Oh So Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all! Today I got to spend the day with my little crew and my sister’s family. It was a rough start to the day. I had found out something really devastating and just couldn’t wrap my head around it. It was a lot of crying but also a lot of support from my best friends and my sister and cousins. Talk about being thankful! I could not be anymore thankful for them.

This past year was a year of heartache, pain, growth and rediscovering who I am. Maybe not even rediscovering but discovering. I lost myself in a toxic marriage and gained so much from being left. Another thing to be thankful for. Thankful for being able to be relaxed and truly loved by some of those most important to me today.

Watching my kids spend the day with their cousins, playing, laughing and bonding. Watching my niece Willow celebrate her first Thanksgiving. Seeing my niece Valentina and my girls play together as best friends. Watching Ace and my nephew Anto just be boys together, something he needs when he is surrounded by girls all the time. Hanging out with my oldest nephew, Kelvin, who is probably one of my most favorite people. Having the best brother-in-law give me the biggest bear hug when he got here because he knew I was hurting and taking on the “man” jobs with my oldest nephew of setting up doggy gates, taking out the trash and cooking the turkey. Getting to drink wine, take the easy way out and cook as simple as possible with my sister and just be in the moment.

It truly was the best Thanksgiving I have had since my parents passed away. Previously I would entertain and have friends and family over and I always loved that. I loved being able to be with the people I love and watching our kids play together. But there was also this part of me that wasn’t relaxed or in the moment. I struggle with being in the moment a lot. As one of my good friends tells me “You’re so much in your head.” And it’s true. I am working on it but I realized today how much easier life can be when you just don’t stress the future or things you can’t control. My sister is way better at living life that way. She always has. We are total yin and yang. It was nice just getting to be on her carefree level.

So of course I am so thankful for my children, my home, my life, my family and friends and all the things. I am also so incredibly thankful for healing and working on becoming the healthiest person I can be for my children and myself.

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