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LeapTV by LeapFrog Party!

By on November 25, 2014

A couple weeks ago we had a little party with a few of Ace’s playgroup friends.  These have been his friends since he was about 3 months old and he gets so excited to see them.
 photo IMG_7984_zps4e06d4b2.jpg 
We had the opportunity to show off the new LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

 photo IMG_7995_zps476abc55.jpg

The LeapTV from LeapFrog “gets kids into the action while teaching core skills across a variety of subjects including: reading, mathematics, science and problem solving.”
I love that this game system was made for younger children and had age appropriate games.  Ace loved that he could see himself on the tv when he played the dancing games too! 
 photo IMG_8014_zps74506a67.jpg
We were able to try out LeapFrog LeapTV Sports and LeapFrog LeapTV Dance and Learn. Ace and his friends loved playing the race car, soccer and dance games. Check out Ace playing one of the games from the Dance & Learn one.
Ace is 3 and this gaming system is appropriate for children 3-8 years of age. I think Ace was a little young for some of the games but overall with a little help he was able to play them (the racing one was the most difficult). I think the nice thing about this is that he can grow into using the games that were a bit harder for him. The dancing one was by far the best for his age. They even had one where you paint the screen as you move your arms around. I even loved that one!
 photo IMG_7988_zps1947cc5c.jpg
This is a great new gaming system that would make the perfect Christmas or Hannukah (or any other holiday you celebrate) gift for your little ones! 
I was provided a LeapTV by LeapFrog and two games to try out for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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What I’m Loving…

By on April 24, 2013

Hey guys! Here is another addition of What I’m Loving…

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at72217PM_zps733211da.png
1. Recently a bunch of my friends were posting pictures of this adorable little car the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. It is similar to the traditional Little Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. I loved that you can see your kiddo from the top on this one and it has a handle so if your child gets tired you can push the car for them. They are both comparable in price and I know people love the Little Tikes one but I have to say I am really loving the Step2 Coupe. Either way this is a toddler staple.

2. Ace is obsessed with this Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest. It is my favorite toy to use to help him learn colors too. He will take the “coins” out of the chest and put them back in over and over again. I thought  it might be a little young for him but seeing how much he loves putting things into other items I figured it was worth a try and it definitely was a perfect buy.

3. My new camera! Bran got me this ah-mah-zing camera, a Nikon COOLPIX P510. I had been wanting one that was a little better than the one I had before but I didn’t want to buy the super expensive ones where you can change the lens because I just don’t have patience to learn to use those and this was like one step below that. Bran found a great deal on this one on Amazon. It came with the SD card, case, tripod and a cleaning kit. You can get it with all of the fun accessories here or alone here. It is $100 difference which is still less than it was at Target!

4. I am really into this Sterling Silver Wishbone necklace and have yet to get one but I saw this one on sale for Mother’s Day and I think a certain someone may need to get this for me. ::hint hint::

5. Last but not least I am seriously obsessed with these ‘Staches Drink Markers if you love entertaining or have a party coming up I would highly suggest these drink markers. Not only are they totally fun but they are pretty hilarious. A great way to add a little something extra to your party.

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Parenting Magazine $4.99 1 year subscription!

By on July 23, 2012
Right now Amazon has Parenting (1-year auto-renewal) on sale for 4.99 for a year subscription!! I have this magazine and it is my go to guide. I love it. Makes a great gift for a new Mom as well.
They also have Parenting School Years (1-year auto-renewal), which I had no idea about but it is also on sale for $4.99 a year. Go check them out now before this deal is gone!!
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How to Make a Play Kitchen

By on July 19, 2012

For Ace’s birthday I knew exactly what I wanted to “get” him. I wanted him to have a play kitchen and of course we had to make it! Little to my husbands knowledge I was busy searching Pinterest high and low for inspiration for his play kitchen. 
We had gotten a nightstand awhile back from a garage sale and I was going to use that and just make a small little play kitchen when I found a gem on Craigslist! Even Simon liked it!
My husband could not quite see what I was planning so I delegated like a good wife and explained that we needed to cut the middle top part off, get a new back board, sand, paint and fix this thing up. Let’s just say he was a bit annoyed with me and this is because he knew he would be doing all the work. I suck at this kind of stuff so the poor guy always gets stuck doing the hard labor. 
ripping off the back

Making a straight line to cut the top off

I did help prime it! Branden painting it.

painting the back of the doors with chalkboard paint
We got these pulls from IKEA

Metallic Finish was used for the front of the doors
The finished product! Ignore the uneven doors, we have to fix them

His stove top burners were made with cork trivets from IKEA

Branden cut a rectangle in plywood and added plexiglass for the oven

We got a lot of the items for his kitchen from IKEA. That place is the best!
Entertainment Center: Craigslist Find $15
Burners (Cork Trivets): $2.99 for 3
Kid Pans: $9.99 for set of 4
Knobs for Stove Top: $1.99 for 6
Dishes and Cups: $1.99 each set (6 in set)
Plastic basket with food: $10.99
White Frame: IKEA
Magnets for doors: Home Depot
Spray Pants: Home Depot
Plexiglass for Oven: Home Depot
We still have some more things we want to add like hooks for all his Kitchen Utensils, I want to add little shelves to the sides. We need to also work on the microwave, it is a bit uneven but Bran just wanted to get it finished before his family came to visit since he wouldn’t have time before Ace’s birthday. Overall I think it turned out amazingly well. Branden is such a good little play kitchen maker!

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Citrus Lane!

By on July 3, 2012

Anyone else see that Citrus Lane is having a 10% off coupon code going on right now?! The code is SPRINGFUN. Check it out!

Wondering what Citrus Lane is? It is this awesome site that sends out a package monthly full of the best baby, mommy or pregnancy products. It is custom to your child’s age and gender for the baby ones. I am obsessed with this idea. I think this would make a great gift for someone who is pregnant, a new mom or for a baby’s birthday (hint, hint! Ace is almost 1, people!). The monthly subscription is $25 but the value of items in the box far exceeds this price. Example of a previous months package.
June’s Box theme was “Little Artist”

  • It included a $35 credit to which is a great place to get announcements, invites, ect.
  • Putumaya Playground sample CD
  • Hohner Musical Instrument
  • BabyGanics Stain Eraser On-the-Go
  • Wee Gallery Art Cards
  • Pop and Lolli Decal (owl above)
  • Wee Can Too Veggie Art Kit
  • Eco Kids Art Kit
  • Magical Menagarie (book)

Click HERE to see more boxes from the previous months! Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code: SPRINGFUN

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