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Nights at the Field

By on October 9, 2017

Happy Monday! We had the best weekend. We took the kids to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and it was seriously the best experience. I will have a post up about later this week so I hope you enjoy all the pictures.

Now that Fall is in full swing we have been busy with all the after school activities. This year is really fun because Ace is doing t-ball and my best friend’s daughter is doing softball. They ended up having practices the same nights and around the same time. Since we are all super close and maybe slightly obsessed with each other we ended up going early to watch Brielle practice and they stayed late to watch Ace practice. We are all super into our children feeling supported by each other so any event or activities they do we try to be there for them. It makes it a lot easier now that we don’t live 3.5 hours apart, ha!

The best part about t-ball is Ace loves it. This is his second time doing it, previously he played soccer and lacrosse. He was really little when he did soccer and liked it. Lacrosse he loved at first but it was so intense and complicated. The children who had been on the team the year prior were really good and got most of the attention, which I understood because the games were intense so they wanted their best players in the main action. Ace was always on offense so he did a lot of standing around. Anyway he is really good at baseball and t-ball so it has been a lot of fun for him. He has always loved it, I think because him and Branden love practicing together. It’s a huge difference from him feeling discouraged with lacrosse and being really awesome at t-ball. I do think he should be doing baseball because he’s one of the oldest on the team and can actually hit a ball thrown at him but then I think it is nice that he is for once the older one on the team instead of the youngest and can really build that confidence.

And of course I really love going to the field on these beautiful nights. The weather has been perfection. Since we are in Florida we don’t get super cool Fall weather but it’s been really windy and not humid so I am really loving it.  That is the one thing I love about sports versus the girls dance and gymnastics, being outside. Although if the activities is during the day in the hot sun, no thank you!

So tell me, do your kids do any after school activities or tried any in the past? If so what are their favorites? What did they absolutely hate?

Have a great week everyone! Later this week I will be teaming up with Smile Brilliant for an exciting giveaway so check back then.

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Life Lately

By on September 16, 2017

I feel like I haven’t done a good update on our family in a long time. I think the last time I really wrote about anything was the moving post. We have been so busy this Summer so this post might be mostly pictures. Throughout the Summer we spent a lot of time with my best friend and her girls, going to the beach, getting ice cream, and lots of playing. It was like something really changed this Summer with the kids. They were so good at just playing and entertaining themselves. I really enjoyed just being home with them. It makes me realize how much they are growing up. Ace started 1st grade mid August and his teacher is super awesome. She seems very funny but also can be firm when she needs to be. I really like that. Ace loves being able to go to school with his cousin (my best friends’ younger daughter). We drive them to and from school together. It’s really cute. She is 2 years older than him so sometimes I will catch them holding hands when they are waiting for me to drive up to pick them up. It’s the sweetest thing ever. They had a rough couple of years and the past year they have grown so close.

Ashlyn and Everly started Pre-k 3 and go 2 days a week. We made some sweet friends from their school which has been so nice. Shout out to Sara for welcoming us to the hood, ha! The girls love their school which makes me so happy because I have been so worried about all these changes for the kids. The kids are all in activities this year too. Ashlyn is doing ballet and Everly is in gymnastics. I love that they all have their own thing, especially the girls. It didn’t surprise me they wanted to do different things but it was funny how definite they were in their decisions. Ashlyn had fun trying gymnastics with Everly but before even trying ballet again (she took one class a couple months ago) she said she wanted to do ballet. Everly tried ballet with Ashlyn but was over it after 10 minutes. It was definitely too slow paced for her. She did her first gymnastics class alone and all the other kids were doing the bounce house at the end and she asked to go do more of the gymnastics activities. They were really impressed with her. Ashlyn was in pure heaven at her first official ballet class. I loved watching her smile the entire time. Ace is doing Cub Scouts and T-ball. Ace has only just started Cub Scouts but will be starting t-ball in mid September. He loves baseball so it will be fun watching him play. As for the move, we could not be happier. I really miss everyone down south, of course. But I will say this place is just so great. It’s very family oriented. Everyone is very welcoming and it’s very much like a little big town. It is what I have been wanting for so long and I am glad we took the risk of just moving. We have a lot coming up these next couple of months so I am really excited for Fall. We are going up to Michigan for Branden’s brother’s wedding which is going to be awesome. The girls haven’t been yet and I haven’t been since Ace was 2 years old. The last time Branden and Ace went was 2 years ago. I love it up there so this is long over do. I am hoping now that the girls are older it will be easier to get up there. We will be driving so wish us luck! We also have a fun Disney trip for my nieces birthday and then I am going for a girls weekend. I seriously love Fall. So much fun stuff to do! What are your favorite things to do for Fall? I want to make a fun bucket list so any ideas you want to share would be awesome. 

