.

Since I am a huge fan of Amazon, hello Amazon Prime, so I was really interested in this venture. Literally the next day my best friend says to me “So I just heard about this cool business idea selling on Amazon.” I was like no way, me too! We decided to take The Selling Family’s Amazon Boot Camp course (Sign up for the FREE 7 day course HERE) on how to sell and be successful as an FBA Amazon Seller and got to work. It took us about a week to get through the course but once we did we were pumped.

What is Amazon FBA?!

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This means as a seller you go out and buy products that are discounted, mail them out to Amazon and they deal with fulfilling peoples orders when they order your product. They also handle all of the customer service. It also offers Prime shipping to Prime members and makes your products visible and up front for everyone to see first.

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How’d we start?

We went to stores like Ross, Walgreens, Target and Walmart and started scanning items to see if we could sell them and make a profit. Our first shipment to Amazon we sent in 32 items. Once Amazon got our shipments and they went life we sold 4 items our first day! It was so exciting. We sold something every day the first 8 days. We then had two days where we didn’t sell anything. We got super nervous but after that we were back on a roll. Now we know days and times that we usually make more sales and not to stress it.

It hasn’t even been a month and we have made over $800 in sales. I had written down my goals for this and I had set a goal of $1,000 in sales at the 3 month mark. If things keep going as well as they are we will hit that goal way before that. As you can see on my Amazon Seller App on May 14th we made 2 sales for just under $50 that day. Under that is the sales from the last 30 days which was $894. This is just a few days before the 30 day mark! I am beyond excited with how well we have done so far. We just got our first payment so we will be sending in our third shipment very soon.

Tips for Being Successful Selling on Amazon

1. Create an Amazon Sellers Account.

The first step is an easy one. Just create your seller account on Amazon! If you are struggling with this step Jessica from The Selling Family goes through every step of signing up.

2. Scan everything!

Scanning in the beginning can feel super discouraging and awkward because you don’t know yet what you can and can’t sell. But the way I look at it is the more you scan the better you get at knowing what you can and can’t sell and what will and won’t make a profit. It will eventually cut down a lot of your time because you will be confident in what you are doing. There have been things we were like oh I am sure that will not work for us and then we scan it and are happily surprised.

3. Don’t be afraid to make the investment.

Figure out how much you can invest in this and just do it. I knew I wanted to really make this work so I spent the money on the full course from The Selling Family. I didn’t want to waste time scouring the internet trying to figure this out on my own. They have a 7 Day FREE Course you can check out before you make the commitment but after seeing how well this other person was doing I didn’t waste time and jumped in. I also went for it when I was buying products to sell. If it had a low rank (rank determines how well it sells) and I could make a decent profit after fees I bought it and kept going. Since more great businesses have start up fees I knew this was something I had to do to be successful.

4. Have a partner.

This may not work for everyone but for me having my best friend in on this with me has been the absolute best thing ever. We made a commitment to each other that we would see this thing through and we keep each other motivated and encouraged. It also helps financially with initial investments. We also have different things we are each good. For example I do a lot of the computer side of things and she does the packaging. Even if you aren’t going in on this with a friend or spouse have someone who you can talk to about it. It helps when you are excited about sales and can celebrate the little things with them.

5. Ignore the Doubters.

Selling on Amazon probably sounds super weird to others. I know mine and Kat’s husbands were a little bit skeptical about the whole thing. I know before I saw the person’s instagram about selling on Amazon I was clueless people did this! I thought Amazon just bought items at wholesale and sold them. Now I know that people sell items through Amazon and it is a great business. I mean Amazon is probably one of the top online retailers right now. How can you really go wrong?!

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I will continue to update how we are doing with our Amazon selling!

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  1. That’s awesome Bren! How much of that were shipping and purchases costs? What’s your net?
    What do you feel we’re the items you got more margin on?

    1. The last time we checked our profits it was over $200 but that was earlier in the month. I will be doing another calculation once our last days sales clear. It usually costs about 50 cents an item to ship it to Amazon. Purchase cost can vary. Some items we got for less than a dollar! Other items we got them for 50-90% off.

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