9 Years Ago Today…

9 years ago today Branden and I got married in Las Vegas with our immediate family by our sides. Two babies at just 25 and 24 years old having no clue what it truly meant to be married yet, just that we loved each other and wanted to have a family together. We didn’t have a clue what life would throw at us.
From miscarriages, fertility issues, losses of parents and step parents, adopting, having 3 children under 3, two of which only 5 months apart and trying to just keep it all together. In between the hardest times were incredible family vacations, births, milestones, big and little accomplishments, buying our first home, then our second and third. Just being apart of all of this together as a team.
We haven’t been perfect and we have struggled. We have learned that marriage isn’t just a simple, one time vow. It takes hard work and commitment. It means going out of your comfort zone and pushing each other to be better people.It means loving each other through the hard times along with the amazing times.
It means making sacrifices and sometimes getting to rock bottom to understand what it takes to make it work. It’s not a simple instagram or Facebook post saying how perfect each other are but realizing you are two very imperfect people making a decision every day to love one another and get through the hard times and enjoying the incredible times. Marriage can be hard work but it’s worth it. It’s beautiful and there is nothing more worth it. The good out ways the bad and we have built something so special.
This man has given me 3 beautiful children, followed along with my crazy ideas and so much more. I am forever grateful God made him for me.
I love you so much Branden and the family we have made together. Happy 9 year anniversary.

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