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Hey friends! Happy Wednesday. I am on a roll, two days in a row, ha! I feel like I really need to get back to blogging consistently since it is a great outlet for me when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Anyone else have a good outlet to relieve stress?

So many things I need advice on guys. Ok first, who else has 4 year olds that fight like crazy?! My girls are seriously driving me nuts with their constant bickering. My one friend has 4 year old twins and posted on instagram how they keep fighting too so I felt a little less alone but man these fights are the worst right now. Last Summer the girls were so easy. Like played sweetly all day and barely fought. What happened to my sweet sisters?

I am also debating on whether I should separate them in their classes next year. I think there are only two classes for their age at Ace’s school and their friend is going to school with them which means only one will get to be in the class with her if we separate them. I also was told the one teacher is way better than the other and to try to get her. The girls said they wanted different classes so I might still separate them but then again I could give them one more year together and wait till Kindergarten. So many decisions. I guess I will talk to the office and see what they say about me even requesting the one teacher.

On another exciting front I am doing a 6 week Crossfit challenge. I am really nervous and excited about it. The girls started Kid Crossfit classes and love it so I am going to try to go to the classes right before theirs and then they can just hang out till it’s their class time. It’s a great gym.

The girls also start swim lesson’s next week which should be interesting with Everly, my scaredy cat. I am really hoping she won’t freak out. I hate to say it but her anxiety and stress is stressing me out. I feel like a crappy Mom because she can get so anxious about stuff. If you have any advice on that let me know.

I am excited for my little break when they have camp tomorrow and I can work with Kat. I seriously love our job and it’s really fun so it helps me get out of a funk when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed. There is a deal (90% off) going on right now if you want to start or learn more about becoming an Amazon FBA seller. Go HERE. It gives you everything you want to know. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or message me. I will do a blog post about being an FBA seller since I have been asked to do one.


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