My Two Very Different Little Ballerinas

Today my sweet girls took a dance class. It is 4 weeks with a little show at the end of the 4 week session.

Ashlyn’s main thing she asked to do this Summer was take a dance class. We found a studio that had this session with the show at the end and I thought it was the perfect way to see if Everly’s opinion on dance had changed.

Previously the girls both tried a dance class, Ashlyn loved it, Everly didn’t last 10 minutes.

So we had the first class and the girls are obsessed. I was actually shocked at how much Everly loved it. She was actually a little natural too. She has great control over her body and is a bit of a perfectionist so watching her was really cool. Ashlyn is always fun to watch because she is so goofy and silly. She makes me laugh so much.

I love how different they are. I love that I can see their differences really come out when they do the same thing. With dance and gymnastics I could see how Everly’s goal is to do things perfectly and push herself. With Ashlyn it was about having fun and trying something new.

The funniest part of neither girl is like me in these ways. Ace is probably the most like me and I think that is another reason I love watching them so much. I love that they have these incredible personalities and strengths that are so different from mine. I really admire them.

I admire Everly’s drive to push herself to be the best and accomplish whatever it is she is doing. I love that Ashlyn doesn’t stress things and isn’t afraid to be who she is. I mean she gives no sh*ts which can be really hard sometimes but Everly cares a lot about things and that is hard too. Its like polar opposites as you see below. I wanted to send these pictures to Ashlyn’s bio Mom and she was already over it (see her walking away) so Everly did this little move and asked me to send it. Love these crazy girls!

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