The Family Stone

I just finished watching The Family Stone. It is mine and my sister’s favorite Christmas time movie. We first saw it in the theater years ago when our Mom was waiting on some test results. We feared she could have cancer. My sister and I sat in the theater tearing up when the Mom in the movie talks about her cancer returning. It’s one of those movies that will always hit home for me in so many ways. Losing my parents right before Christmas seven years ago it just brings back a lot of those sentimental moments.

But this year there was another reason I got sad watching the movie. When my ex husband and I were struggling with the separation and there was a point we talked about possibly working things out. I told him what I saw for our future. What I had always envisioned. Our children coming home with their spouses on Christmas to spend the holidays with us. We would have everyone together and watch our grandchildren open presents. I could see it so clearly. I always loved The Family Stone because they had 5 children and it wasn’t perfect. Everyone had their own personalities and relationships. It felt perfect to me, though. I could see that with my family.

Now maybe what is meant to be is a blended family one day or just my kids coming to my home with their families and visiting. Whether I am with someone or not I just want my kids to always feel as close as I felt to my parents. I want them to have that security in coming home like in The Family Stone.

I get really nostalgic this time of year too. Growing up Christmas was filled with so many fun activities. My Dad’s funeral home had hayrides and we would go on a bunch every year. My Mom’s side of the family would have a huge Christmas Eve party with most of her siblings. On Christmas we would open presents then go to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on my Dad’s side and hang out for the day there. It was all about family. I miss that for my kids. I feel fortunate, though, that my sister moved closer and I get to pack my little crew up and head over to her house on Christmas Eve and watch them play with their cousins and wake up Christmas morning all of us together versus just me and the kids. I want Christmas to always feel special to them like it did for us. And I know that it will probably always be a hard holiday for me since I lost my parents so close to it but having my sister there with me to watch my babies open their presents and smile and laugh will help take away some of that pain.

I am so grateful that I have my sister because she is truly the only person who gets how I feel about losing our parents. Her husband has been an incredible help with dealing with my divorce and I am so grateful for him too. I am truly a lucky girl to have them and their incredible kids. And of course my 3 crazy kids who make me so happy. One day I hope they remember Christmas like my sister and I do. We always talk about how fun it was and how special our Mom made it for us.

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