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Life Lately: Summer 2016

By on August 13, 2016

Ahhh I can not believe Summer is almost over. It seriously flew by. We had a lot of fun traveling, seeing friends and the kids loved camp. Now we are onto a new chapter of life. All of our kids will be in school! I can’t believe the girls start preschool full time and Ace is going into Kindergarten. It seems surreal. I feel like I need to update on the kids so I don’t forget these ages. 
I was just looking at pictures of the girls when they were babies and it seems so far away yet it could have been yesterday with how fast time flew. In so many ways I miss having those two little babies playing on the floor but I love how fun they are now. 

Their personalities are so fun to watch the older they get. They are so distinct from one another too. 

Everly is very sensitive. She is also hysterical. Such a clown and once she warms up to you she is the funniest person ever. She also is my cleaner and likes things a certain way. If it’s not she gets pissed. She also is a really good little girl because she listens really well and likes to help. She is also very physically sturdy and can do so much. It’s crazy to watch her do a flip. I still can’t get over how she has always been advanced physically. 
Ashlyn is very much my sweet, goofy girl. I always say she dances to the beat of her own drum and I love it. I love that she sees flowers and wants to pick them. She isn’t in a rush or aggressive. She likes to be snuggled and is just such a good girl. That being said she is so mischievous. It kind of makes us laugh and roll our eyes like “that’s Ashlyn being Ashlyn” because she has always been this way. She also is very silly with her movements. I can’t even really explain it but she does the funniest things because she is so goofy. She always has the sweetest smile too. 
Some of the girls’ favorite sayings are “Hold you” which means hold me, “My do it” which is I do it and my favorite of Ashlyn’s because of the way she says it is “this is mine.” I wish I could relay how it is said because it’s hilarious. 
Then there is my big boy Ace. He is such a good boy. He definitely has his moments but he has just matured so much. He amazes me with how much of a helper he is if I need him when we go somewhere or helping the girls with things. He is a rule follower so that helps a lot. He is still a big talker and loud so that can be interesting. I can not wait to see how he does in school this year. We have started working on a few words with him and he does really well. He has always been a smart cookie but more importantly a sweet guy. 
Oh sweet Summer we will miss you. 

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Ace’s Preschool Graduation

By on July 6, 2016

This post is totally late, I actually wrote it and forgot to post it because, well, life. So here is my post from June…
 Ace has officially finished preschool! His preschool had a really cute graduation for all their VPK students at my work (I work at my old high school). Ace’s class performed two dances, one of which was ABC by Jackson Five. Seriously, the cutest thing ever! Ace did amazing too. He got so into it. 

We were fortunate enough to have my sister, cousins and our neighbor Diny come to support him. Our neighbor is like a second grandma to the kids, she adores them so much. It was very special having her there. After his graduation we stopped and got frozen yogurt. It was nice being able to focus on Ace and give him our full attention. The girls stayed home with a babysitter so we didn’t have to worry about chasing them around. Ace is such a good little boy and does so much to help out that it is nice to give him special attention once in awhile. 
Did anyone else’s little one have a special gradation this year? Or maybe your not so little ones? 

