Our First Week of Summer Recap

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

We just finished our first official week of Summer and it was a bit busy. We kicked off Summer break with a beach day. It had been awhile since we could go since it was non-stop rain for awhile. Poor Ace got stung by a jelly fish when he was riding a wave on his boogie board. Thank goodness the lifeguard was on duty and had vinegar to put on it. Something else to add to our beach bag!

We started the week off by Ace starting camp at Winshape. It is a faith based camp and it’s basically the Chick-fil-A camp. They have these amazing college kids that have this incredibly energy and they just have the best time. It is great because they are broken up into teams and Ace was in Ocean and my niece was in another one so it was cool to watch how they compete but they also are encouraging to the other teams. They get to do activities for the week so Ace did Archery, Art and Yard Games. He would come home every day so happy, excited and exhausted. He is a high energy kid so it was a great camp for him.

He started a new camp that goes through the whole Summer. This one is probably going to be a bit more low key and since it isn’t expensive I won’t feel bad if he misses some days to do family stuff or leave early for other things. But I wanted to make sure he had an option of something to do this Summer since he is so active and loves to hang out with other kids. It’s hard since he is usually the only boy his age.

The girls started a camp only two days a week for 3 hours. Ashlyn loves it. She is so stinking cute. She is just so big to me right now. She is so funny because she is not afraid to say what she wants or do what she wants. I love that she just is who she is and gives no sh*ts. She definitely gets that from her first Mommy, which I love. I wish I had more of that.

Everly on the other hand says she is “scared” to go to camp. When I asked why she says because I leave and don’t watch her. The issue with this camp is it usually is a place where you do an hour class which she did a trial one and I watched them for the hour. Now she expects me to stay. She is fine after a bit but she is just my child that gets overwhelmed easily and anxious. She has always taken time to warm up. Ashlyn will just walk in and be in her own world and not care about anything. They are so different.

Everly is very much like me in the anxious department. I was the exact same way as a child. I would let it ruin my time too. I remember my Mom leaving me in the gym daycare and being so upset and crying. I remember watching the other little girls getting their hair braided by the ladies watching us and wanting to do it but being too nervous. I just was always an anxious child. So I try to be sensitive to Everly but also do not want to not have her go because she does have fun after awhile and warms up. She has friends there and the one teacher there is so sweet with her.

On the other front of being brave Everly held an alligator at the library and Ashlyn wouldn’t dot it. Everly was also all about touch this huge snake too. To Ashlyn’s credit I think she was tired but she does get creeped out and scared of things more than Everly does. Another funny difference between them. Ashlyn is scared of things while Everly is scared of new places. Always keeping me on my toes.

I also had the girls try a kids Crossfit class yesterday with my niece. The girls loved it. I will probably have them do that for this month since they can go Mondays and Wednesdays for an hour. They start dance in July and swim lessons next week so they are going to be busy with a lot of fun activities.

I hope everyone else is having a fun Summer. Ours is definitely busy but we are loving it! I also wanted to share a sale that is going on over at The Selling Family. If you caught my post about my new work at home job where I am an Amazon FBA Seller than you will want to take advantage of this package. It will seriously help with any questions you have about getting started.

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