It’s Fall Y’all!

Anyone else super obsessed with all things Fall? I am slowly decorating for Fall and I am so in love. This year I am embracing the season since it can be a really difficult one for my come November. If you are new here, you probably don’t know but my parents passed away in December only 9 days apart. My Mom was in the hospital in October till then.

fall mantle

Fall has always been my favorite season but it also has been a hard one. It seems like a lot of things have fallen apart for me in Fall now that I think of it. I lost my grandfather, learned my Mom wasn’t going to make it and my marriage ended. There is still good things that come with Fall though. My older daughter was born in October so we always have fun celebrating her birthday. Even though Thanksgiving is really difficult it also is a day I love spending with my sister’s family and friends every year. It brings back memories of being a little girl and every year being at my grandparents house with our cousins and just enjoying being together.

Fall=Back to School for the crew!

This year Ashlyn’s birthday party theme is going to be a costume party. I am so excited to see her celebrate her birthday with her friends from school and just feel so special for the day. It has been awhile since she has had an actual birthday party since we have done special events instead the past couple years. She is going to be Uma from The Descendants movie and she definitely gets into character when she dresses up so this is the perfect party for her.

Everly is going to be Dorothy so she can have our new puppy Oliver be her Toto. Ace is being a red Storm Trooper. I really like his costume.

We have some fun things planned for the next couple months which I am really excited about. I love making memories and new traditions with my babies. I think that has been the best thing to embrace since the separation. Just embracing our new little family and it has been hard at times but we have really found our groove and I am enjoying it a lot. My kids have been such little sunshines in all of this and I can’t wait to share all of our fun Fall activities with y’all!

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