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How to Make Money Blogging

By on November 12, 2015

*This post contains a referral link
When I began blogging I never imagined I would make money off of my blog. I simply wanted to write about our fertility struggle. I found it therapeutic. As time went on my son was born and it was a great way to document his milestones. 

I didn’t really think about making money off my blog till I followed some really amazing Bloggers who talked about their income coming strictly from blogging. I investigated more and saw the potential of first working with brands. Who doesn’t want free products for their family and all I had to do was write an honest review of the product. It was win win! 
I then was able to host giveaways and place ads on my sidebar. These were all great ways to make a little money from my blog but for me they weren’t the best way to make a large amount of money. Some Bloggers are able to make a large income from that but it just didn’t work for my blog. 
I then discovered sponsored posts. At first it was slow and I used a website but it just wasn’t really a constantly flow. I would get emailed from people or companies asking to do sponsored posts but the content just didn’t work. 
I then found Linqia through a Blogging group. I was a little confused and leery at first but I quickly became hooked. 
This was where I was finally able to make a consistent income from the blog. Sure, it wasn’t enough to live off of but it was definitely a great supplement. 
So how does it all work? Linqia pays you per click and you have a goal to reach within those clicks. Confusing? Lets get specific. You get a link through them and they say if this link, worth $1 is clicked 300 times you get $300. If it is clicked more than that, you still only get $300. If it is clicked less, lets say 150 times than you get $150. Why do you not get more money for more clicks? Because you reached your limit for that posts clicks. I have done this but you are encouraged to still get the post and links out there because on your next post you can then have your amount raised. 
I went from making $44 per post to over $250 per post and I only started doing this since the middle of June. From my most recent posts I will make over $500. From just two posts! Yes, these do take time and work but the best part of these products you are writing about is they fit into your lifestyle. 
I generally like the food item or baby item products because I can write an honest review or make a fun and easy recipe post about them. You also get a budget to spend on the product and other items if you are making a recipe. 
Want to get started with Linqia? Here’s how.  
1. First you must sign up HERE using my referral link. Once you sign up you now wait for them to accept you. 
2. You got accepted? Yay! Now you will get emails about products to review and blog about. 
3. Aceept or decline the products. Only accept products that fit your blog and audience. I have declined a few products because I knew there was no way I’d be able to make it work for myself or my readers. 
4. Write your post and get the links out there! Post your blog link as well as the link given by Linqia on your social media sites. Twitter is a great place to post the specific link. Generally the links lead the reader to coupons so a simple post about the savings it has to offers will entice someone interested in the product. 

 How to Make Money Blogging

That is the basics of it all. If you have anymore questions please feel free to email me at 
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My Top 5 Blogging Tips

By on July 2, 2013
Blogging Tips & Advice photo BloggingTipsAdviceat34244PM_zpsdaab90ca.png

1. Keep it “simple”
Having a blog can mean having a place to spill your inner most thoughts and secrets but other times it is a place where you are having a conversation with your readers as well as sharing what is going on in your life. If you are the type of blogger who is building a following and wants to really have a conversation with your readers keep it simple and to the point.

Try to remember your readers may be following other blogs as well and their time is precious. They may only have a few minutes to catch up on their favorite blogs and if they see a really long blog post they may just skip it for lack of time. Make sure to ask a question after your post as well. This is a great way to get your readers to engage your readers.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words
This can not be more true when it comes to blogging. I love seeing bloggers photos and all the fun times they are having or the awesome projects they have done (Pinterest, anyone?). It makes the post more appealing to the eye. You can even have a post of just photos and people will love it!

3. Connect with others
The best thing you can do to gain readers is to connect with fellow bloggers.  They obviously have a similar passion as you and if you can team up to guest post and link to one another even better! Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest has been my favorite way to connect with other bloggers and it makes it easier to follow up with them.

4. Link up!
Finding Link Up parties can inspire you to step outside your comfort zone. I love finding new ones and trying them out. Some stick, some don’t but they are always fun and you can usually find new bloggers to connect with.

5. Back to Y-O-U
This should seem obvious but sometimes in the blogging world we can get a little lost. If you are a blogger who has blogged for compensation (sponsored posts, products, ect.) then you may have lost your way and that is all you seem to be doing. I have been there. I was bombarded with reviews and giveaways and since I was going through a difficult time I just stuck with that for a bit and I noticed a huge drop in my views. It happens and the best way to fix it is going back to basics and what is going on with your life, helping your readers reconnect with the person they first started reading about.

If you could make your own blogging tips, what would some of them be?

