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How to Earn Extra Money from your Phone

How to Earn Extra Money from your Phone

If you are like me you are always looking for little ways to save money or bring in money to your household. I like to use this extra money on things like Starbucks or a trip to Target. Here are some apps I use on […]

5 Tips for Preparing your Dog for a New Baby

 I’m Vanessa, mom of one 5 month old cutie named Noah, wife to a very talented media director & music producer, Julio, and blogger over at Dumpy Diapers I’ve been enjoying the past few months as a stay at home mom while on maternity leave, […]

Instagram Round Up!

  I decided it would be fun to give a shout out to some of my favorite Instagram accounts. I always love seeing who other Bloggers follow. Instagram has to be my favorite social media outlet for following fellow bloggers. 
Here are some of my fave Instagrammers at the moment

Crumbs and Glamour. Amaris is seriously the cutest. She has such a contagious smile. She is honest about having anxiety and I really admire her.

PB + J Babes. Amber is a Mom of 4 and so adorable. I love seeing all her kids. They might win the cutest family award. She has beautiful photos and her son’s monthly update photos are always hilarious.  

Bits of Bri. Brianna is a Mom of two and she has a youtube channel that I really like watching. She is super sweet and you can tell she just loves being a Mom to her little cuties. 
 Crista Olson Style. I really like her instagram because she is showing wearable clothes that many people can afford. She is a very relateable Mom. I really like that in a fellow Instagramer. 
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FREE Summer Reading Reward Chart Printable!

  Hey guys! Hope everyone’s Summer has been going well. So far ours has been a blast. I had lined up activities everyday for the kids so we wouldn’t be stuck at home all day. So far we have been to the fire station, Chick-fil-A […]

How to Plan an Epic Summer on a Budget

 Summer break has officially started!  My best friend, Kat, and I made a huge list of all the fun things we want to do with our kids this Summer and tried to keep everything under $10.  But how do you plan an epic Summer when […]

Summer: Fun Weekly Themes by Fallan

Thank you Fallan for giving some fun weekly themes to keep our kids busy this Summer! 

Summertime is upon us and if you’re like me, you must be wondering how to occupy the kiddos to curb summer boredom (trust me, it’s coming) and save your own sanity.

The plan? Weekly summer themes.

Hear me out.

I’m a planner. I work better with a schedule and so do my children. My children have never attended camp because I make summer both fun and educational (I can’t help it! I’m a teacher!).

Weekly summer themes can be incorporated anywhere, even with vacations. It works for children of all ages and with both free and expensive activities. All you need is a bit of planning and some research. 

Let me break it down:

These are the weekly themes I came up with for this summer, with some help from my kids: Zachary, 8, and Oakley, 4:

You can be as specific or vague as you want with your themes. When my daughter was younger, I was broader with the themes to incorporate activities for both age groups. For example, last summer we had a week of transportation so my son could read up on submarines and space shuttles while my daughter learned about the different types of transportation we use in the air, on land, and to sail the seas.

Once you have your themes, now comes the research. With every theme, we go to the library once a week. It allows for quiet time, it’s free, it’s in the air conditioning, and it lets us chose books that help us learn about that week’s theme. We look for both fiction and non-fiction books.

Next, I think about local attractions and events that may accommodate our theme. Some of these are easy, like going to the science museum for science week or seeing the fireworks for the Fourth of July for the week focusing on America. 

But it helps to think outside the box here. You don’t want to necessarily go to the same attractions your family would go to on a regular weekend. I like to find something we rarely do or even something we’ve never tried before.

For example, we plan to try the glass blowing demonstration in Hollywood, as it’s something they’ve never seen and we’ve wanted to try. 

Summer is known for being kid-friendly so flipping through a local parenting magazine, such as South Florida Parenting, or searching online for a few keywords or even on Pinterest, can give you a multitude of ideas for your themes.

I like to look up free or cheap options to help keep costs down so we can often be found free museum days or at local parks with a magnifying glass. You could choose to just do a few weeks this summer.

Weekly summer themes can be as detailed as you want them to be. Have fun and happy summer!
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An Adoption Story: Kelly’s Mocha Beauty

I am so excited for you all to read about my friend Kelly’s family. Kelly played a huge role in my decision to adopt Ashlyn. She had recently just adopted her daughter and was back in town while waiting for her ICPC to clear. She […]

What’s in my…Mommy Purse

  A couple years ago I did a similar post but now that my little ones are older I no longer have a diaper bag. I must say, not having to carry around diapers, ointments, wipes, bottles and formula for now one but two babies […]

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links.
Mother’s day is quickly approaching and if you have yet to get your Mom or Wife a gift you might want to get on it.
I love Try Amazon Prime because it ships quickly so definitely use that if you are in a time crunch. 
Want to try it for FREE for 30 days you can HERE

For the Coffee Loving Mom
A Keurig, this is actually what I asked for for Mother’s Day. I am over constantly cleaning out my coffee pot, coffee cup and filter. This makes it easier. I use it at work so I knew it was time to upgrade. I love that there are reusable filters you can buy as well. This way you go through less trash. It obviously it still one more thing clean but makes me feel a little better about my carbon footprint. 
For the Jewelry Loving Mom
My all time favorite jewelry is from LacKore Couture. I have a lot of her pieces and they are amazing. I even have a toddler bracelet for Ashlyn. My favorite has got to be the any of her bangles and initial necklace. She also makes custom pieces so if you would like a custom piece you can email her. Branden did this for me two Christmases ago. 
For the Fit Mom
These Nike shoes are on sale for under $75.00. I really like these because they are great for going for a run but running errands and don’t look bulky or ugly. They have a sleek look. You can’t go wrong here! 
For the Mom Who Loves to Cook
This everyday mixer is so cute!  It’s bright and cheery and the price is amazing. If you want the top dog of mixers, though, you can always go with the Kitchen Aid mixer. I love the variety of colors. 
For the Bookworm Mom 
I miss the days of being able to read a good book without a thought. Now it takes forever to get through a book so I need one that will hold my attention and keep me coming back for more when I have time. I am a huge fan of all Emily Giffin books! I am reading her latests book, First Comes Love, now and can not put it down. 


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What Kind of Mom Are You?

What Kind of Mom Are You?

Originally published May 6, 2016  This post may contain affiliate linksIn honor of Mother’s Day this year I decided to talk about the different types of Moms I have come across. Now, this obviously is not all types of Moms but overall it is some […]