Summertime Tantrums!

It’s Saturday! We made it through this crazy week with many tantrums, fights and headaches. I am not sure what has possessed my children but they are on another level y’all.

Anyone else have kids who are going completely bonkers?

Thursday I hit my max with them. It was funny though because later that night Facebook (they are listening, ha!) had an ad for no yelling parenting or something like that. A free webinar. And I signed up for it that second. It was SO helpful. I watched it and it just kind of helps you prevent tantrums and getting upset with your kids. I highly recommend it. Go here to check out the webinar and sign up if you are feeling a bit desperate.

The biggest take away is setting the expectation before going somewhere and making related consequences Totally changed how I could have handled the situation earlier in the day. But let me give you a rundown of what happened.

Thursday started out pretty great. I went and worked out, had my me time then headed home. Got the girls for swim while Ace hung out with Branden. The girls did great during swim but Everly was throwing the biggest tantrum because of her seat in the car and wanting to hit the handicap button to open the doors. Tears and screaming. When this girl gets going you seriously want to just run away from her. She is my intense child. Sadly, I was the exact same way so I can relate to her feeling out of control.

We get home and I talk to her and I can just tell she is worn out and tired. She likes a schedule and Summer has thrown her off.

After we have lunch and chill out for a bit we go to Kat’s house and leave the kids for a bit to do some work. We get home and everyone is in a great mood. We tell them since they were so awesome we will take them to Chick-fil-A for dinner and ice cream. We figured it would be great for them to get more energy out.

They have a great time playing but Everly definitely had some emotional outbursts. Finally it was time to go. She was exhausted and just being a mess. Ace was also being a bit crazy and not really listening. I finally said no one but Ashlyn is going to Chuck E. Cheese for our fun Friday trip. I get them in the car and tell them the way they acted was unacceptable and it was not the way we act in a restaurant.

We get home and I make Ace and Everly call Kat to apologize for acting out and then Ace wrote an I’m sorry letter to me on why he was sorry and how to be better in a restaurant.

I talked to my one friend about what to do and she gave me some advice. I then listened to that webinar. It all helped so much. Sometimes I feel like we can feel overwhelmed and lost on how to handle certain situations and behaviors. Especially when we get overwhelmed with their behaviors. Not one parent on this planet is perfect and handles every meltdown or tantrum with grace and patience. We just have to be better next time. And kids will throw you for a loop, last Summer my kids were awesome. No fighting and just played together like they were best friends. This Summer is the exact opposite.

I decided with Everly I need to figure out a better schedule for her. She loves structure and the days she has crossfit in the mornings she does so much better. The days we start things later in the day she has meltdowns. She also needs more downtime so we need to work on that as well. She can be the sweetest, funniest little angel but she definitely struggles when things become too much for her. We call her our intense child because she loves big and gets upset big. I was very, very similar as a child so I try to remember how I felt around her age when things became too much for me.

Do you have a child that is intense? Has Summer been a big crazy for you?

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