Day Two: The Beginning-ish

It’s day two of this fresh start of my new life. Everyday or so I hope to get on here and update on how I am doing or what is going on and just get back into the swing of blogging again as well as a portion of how things got to this point. Finding that community I lost and miss so much. I have to give a HUGE shoutout to one of my awesome friends who encouraged me to get back into blogging about 2 months ago. You know who you are and I seriously appreciate you more than you know. If you missed Day One feel free to click on this link and read it and come on back.

Yesterday was one of the Mom moments when you are just so proud of your kids. Not for how well they do something but for how considerate and helpful they are to someone else. How easily they jumped in to be a team with me and each other…

After I got the kids from school yesterday they went out to play outside. Well, while they were out there I decided it would be the perfect time to trim this monsterous tree in my front yard. The branches were starting to canopy over so I knew it was time. Ace wanted to help so he gathered up everything I cut down into a pile and then the girls grabbed scissors to help “cut the grass”. How is that not the cutest thing ever?!

After awhile I realized the pile needed to be moved so they all worked together to run the branches to the driveway. It was a massive pile and they didn’t even complain (ok, Ashlyn complained a little). I felt so proud of them and how much they have grown in the past year. Maybe I am doing something right. And it didn’t feel half bad getting out there and doing something my ex husband would have normally done with this little crew of mine.

Now onto how things changed and evolved from a happy little couple to filing for divorce.

Young Love. When I was 22 years old I met my now soon-to-be ex-husband. We were just kids. We really thought we had it all figured out and found a comfort in each other and security that we both had been missing. We thought we were so in love and wanted to get married. We had a lot of ups and downs but we knew we would have this amazing life together. Young love. We had no idea what events would happen in our lives that would lead to the end of our marriage. Some people grow stronger together through difficult times (and at times we did), others fall apart. We ultimately fell apart.

My sister, My gorgeous Mom and Me at Disney

The thing is, we are so very different. We have extremely different personalities and ways that we see the world. I grew up in the cushy suburbs of South Florida with a two parent household, both parents business owners, an incredibly close knit family who went on vacations frequently together. My ex grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan. His parents divorced when he was about 12, he grew up on a farm and didn’t travel much but did also have a close family (who I still love very much and still consider my Michigan family). We came from two very different worlds. This shaped our views and opinions and values in ways I didn’t realize would become a big challenge in our marriage. To avoid giving too much detail it was basically just two very different people unable to make a marriage work after years of trying counseling and even not truly being ourselves to try to make it work. It still breaks my heart just knowing things will be different for my children but as time goes on I see so much progress in this coparenting situation. I see, that my kids are adjusting better than I imagined and it was better that it happened now than much later.

And that is that. Tomorrow I will add more but for now enjoy your day, everyone! I am off to conquer some projects with my friend Ashley while we try to keep her toddler from eating small toys. She’s basically my favorite little person right now so I don’t mind it one bit. And if you want to keep up with what is going on around here throughout the day follow my instagram page HERE. Have an awesome day!

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