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Christmas Eve Recap

By on December 28, 2016

First I am happy to announce the winner of the Blue Frog Apparel $100 Gift Card giveaway, Jamie B! 
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It is winter break and it has been wonderful. I am seriously loving this time off. We had a really nice Christmas with family and now the kids have been playing with all their new toys and we have been busy getting the house in order. We still have so much to do since the move so I really needed this break. 

It was kind of a cluster having the last day of work being the 23rd since we were having a party on Christmas Eve. I left work super early to go to the girls’ Christmas party then had a hair appointment. I spent the rest of the night getting the house ready for the party.

Christmas Eve was actually a really fun day. Since we had done most of the cleaning and decorating done prior to that day I was able to really enjoy doing things with the kids. We did some baking, since I am not a great baker we went with the bagged stuff, I’m super classy like that. I used this recipe to make some Sugar Cookie M&M bars. We also made some chocolate chip cookies. It was really fun watching the kids get excited about helping. They are seriously so sweet. 
I also made ziti like my Mom always did for her Christmas Eve parties. I actually got really sad while making it. I just kept thinking about how much she would have loved helping me get ready for the party and if I needed her to help she would have been right there. This year was the first year where it hit me hard on Christmas Eve that my parents were gone. The past 4 years since they passed away have been so crazy and now things have really calmed down enough to make me see the void in a lot of what we do. I try to use that to make these moments more meaningful but it can still be really hard. Ever since they died I have tried to look at how good things are for me despite losing them 9 days apart 4 years ago. I know that there are so many little things in life that aren’t worth getting upset about or complaining about because in the end they don’t matter. What matters are these precious moments with my kids and my husband. The moments with the people who matter most. I just always want holidays to be meaningful to my kids and memorable like they were for me when my parents were here. I always remember helping my Mom get ready for our Christmas Eve party and she would be cooking like crazy and going overboard. She would stress herself out so much but in the end everything turned out perfect. So all this to say that a simple moment of making ziti really brought me back to my parents and for whatever reason those moments make me feel like they are with me. 

So after getting my ziti prepared for later and the kitchen cleaned up I got the kids bathed and I got ready. Ashlyn wanted to wear make up like mommy which I thought was so cute so I put a little eye shadow and lip stick on her. After her and Everly go to play in their room they come back in with lotion all over their faces. Little stinkers said they were putting more make up on. At least I could just rub it in. 

Once it hit 5:30 we were all ready for our guests to arrive. My cousins from Ohio came with their adorably bald toddler Carter. I love seeing her because she reminds me of Everly with her bald little head. His parents, my Aunt Lillie and Uncle Dave, came too. Then the rest of the family came in. It was so nice seeing all the little cousins together. Ace was excited to see his cousin Colton who moved away last year. They are only about 6 months apart so they love when they get to play together. They were inseparable all night. 
Most of the night Ashlyn wasn’t feeling well (which is why she doesn’t have a shirt on, I wasn’t fighting that battle). She laid on the couch watching a movie and was very tired. I felt so bad for her. After my niece Valentina came over all the girls decided it was time to throw tantrums. That was super fun. We had reindeer food from the girls Christmas party at school so I got all the kids to go outside to throw that in the grass. It was a nice distraction for the moment but then the whining began so I had the kids decorate ugly sweater cookies from Trader Joes. They were pretty ugly and no one ate them but after that the night went much better. The kids opened presents and played the rest of the night.  I love having family over for holidays so it was definitely a success.

After everyone left Branden and I got to work on putting the presents under the tree. It was a fun Christmas to buy for because they are each really into their own things. Everly is obsessed with baby dolls, Ashlyn loves Barbies and Ace is into Lego Dimensions. We also got Ace a bike and scooter since he outgrew his old bike. Ashlyn got a doll house and Everly a wooden baby carriage which she decided to carry all around the house. 
Overall Christmas Eve was a really nice night. I will recap Christmas day later since this post is a lot longer than I expected. 

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Fun and Creative Easter Eggs!

By on April 2, 2015

It’s almost Easter y’all! Who is ready for some fun dying of eggs? I know I am. This year will be especially fun since Ace is at an age where he can really get into it. Here is my list on some fun Easter egg ideas that I found while scouring Pinterest. Make sure you give all these awesome Bloggers some love too. I bet they would love to hear how your eggs came out!

girl. Inspired posted a DIY on how to get these beautiful Glitter eggs. I highly suggest you check them out for a sophisticated look. I have a slight obsession with anything gold lately. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this new trend so of course I thought gold Easter eggs would be awesome this year. 
For a fun Marble egg look check out Tot School. She has a great edible Easter egg dying recipe! Can’t go wrong with this when you have little ones around. 
Here is an idea kids will love! Glow eggs! These would be so fun to do for a night time Easter egg hunt. Just make sure you remember where you hid them all just in case since these are real eggs. Check out Growing a Jeweled Rose for all the deets and all her other awesome ideas. 
Another fun trend that can be transferred over to Easter is the ever popular chalkboard paint! How fun are these Chalkboard Eggs by Craft Dictator?
And last but certainly not least are Frozen Easter Eggs, I mean it’s not a holiday without a little Frozen, am I right? Check out these awesome ideas over at Alpha Mom

Need some easy and delicious dishes for your Easter party? Check out this amazing dip! And if you need a fun dessert check out my easy Tie Dye Cupcakes.

