Missing my best friend

Today marks 7 years since my Dad passed away. The day my sister and I became “orphans”. I will never forget that day. I will never forget walking out of my car seeing the ambulance just sitting there in front of his house. I asked my Dad’s employee and friend as he was walking towards the ambulance if he was alive and he just shook his head. He had his fists clenched and my uncle was outside just in disbelief. I started screaming. It was like I wasn’t myself. I remember my screams so clearly. It felt like I was going to die in that moment.

I couldn’t understand or grasp what was happening. We had just buried my mom a couple days before. I had just been at his house with Ace the night before. I had just talked to him before going to bed. My heart will always have a missing piece in it because my parents are gone. My Dad was my person. The person who got me and that I got. We would sit up late at night and talk all the time. Just me and him. We spent Saturday’s going to Barnes and Noble and having lunch. We had a deep connection. We got a side of each other that not many other people understood. It was that side of us that was raw and real. I was fortunate enough to be able to have experienced that life cycle of becoming best friend’s with your parent as adults even though it was not as long as most people have with their parents. 

He was fun, everyone’s friend and an incredible leader and business man. When someone said the name Patrick Boyd you knew you would be laughing and having a good time. My sister, Ashley, is so much like my Dad in this way. She can entertain a room and is hysterical. I get a little piece of him with her.

I get a little piece of him when I look at my son’s sweet face and see my Dad’s red cheeks, freckles and blue eyes. I get a little piece of him when I see my cousin Mike and he looks so much like my Dad. His hugs are almost identical. I get a piece of him with my cousin Kayla’s humor and outgoing, sarcastic personality. He was a man who lit up a room. He was the comedian, the friend, the leader. He knew how to live life and enjoy it. He loved his family so much.

So if everyone can do me a huge favor today. If you have your parents or grandparents still here go show them how important they are to you. Give them a call or hug. Let them know they matter. Life is insanely short and since my parents passed away it was my goal to make sure my kids have the same experience of understanding how fun and amazing life can be. This past year was difficult and I finally got back to me this Summer and I am glad I am not wasting anymore time being sad because I know my parents would want me to give my kids the same experiences I had growing up. Miss you so much Dad. I know you’re up there having a beer with Grandpa, Grandma and Mom forever living in a Key’s style heaven.

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