Let’s Make our Own Playground!

When we moved into this house one of my favorite things were the huge trees and yard. Our last two yards didn’t have big trees and both had pools so those took up a large amount of our yards. This house doesn’t have a pool (which is why we basically live at the beach) and it’s very wide. We were excited about the idea of having a play structure out there.

Now that we are finally getting around to planning it out we decided to forgo a play set and get a variety of items to play with.

The first thing I actually purchased for our house was a big round swing. We have had it a year and my kids love it so much. It hangs from our favorite tree in our yard and when they swing they get a perfect view of the lake.

Today I ordered this Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber. My friend got it for her sons for Christmas and I finally bit the bullet and ordered it. I think Everly and Ace will especially love it because they love to climb and flip around on the bars at the park. Ashlyn hopefully will end up liking it and get braver and stronger from it.

I really love this Lifetime Ace Teeter Totter. So that might be a future purchase.

Another couple of ideas I was thinking about was getting this jungle gym set sine it can be used for outdoors. I need to see what kind of branches are available to hang things from still but we have such gorgeous trees with big strong limbs that I love the idea of the kids having these trees to play on.

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