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Thanksgiving and BIG NEWS!!!

By on November 30, 2014

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving break.
We spent the day at my Aunt Lillie and Uncle Dave’s which was so great. She and my Mom were super close and my Uncle Dave has a similar sense of humor as my Dad so it was really nice just being with them. The babies loved exploring their place, especially Ashlyn. She is so content just crawling around and investigating. Everly still wasn’t feeling great so she just wanted to be held. Ace had a blast playing with his cousins Kelvin and Alessandro since they are older than him and he loves being around the big kids. 
 photo thanksgiving2014_zpse4211d76.jpg
Did anyone do Black Friday shopping? We aren’t into the big deals but we do go and try to get PJ’s and little things if we are up to it. Branden went while I stayed home with the kids. He just went to Target and Wal Mart, nothing too exciting.  photo parkpictures_zps3657cf72.jpg
The rest of the weekend consisted of us getting ready for our BIG NEWS!!
This upcoming week will be a  big event for my Boutique! Monday and Tuesday my friend Erin and I will be participating in Temple Beth Emet’s Holiday Shopping Boutique.   It will give people a chance to really see all our clothes and accessories in person. We also have some new Frozen items! I can not wait to set everything up. If you would like to come by, I would love to meet you! The address and times are listed in the photo below. 

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-30at121802PM_zps24cc5952.png

I am thinking of doing a raffle for everyone who makes a purchase, what do you think would be a fun giveaway?

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LeapTV by LeapFrog Party!

By on November 25, 2014

A couple weeks ago we had a little party with a few of Ace’s playgroup friends.  These have been his friends since he was about 3 months old and he gets so excited to see them.
 photo IMG_7984_zps4e06d4b2.jpg 
We had the opportunity to show off the new LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

 photo IMG_7995_zps476abc55.jpg

The LeapTV from LeapFrog “gets kids into the action while teaching core skills across a variety of subjects including: reading, mathematics, science and problem solving.”
I love that this game system was made for younger children and had age appropriate games.  Ace loved that he could see himself on the tv when he played the dancing games too! 
 photo IMG_8014_zps74506a67.jpg
We were able to try out LeapFrog LeapTV Sports and LeapFrog LeapTV Dance and Learn. Ace and his friends loved playing the race car, soccer and dance games. Check out Ace playing one of the games from the Dance & Learn one.
Ace is 3 and this gaming system is appropriate for children 3-8 years of age. I think Ace was a little young for some of the games but overall with a little help he was able to play them (the racing one was the most difficult). I think the nice thing about this is that he can grow into using the games that were a bit harder for him. The dancing one was by far the best for his age. They even had one where you paint the screen as you move your arms around. I even loved that one!
 photo IMG_7988_zps1947cc5c.jpg
This is a great new gaming system that would make the perfect Christmas or Hannukah (or any other holiday you celebrate) gift for your little ones! 
I was provided a LeapTV by LeapFrog and two games to try out for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

daily boutique deals

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Top Five Favorite Holiday Card Ideas!

By on November 20, 2014

As the Holiday Season draws near I can’t wait to order Christmas cards for our family and friends this year. In previous years I have completely slacked and either didn’t get around to them or only gave them out to people I saw in person because it was just too crazy around here to get them mailed out.
This year though we had our first family photo shoot with my friend Lindsay. She got some great pictures and I can not wait to send them out in our Christmas cards. Minted has a large collection of Christmas Cards and that is just the place to look!
Here are my top card ideas from Minted
1. Simple. I love the idea of really showcasing your family’s photo. Having simple lettering across the bottom makes a statement without taking anything away from your family photo. 

 photo MIN-X46-CHR-001JCHRISTMAS_A_PZ_zps62a8241c.jpg
2. Mini Books. Minted has this clever idea of using your holiday card as a photo book. This is the perfect card for those who want to send out more than one photo.
 photo MIN-HT1-HMB-001_A_PZ_zps2717485f.jpg

3. Silliness. Having three kids we are in a constant state of silliness. Our kids love to be goofy and laugh. Showing off their cute, fun side with this goofy Santa’s Little Helpers card is one of my favorite ideas. The hats just make the card!
 photo MIN-XZ9-CHR-001CHRISTMAS_A_PD_zpsdbdcea79.jpg

4. Doubles as an ornament. Whenever I get Christmas cards I never know what to do with them after the holidays are over. I end up putting the pictures away in a box and forget about them. This is such a cute way to save the photos of those special to you and have them out each year. It is great for Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and yourself.

 photo MIN-LW6-HOC-001WCHRISTMAS_A_PD_zps90848a89.jpg

5. Year in Review. My absolute favorite is this card. I love that you can get your most precious and important moments as a family all in on this card. Such a fun way to share your memories!
 photo MIN-23H-HYC-001NEWYEAR_A_PZ_zpsda63e016.jpg

And don’t forget you can do some one stop shopping and get Christmas gifts for your loved ones here. My favorite ideas are their calendars. I am planning on making one for myself as well.
Disclaimer: This post is Sponsored by Minted. All ideas and thoughts are my own.

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