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Blogging | Citrus Lane | FREEBIES

4 Tips on How to Get Free Citrus Lane Boxes!

By on May 28, 2013

You asked and here is how you too can get FREE Citrus Lane boxes each month.
I am not getting paid for this story, this has been my experience and it has worked for me. The only way I am “compensated” for this is through a referral link which I talk about below.
Here is my story…
I found out about Citrus Lane on another bloggers page. I thought it was a cute idea but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $25 a month for a surprise package. What if Ace didn’t like the items?
After a couple of months I found a discount code and decided to try it out. After signing up I saw that you can refer friends and when you do so you get $10 and so do they! Can’t beat that.
I began posting pictures and reviews of my Citrus Lane boxes on my blog. Sometimes I would forget but whenever I did post about it I would always offer my referral link to those who wanted to sign up.
As I continued to do this I noticed a big inflow of referrals. I also announced coupon codes whenever Citrus Lane announced them and again referred people via my referral link to the site.
I have never paid full price for one of my Citrus Lane boxes and have only paid a small portion for 2 boxes. I now have a good amount of credits towards future boxes and I try to be very honest on here or my Facebook page when I review the boxes.
Last month was not my favorite month but this month I love the box. This has happened before, some months aren’t great and other months totally make up for the not so great one. The best part is I don’t have to pay for these boxes so it’s not like I am losing anything.
How can you get free Citrus Lane boxes? Here are my tips!

1. Subscribe! Every month Citrus Lane offers a discount code. The most popular is TAKEHALF. This code lets you get a box for half off and even if the box isn’t that spectacular the price really is worth it and you will probably have a few items you really like, if not you can always give the items to a friend, donate or offer them as a giveaway if you are a blogger.

2. Tell your friends. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram make sure to take a picture of your box or little one playing with the items from the box and link to the site with your referral link. I have had friends say “I am totally going to order that” and I say awesome please use my link so we can both get a discount. Everyone benefits!

3. Share Savings. Every month Citrus Lane has a coupon code for their boxes and I usually get emails or see these savings on their Facebook page. Every time I see them I try to share these savings codes because I know I wasn’t ready to take such a big leap on something I wasn’t too sure about unless I was getting a discount. This may be the way to get your friends and family members to order their first box!

4. Blog about it! The blogging world has been pretty awesome to me. I have been able to get many items for free just from telling people what I like. Citrus Lane has been one of my most favorite things to talk about when it comes to fun gifts for my son. Each month it is something different and it’s fun to get a “present” in the mail. Even if you don’t like something tell people about it, they may see an item that you don’t like but they may love it or the idea of the monthly surprise box and want to get it. Just make sure to be honest.

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Blogging | guest posting

Guest Post: Business Ideas for Moms

By on February 28, 2013

When a baby becomes older than 12 months, a stay-at-home mom gets a bit of spare time to occupy with a part-time job. Of course, it is not enough for something serious and ambitious, but that will do for doing something at home. For example, when your child is asleep you can translate, write, edit, do web design and programming, bookkeeping, develop architectural projects, knit, sew and so on. It all depends on your skills and hobbies. 
Someone more suitable option to prepare meals for take-out, small, close lying firms. You can still engage in the manufacture of colored edible ice for cafes, bars and restaurants. All that you need is to buy a form, fill it with water, add fruit/vegetable juice and freeze. Or you can start baking. Homemade products can be delivered a walk with the baby.
If a young mother has a good taste, it can offer services in the design of photo albums. You need a good camera to take high-quality pictures and if you don’t have it your option will be to buy a professional camera using one of short-term online loans offered on many websites. You can negotiate with relatives, shoot and make the album a memorable event as the meeting of the mother and child hospital. Some parents also like to arrange photo albums gradual development of the baby up to a year. To do this once a month, you can come in and give little photo shoot crumbs. 
The simplest and most common way to earn money is a walk with the kids. When going with a child in the street, grab a neighbor kid for a small fee. Those who have suitable living conditions can arrange a home kindergarten for three or four children. 

Guest Post by Tanya K., owner of  Personal Finance Blog for Women

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Blogging | Blogging Journey

2013 Bloggy Conference

By on February 9, 2013
Bloggy Conference

I am so stoked! I just signed up for The 2013 Bloggy Conference in Ohio. I could not pass up the price on this conference since I have seen other ones for so much more. It is under $75 so you can’t beat that! My Aunt also lives there so I will be getting to visit with her as well, two birds, one stone my friends! This conference had my name written all over it.

Has anyone ever been to a Blogging conference before? If so I need some major advice and tips. I have never been to one and can not wait to go out and meet some other Moms who have a passion for blogging as well.

I also think it will be a great opportunity for me to really improve my blogging “skills” so to speak. I have lost a lot of my inspiration the past couple of months since my Mom got sick and my parents passed away. I just haven’t been able to put my full heart into it. I still love blogging and connecting with my readers but I do a lot more questioning on what I should and shouldn’t put out there. I never did much of that before. I just wrote what I wanted and had fun with it. Now I just feel like there is a bit of a wall up. Who knows, I also question what is and isn’t important to even write about. Somethings just seem so unimportant after their loss as well. Do I want to sit around blogging or get out and do things. I  just don’t know what it is. I also have been putting a lot of time into my shop Au Natural Baby, which I am so in love with. I want so badly for my shop to do well and recently things have really picked up and people have been just so incredible. I am extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement.

