Monday, Funday!

Hey friends!

It’s Monday and it was such a great day. Isn’t it crazy how parenting can go from really stressful to really awesome.

Today we had a busy day so I think that helped. I took the girls with me to work out and then they had their crossfit class right after. It was nice because I brought toys for them and they played the hour I worked out and were so good. Ace went with Branden to the eye doctor so that was really helpful. He gets the girls all crazy and he gets bored being there so I was glad he was able to stay with Branden.

After working out I brought the girls home for lunch, took a shower, got Ace and then we headed to Hangar 15. It is an indoor trampoline place. It is a lot of fun and we were able to get a Groupon for it. I did the 6 hours so each kid could jump for 2 hours. Our friends met us there and Ace had his buddy and the girls had theirs.

Ace has been needing some boy time so it has been so nice getting to have play dates with his friend from T-Ball. He seriously had the best time. We are planning another trip in a week or two.

Ashlyn cracks me up because she is very independent when we go places. She goes off on her own and places and just enjoys herself. Everly usually gets nervous but not Ashlyn. It makes relaxing and watching her have fun so enjoyable.

Everly learned to do a front flip into the foam pit which was super cool to see. She kills me with how athletic she is. She was doing 16 inch box jumps today like it was nothing.

After we came home the kids chilled out and I made dinner. We did baths and they are playing now. I am so glad it’s been a pretty easy day over all. I have been feeling very overwhelmed with the lack of schedules and the tantrums.

Tomorrow all 3 kids will be going to camp for 3 hours. I am very excited about this, ha! I need a break. I do always end up missing them while they are gone and usually end up getting there a half hour early and watch them. Isn’t that how it always is? We want them to go to sleep and instantly miss them, ha!

I have a giveaway coming up this week so make sure you are checking my Facebook and Instagram pages so you can enter. This is a big one so you will not want to miss it. I have two more giveaways going later in the Summer too so if this one isn’t up your alley I promise one of them will be.

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