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A Summer Update

By on July 5, 2016

Hey there! How was everyone’s 4th of July? Ours was pretty low key but nice. We have had such a busy Summer already that I have a lot to fill you in on. 

So far Ace has spent a week at camp

We went to our Keys house
Celebrated Ace’s birthday early
Bran and I had my best friends girls for a few days, we went to see Pan. Ace is now obsessed with being able to fly. He actually told me to today that I should have named him Peter Pan so he’d be able to fly. 

Then we had a little romantic couple of days away while my best friend took the girls and my sister took Ace. We got to explore St. Augustine. So beautiful! 
Spent some time in Daytona and celebrated the 4th. We had ice cream for dinner and the girls loved it!
We are now back home settling back into normalcy before our Summer gets busy again.

Next up we have more Summer camp for all kids, $1 movies, play dates, another trip, Ace and Branden’s birthdays, mine and Bran’s 7th anniversary (how did that happen?!) and getting ready for our girls to start preschool and Ace to start kindergarten (again how did that happen?!).


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A Day in the Life + Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

By on February 20, 2016

  I haven’t done a day in the life post in so long so I thought it would be fun to journal what a typical day is for us. I chose a weekend day since the weekdays are not as interesting since I work now. You can see what our lives are like from the kids waking up to dinner time and past bedtime! Make sure you enter the GIVEAWAY at the end!
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The kids are up. Diapers are changed and we head downstairs for breakfast. 
Then it is breakfast time. The girls usually eat waffles, fruit and milk. Ace will eat cereal.

Outside playtime! I love our backyard. We don’t have a large yard but we have a good size patio and the kids have fun stuff to play with making it easier for them to be entertained out there for awhile. 

The kids came inside and played with some of the girls new toys. We did a joint party for them on Saturday. They are all really into pretend play. 

Snack and playtime upstairs. A change of scenery is a must. Branden was cleaning the floors so the kids and I hung out upstairs and did puzzles and other random stuff in their rooms. 
After picking up a RX it was lunch time! We all sit together at the table and eat together on weekends. It’s nice for me since I don’t get to do this during the week.

 12:45 PM

More playtime before naps. My sister came over so the kids played with her and my niece. 
Nap time for the girls and quiet time for Ace. Bran and I watched The Walking Dead while they napped. OMG, no spoilers but OMG!

Girls are up and then it’s snack and TV time again for all three. After they finish their snacks they play some more. 

Branden or myself will cook dinner. Sometimes it is both of us like tonight. We both kind of threw things in a pot to make some really delicious italian dish for the kids. I always use Hunts® Diced Tomatoes in our pasta dishes because it gives it some more substance. We also had a treat and I made Pillsbury crescent rolls. Another favorite.
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Dinner & Family Time!
 Branden and I try to always eat dinner together as a family. We sit down together, pray, talk and eat dinner. I love hear what Ace’s favorite part of the day is. The girls are still a bit too young to talk much during dinner but they still talk or sing. We also find that if we sit together as a family and eat we have less issues with the kids eating. Ace and Ashlyn usually are our picky ones so this has made it a lot better. This night everyone was happy to eat and devoured dinner. Italian food is a huge hit with them.


More Playtime for the kids
Bath Time
The kids all take a bath at the same time, which makes life so much easier on me. I don’t know how much longer this will last since Ace is getting older but as of now they all love playing in the bathtub together. 
Girls’ Bedtime
We have the same bedtime routine every night. We go into the girls room after baths, get PJ’s on and the kids play for a little bit. After they have played we read a couple of books of their choice then we sing songs, their favorite is The Wheels on the Bus. After that we read Goodnight Moon quietly and then the girls are off to bed. 
Ace’s Bedtime
Ace’s bedtime varies between 8/8:30. It really just depends on how tired he is. If he has had a busy day it’s earlier. If he isn’t super tired we let him come hang out with us downstairs for a bit then we put him to bed. His routine is we read books then snuggle in bed till he falls asleep. He was having trouble going to sleep because he was really scared so we now like to lay with him till he falls asleep. He usually falls asleep within 10 minutes and it’s a nice time for us to just have a little one on one time with him. I really cherish this time with him. 
Mommy and Daddy time.
If Branden isn’t working or isn’t working on school stuff this is when we get to just hang out together. We have our shows we like to watch so we cuddle on the couch (totally cheesy I know but we do) and I usually fall asleep on him at some point, ha! 
I am usually passed out at this point. Branden not so much.

