What I Learned from my First Month as an Amazon FBA Seller

Hi everyone! I have officially been an Amazon FBA Seller for just over a month. It has been such an exciting month. My best friend and I have loved doing this together and it really has made it so much easier.

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I have gotten so many questions about becoming an FBA Seller and if it is worth doing, what was the best and worth part of it? What mistakes did we make? So I am going to break it down for you all and if you have anymore questions I will gladly answer them.

Here is what I learned my first month as an Amazon FBA Seller.

There is a learning curve.

At first Kat and I were excited to scan things and see we would make some money off of it. We didn’t always look at the rank of an item (how well it sells.) So we do have some items that aren’t moving and we will have to either lower the item’s price or have it returned to us. Overall we only have about 3 items that we are having this issue with so thankfully we figured it out fairly quickly.

You will get faster at doing everything.

At the beginning we were overwhelmed at scanning things and super nervous about sending our items in. All the firsts are super intimidating but also extremely exciting. When we started finding items we could sell and make a profit on we were pumped. We were able to run into stores, find the clearance or sale sections, scan quickly and get out of there. Some stores take longer because they are close out prices but we are now a lot quicker at those ones because we know what we can and can’t sell. We also can package up our items so much quicker now. We have a system that came about naturally and it works.

Some days aren’t as profitable as others.

This can really suck. Like some days you can bank and others you might not get a sale. It can feel frustrating that first day you don’t have a sale but then you realize it was just an off day.

You become more patient.

At first you just want everything to sell out but then you realize some items will take a few days or weeks to sell. There was one item we thought would never sell and really late one night it sold! We were so excited and realized some things will just take longer to sell.

Shopping is for items to sell is fun.

When Kat and I decided to do this we were most excited about the shopping part of it all. And it really has been so much fun. The excitement of finding items that have awesome ranks, items you have done well with in the past and finding out you were ungated in a new category during a scanning session! All of it is exciting. Sometimes it can be a bit boring because a store might be a dud but then it’s like we start finding item after item and you get a rush.

You’ll get a lot of questions at check out.

One time we were at a store and we had two carts full of stuff. I mean overflowing carts full. The lady was like “Wow, are you all Christmas shopping early?!” We were like yep! Ha! We knew it would be too much to explain but I get asked if I am shopping for a baby shower, birthday, Christmas, and everything in between. I usually just answer yes to keep it simple.

There are start up costs.

Ok so the hardest thing for some people is the start up costs. I will say splitting it between Kat and myself has made it a lot easier. We now don’t have to worry about that because we make a profit off our items and money gets deposited into our own business account but prior to that we were splitting the cost of shopping trips, the Selling Family Course, labels, and any extras we needed. It wasn’t terrible but it just helped to have a buddy to split it with. Now that we have our account with money coming in we can just pull from that.

The Selling Family Group is invaluable!

This was probably one of the best things about purchasing The Selling Family Amazon course. I bought the one where the group is included and it has saved me a lot of headaches. It also is great to be encouraged by people doing the same thing as you.

*If you have questions about start up costs and what you need to get started I can make a post on that as well.

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Overall my first month of being an Amazon FBA Seller has been great. I have loved every part of it.

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