Now that I went completely off course lets get back to what I originally was posting about, The 2013 Bloggy Conference. Did anyone go to the 2012 one? What other conferences are out there that I should look into?
If anyone else is going please comment or email me. I would so love to get to know you and have some friendly faces there to connect with when I am there.

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Blogging | What I'm Loving Wednesday

Favorite Blogs of 2012

By on December 31, 2012

I asked, you answered, here are your favorite blogs of 2012!

Drum roll please…
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Blogging | growing your business

Baby Growth Chart Widget for Your Blog!

By on December 27, 2012
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of hzfweb for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
When Ace was really small we would all joke about the size of his head. He had the roundest head and since he was really tiny we always called him Charlie Brown Head. Poor kid, right?
He still has a nice round little noggin’ but thankfully we have always been reassured that his head was always average sized. Yes, we would actually ask his doctors if his head seemed abnormally large.
Thankfully there is now an online widget that can ease your mind in between doctor visits on how your child is growing. Not only can this help with your own curiousity on how your little one is growing but you can now add this awesome widget to your blog or website.
Baby Growth Chart Widget is a great way to keep tabs on your baby and you can even add this awesome widget to your blog or website so others can also use it! It uses international standards by the World Health Organization so the percentiles in the growth chart represent child growth rates in an optimal environment.
This widget is also a great way to engage your readers because it fits nicely on most websites and can appeal to a wide variety of your followers since it uses the metric measuring system as well as the U.S. measuring system. As your readers babies grow so will their need to check out this awesome tool!
This is a great way to increase traffic and increase search engine ranking.
Try it for yourself!

Want more information? Check out Baby Height Chart  or the Baby Weight Chart for more details.

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Blogging | growing your business | Pinterest

How Pinterest can benefit your Business

By on November 13, 2012

Pinterest has become the ideal way to promote your business, and ensure that people who have an interest in your products will follow you. However, you need to ensure that you understand how this social networking site works, and how it can benefit your business. Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites available and is used by millions of people. 

You will need to be invited to Pinterest by an existing user, or if you do not know any, you can request to be invited. This ensures that only top quality people use the site and ensures that the correct content is pinned. Regardless of your business, you may find that Pinterest is the perfect place to market your products.

This form of social networking site takes time and effort, to build up a quality following of people that are interested in your pins. However, there are opportunities to purchase followers by using This company can help you to leap frog higher within the network, and ensure that your business is seen by many.
If you are prepared to put in the effort for your pins and boards, you will see fantastic returns, and attract potential customers to your business. However, you need to understand that Pinterest is not suited to every business. Therefore, you need to look at what you offer, and decide whether this social networking platform is the right one for you. 
All social networking sites need to be updated regularly with top quality content, which attracts customers and followers. You may find that the other networking sites are taking up far too much time; however, Pinterest is straightforward, and incredibly simple to use. There are no hard sell techniques, just top quality pictures.

Once you have uploaded the picture, you do not need to do anything more and can very quickly see the benefits. People will be attracted to your pictures and pins, which will encourage them to follow you and share your items. This will encourage more people to look at your pins and follow the links to your business. 

If you are concerned that you do not have enough followers, you may want to Buy Pinterest repins and ensure that you begin with a large number. This can remove the headache of trying to find people that have the same interests as you. Once you have built up your followers, you will find that they naturally are attracted to your site. 

You need to consider the style of business that you own, and decide whether Pinterest is suited to your products and needs. Not all businesses will benefit from this form of social networking site; however, if you are creative you can make it work. You may need to think out of the box, and discover a niche market that you have to offer.
Businesses that photograph well will benefit the most, such as florists, cake makers, makeup artists and photographers.  All of these will be bale to provide interesting and quality photos of their products, which will attract customers. Some products sell themselves very well through pictures, and others may require more effort. 
Considering your target audience is essential, as Pinterest attracts a huge number of women, which may not suit your product. However, if your business wants to attract more women, you will find that Pinterest is ideal. You will find that this form of promotion is cost effective and if you intend to pin everything it will cost you very little to set up and maintain.
Once you have set up your boards and begun to pin, you need to ensure that you continue to pin top quality pictures. People enjoy looking at photos of topics and hobbies that they have, and Pinterest has proven to be a leisure activity as well as a networking site. You will be amazed how you can attract people from all over the world. 
This may not seem beneficial, however, the more exposure your business has the greater chance of success in the future. All businesses need dedicated followers, and Pinterest ensures that the people following you are interested in your products and more likely to order products from you in the future. 
This guest post by Tommy Stretton of A site for you to get more Pinterest Followers and get repins now.

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