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That Stay at Home Dad Gig

By on September 7, 2015


As I mentioned here I am back to work! I am seriously loving it. When I first decided to go back to work I was only working part-time on a temporary basis. Branden was working and we were like ships passing in the night. It sucked. Nothing was getting done and we were both exhausted. 
When I got the official notice I would be working full time in the Fall I begged Branden to stay home with the kids. Ace was starting the VPK program so his school would then be free. This would cut back a huge chunk of money we paid a month. 
We originally talked about having someone come for a couple hours each day in between the time I was still at work and Branden was heading to work. 

A picture Bran sent me while I was at work

I thought about it a lot and I just couldn’t handle it. I knew it would mean Branden and I would not see each other the majority of the time. Weekends would be him working and me with the kids. We could forget about family time. It also gave me a lot of anxiety thinking about someone coming in and watching the girls and me not knowing what was going on. I used to not stress this as much but I hear and see so many horror stories now that I just couldn’t do it. I have people I trust to take care of my children and none of them would have been able to do those hours. It just made more sense for Branden to stay with them. 
Fast forward to now and I am loving our new situation. Branden is much more domestic than me anyway so it works out better. He rocks at being a stay at home Dad. Ace had M&M day at school and while I was at a meeting for work he was busy getting his outfit ready. 

The first week I sent my girlfriends a picture of the laundry he did because I was so excited I didn’t even have to think about it. I am such a procrastinator with that kind of stuff. I feel so fortunate that I have this guy to call mine. I feel guilty at times because maybe I should be more that way. With my friends usually they are the ones who do all this stuff which is generally why I am the hot mess when it comes to anything to do with the house. I mean lets not forget about my ironing mishap.

Making dinner with Ace and the girls hanging out with us in the kitchen while Daddy gets a break 

I am really loving our situation right now. I love my job so much and I love being able to come home and be with my husband and babies. I know this probably won’t always be our reality. I am sure Branden will want to go back to work but for now I am really loving this. 
And I hope he knows how much I appreciate him staying home with our crew. I know it isn’t easy, especially with three kids and two of them being the same age. So in case I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU BRANDEN!
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Ace’s Super Hero Birthday Party

By on July 30, 2015

This year I decided I wanted to keep Ace’s party easy.  He has been talking about having an Avengers party for forever so we knew the theme would be Super Heroes. 

Since his birthday is in the Summer we always plan an indoor party because every year (except this year of course) it has rained on his party day. It is also disgustingly hot and humid here so no one enjoys outdoor parties unless they are water related in the Summer. 

I finally decided a movie theme would be perfect. Ace has really gotten into going to the movies so we borrowed my friends projector and popcorn maker for an authentic movie night! 

Basket: Similar

Branden Mcgyver’d up a screen on the wall where our TV usually sits and we threw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor to make it extra cozy. I bought these chairs and my friend passed down her daughter’s to my girls so we had extra seating with those as well. 

Chalk Sign / Popcorn Maker

I wanted to keep food simple too so I made Buffalo Chicken Dip, ordered pizza and made up a Popcorn bar. I just bought a bunch of candies from the grocery store so the kids could throw them in their bags of popcorn. They loved it! 

I ordered cupcakes from the grocery store as well. I asked them to spray two colors on each cupcake; purple and green for the Hulk, red and yellow for Iron Man and of course Red, White and Blue for Captain America. I used puffy stickers I got at Walmart as the toppers. I just taped them to toothpicks. Super easy. 

For favors I bought a bunch of Super Hero capes when we were doing Everly’s party. They were a huge hit. My girls are more obsessed with these than Ace. They are incredibly cute running around in them. 
I also had goodie bags with Avengers ritz, gummies and rice crispy treats. 

