Where Have I Been?

Hello world! Miss me? It has been a long 8.5 months of me being MIA from my blog. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have noticed some posts that give you an idea of what has been going on.

Whether you follow me there or not you might have no clue what has gone on or maybe have an idea. If you are close family and friends than you know the deal.

So what has been going on? Well, my friends, life has changed. Big time. My husband and I have separated. We have been living apart since August and have been trying to navigate this new norm of separation and our troubled marriage since June which is why I basically went MIA in July.

I felt I couldn’t blog because it didn’t feel genuine at the time. I didn’t want to go into details of what was going on with my family because at the time we both were struggling hard. We hadn’t told many people and things just were not definite.

It is also hard to admit your marriage has failed. It is hard to say it’s over. It’s hard to let go of something you fought so hard to keep alive. It’s hard to know the right way to go about telling people and at this point I am pretty sure my whole family is now aware and if I missed anyone I am sorry. It’s been a blur and I have been in free fall for a long time. I finally am grounded in this new life and it took a lot to get here.

I will go into more details on what it has been like being a single mother, the struggles I have gone through, how we told our children and anything else I think could help another woman going through this. It has been the most difficult thing in my entire life to go through. I lost my parents 9 days apart and that somehow was not as difficult as this. Maybe because we know we will lose our parents, it is a part of life but to me, having never grown up with divorced parents or grandparents or really hardly anyone in my family it just wasn’t on my radar. So it was a shock and has not been easy. It also is devastating thinking about changing your children’s lives. My kids have been my main concern from day one and how this would affect them has given me so much anxiety.

I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me recently. You have no idea how much it has meant to me. I acted like everything was ok for so long that I finally hit a breaking point and that point showed me what I was made of and who I can truly count on and man am I blessed with the best family and friends.

So do not feel sorry for me. I am going to be ok. My kids are doing great and we will be better and stronger from this!

If you are going through a hard time and need someone to talk to please feel free to email me, message me on instagram or facebook. Please do not isolate yourself and let it get so bad you hit a breaking point. Reach out to me, to your family, to friends, to a helpline. Someone!

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