Day at the Beach Must Haves

  If you know me or even follow my Instagram account then you know we practically live at the beach. Since moving even closer to the beach last Summer we have taken full advantage of the incredibly short drive and beautiful, relaxing beaches. Prior to moving here we lived close-ish to the beach but if you know anything about South Florida beaches, you know they are a lot more chaotic and crowded. The traffic is crazy and it takes a lot more effort to get three kids to the beach.

Now that we are almost a year into living less than 4 miles to the beach I can say we have become experts at what to pack and what not to pack for a beach trip. I will give you our essentials and some extras that we love to have on hand.

*Most of these items listed are ones I own. If there is something I don’t own I will make a note of it and why I am suggesting it. This post contains affiliate links.

Our Beach Trip Must Haves

These collapsible sand buckets are seriously genius! I just bought these last month because I wanted buckets that were easier to fit in my beach bag or wagon. With 3 children plus friends or cousins we end up having at least one bucket per kid and shovel. If it is just my kids I can easily just have these three in my beach bad and they don’t take up any room.

I also just bought this beach bag. I wanted one that was mesh so the sand didn’t collect in the bottom and I could easily wash it. I had a canvas one prior and it annoyed me. It holds a lot and It seems very durable.

I love this water bottle. It keeps ice frozen which means your drink won’t get warm.

This wagon is pretty much my favorite purchase ever! I actually got it free because I used my first month of Swagbucks to buy it. I have had it for a year and a half and have used it for sports events for the kids and the beach. It is amazing. My kids can push it or pull it so it makes them feel like big helpers. It has great tires for different terrain. There are also two pouches in the front that I use to hold my water bottles.

If you are looking for super durable beach toys this Green Toy bucket set is the best. Ace actually got one as a baby so his is baby blue, green and yellow. They are just the best toys for long term use. They don’t break and last forever. I mean Ace got his at his first birthday so we have had them for almost 6 years. Not many buckets or shovels make it past a year with heavy use.

This chair is the one item I do not have yet. This is my next beach purchase. I actually saw two girls using this chair at the beach and was super jealous, ha! I usually just bring the chairs we have used for sports events but they don’t lounge so I am really wanting to get this one. It even has a spot to put your face when you lay flat on your stomach. I mean come on!

Puddle Jumper Safety Vest. I always have my girls wear these by the water, even if they aren’t in the water I prefer for them to wear them when they are even on the edge. Our beach is super shallow so they never really get water up to their chests but when we do go deeper it’s nice for them to have an easier way to float with us. They also don’t seem to ever be annoyed by them. We tried traditional life vests in the past but they ride up around their necks and heads and they hated them so these are nice that they go around their chest and arms.

Sun Protection

This category is something I am very passionate about. Growing up I grew up going to the Keys on the weekend and being in the sun all day. My Mom was a sunscreen freak. My Dad was a red head so my sister and I have very fair skin, my sister is worse than me. My son inherited this skin with pink undertones and burns easily. Thankfully my girls do not burn easily and usually tan (even with sunscreen) but we still lather them up like crazy. Ashlyn has extremely sensitive skin and can only use mineral based sunscreen. I always get her BabyGanics but recently bought No AD Mineral Based so I will keep you all updated on if she has a reaction. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try out another brand for the times we are somewhere that doesn’t carry BabyGanics (which happen once in the Keys and Ashlyn had an allergic reaction to sunscreen).

I also prefer to use rash guards as an extra layer of protection especially if we go to the beach early when the sun is shining right on us. The girls don’t always love wearing them but Ace almost always will wear one. I always get them at Target since I basically live there. They now have zipper ones! Talk about genius.

Not so Obvious Must Haves

Small First Aid Kit. Seriously, just keep a small one like this in your beach bag. I swear someone always gets a cut at the beach. I learned real quick when Ace busted his head at the park that I probably just need to keep one on hands at all times.

Water Bottle. This is not for drinking but for cleaning off a cut, sandy hands and anything else you can think of. I just keep one always in my beach bag and refill it if it gets empty. This is another reason I like having a steel water bottle so I know what is for drinking and what isn’t.

Baby Powder. I do not bring this since our sand here doesn’t really stick to our feet and we have an awesome wash off area off the beach where we park but if you need to easily get sand off little feet this is a must!

Baby Wipes. Need I say more? Baby wipes are basically essential for everything.

Snacks. Kids get so hungry running around the beach. I usually bring goldfish crackers since they are super easy to throw in our beach bag and when they are running back and forth they are a quick little cracker to throw in their mouth. I also will sometimes bring a smaller cooler with juice boxes if we will be there for awhile. This is also great for fruit. It will really refresh them and hydrate. Just don’t forget your water bottle for cleaning off sandy hands.

Beach Blanket. I don’t have this blanket but I really want it. It is huge and I love that you put the sand in the pockets under it to hold it down. I also love that it comes in a bunch of prints.


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