Why I had Pharmacogenic Testing Done

This post is sponsored. I received the PanaceaPGX test for free in return for my honest review of their product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s Friday! Which means pretty much nothing as a work at home Mom in the Summer but still, yay!

Tonight I go for my first one on one session at Crossfit. Ahhhh, I am a mix of nervous and excited. The trainer is the same one the girls have teaching their classes so I feel very comfortable with her since she is super amazing. Very positive and fun.

I mentioned in my last post that I am doing a 6 week challenge so I will try to document it here but more frequently on my Instagram. So make sure you follow me there.

Since we are on the topic of healthy living I wanted to share a cool opportunity I had recently. I received a Pharmacogenomics test from Panacea PGX. This test is to help you and your doctor know what medications work best for your body. It is a simple test of swabbing the inside of your mouth then you send it off to their lab in a prepaid envelope. Once thy receive your test they give you a call to confirm your information and once everything is complete you get another call on your results.

For me, it was very important to have this testing done. I take two medications daily. I wanted to make sure that I metabolized them normally and there weren’t any adverse affects from them. The funny thing is with this test I had some medications that I absolutely should not take and some where I might have some type of affect. One of the drugs that showed my body not metabolizing correctly was a beta blocker. I had just taken this medication and it wasn’t work for a test I had to take! I didn’t get my results till after I had taken this medication but I told the doctor how crazy it was because it wasn’t working and I didn’t even realize this was probably why.

The great thing about having this test done is your doctor will have valuable information on how to treat you for different things based on what medications you should and shouldn’t take.

After getting my results I instantly went back to a Grey’s Anatomy episode where a woman woke up during a surgery. They later found out her body metabolized the medication to keep her asleep too fast. This is basically what this test tells you about medication. If you are going to metabolize a medication too quickly that is important to know. If you could have dangerous side effects from a medication, again that is very important information.

Since I had this awesome opportunity to try out the PanaceaPGX testing they offered my readers a discount on the test! Go check out their page and see your options. You can even pay with PayPal! I can not recommend this testing enough.

Please note that this testing and process is HIPAA compliant, and PanaceaPGX does not sell your information to pharmaceutical companies. Your results are confidential to you.



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