Overall we had a blast hanging out with friends on a Friday night and loved celebrating this sweet boy! 
And I had to get this picture of Ace and my cousin Brian. They have an awesome bond. The first one is from Ace’s 2nd birthday and obviously the second one is his 4th. 

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Ace’s 4 Year Old Interview

By on July 23, 2015

Last year I started a little birthday tradition with Ace. Well, two birthday traditions. The first one is a donut “cake” the morning of his birthday. We sing Happy Birthday and have a yummy breakfast. I also do a little interview with him and it’s really fun to see how his answers have changed since last year
1. What is your name? Ace
2. How old are you? Four
3.What is your favorite thing to do? Play round and round on my bikes. 
4. What do you want to be when you grow up? Spiderman
5. What is your favorite food? chicken and broccoli 
6. Who do you like to spend time with? Kayla and Ti Ti
7. What do you do really well? Play on my iPad.
8. What makes you laugh? When my Daddy…(does some weird monster walk)
9. What is the best time of day? Going to Disney is the best world of the day.
10. What are you afraid of? Nothing when I am 4. Last time when I turned 3 my bedroom. 
11. Who is your best friend? Brielle, Ashleen, Gavin, Brody. I just love to do something with my Dad. I love to paint with him. I love to help him paint on my house. I love to play in the garden. Help my Dad grow flowers and I want to play with everything. (We don’t have a garden)
12. What do you like to do with your family? Paint a picture.
13. What do you love to learn about? ABC’s and learning alphabets
14. Where do you like to go? I like to go to Ti Ti’s house and I love to go camping and I love to play at my house. (He’s never been camping)
15. What is your favorite book? Tigers one.
16. If you had one wish what would it be? A racing one. 
17. What is your favorite color? Pink 
18. What is your favorite animals? Cheetah 
19. What is your favorite song? The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round
20. What is your favorite snack? Crackers 
21. What is your favorite holiday? HALLOWEEN! 
22. What did you do on your birthday? We to the Kerris wheel (carousel), went went in the cars, and we just forgot to go on the train. We didn’t go on the train. 

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When your kid loses their ever loving mind!

By on June 30, 2015

So I am pretty sure my son was possessed yesterday. It was like something or someone took over his little body and turned him into a complete mess.

Peg Perego Aria Twin lightweight Stroller

We started our day with swim lessons. I had to take the girls with me since Branden had to be at work early so I grabbed Starbucks to get me through. 
He was great at swim, his instructor was using him as the example since he was doing so well. Then we go to the grocery store and overall the kids were really well behaved. 

Then we head home and that is when the sh*t hit the fan. He was whining about anything and everything. Then he falls on his elbow and is hysterical. I felt horrible for him because that is like the worst! So he gets an ice pack and has a snack.

Later he is playing and runs into the island head first. Poor kid again was a mess. Then it’s lunch time and he bites his finger. At this point I was like what is going on here? Is this for real? Oh and he also got eaten by a mosquito in the car. If I could find that mosquito and pound him I would. My poor kids legs have like 6 swollen bites. 

The girls also didn’t want to nap, super fun.

My sister came over to watch the girls while I brought Ace to karate. He has class with his friend Brody who also had a totally off day. This of course is the day Branden gets to come watch him and he randomly starts crying while sitting on the mat. We were all so confused. Then he gets scared at the end of class because they are playing a game the last 5 minutes of class.

We get home and he doesn’t want to eat dinner and then is cranky before bed. Branden thank God got him in a better mood but it was exhausting. I feel bad when he has an off day. He is generally a happy go lucky kid and doesn’t really throw big tantrums and gets over stuff quickly. Today has been better so far and I made him take a nap since he has hip hop tonight. 
Anyone ever feel like a crap Mom when your kid is having an off day and you just can not make them happy or keep them from losing their minds? Thats totally how I felt yesterday. 

Anyone else just have one of those days with your kid? 

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