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2 Years Old!

By on July 16, 2013
Birthday Post photo DSCN1123_zps569edb70.jpg
My beautiful boy! You are two years old. This past year has been quite a difficult one for me because of the loss of my parents and I never would have survived it without you.
You have brought so much joy to our family in such a hard time. You make everyone laugh and smile.
I still can’t get over how chatty you are. You love to talk and are very silly. You have always loved to entertain and meet people.
You have the bluest eyes like your Daddy and pinkest cheeks like your Mommy and PaPa.
Birthday Post photo DSCN1835_zpsed47dacb.jpgYou randomly will ask for someone in our family and go through everyone in their immediate family and ask where they are as well. I think it is so funny that you know who goes with who.
You are very busy and love exploring. I really love how independent and outgoing you are. Your favorite thing to do is play in the backyard, you are obsessed with your water table, trike and coupe.
Birthday Post photo DSCN1777_zps65c7dc85.jpg
You have been taking swim lessons and gymnastics. You love gymnastics, swim lessons not so much. You like to swim with us but have started hating going to class. You like to jump in the pool and will go all the way under the water and just recently was able to swim to me.
You refer to yourself as “Baby” which I find super funny and cute. You love doing more things on your own like buckling your carseat chest clip. You will say “Baby buckle”.
chevron leg warmers photo DSCN1767_zps95f35293.jpg
Onsie, Leg Warmers, Cap and Skinny Jeans c/o The Anchor & Bows Boutique 
You can count to 4 and sometimes will do more if we are lucky. You are figuring out colors and letters.

We are so blessed to have you in our lives and can’t wait to see what the next year brings! 

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23 Months Old!

By on June 16, 2013


 photo 984049_10101216206818805_226172059_n_zps7fd8a49b.jpg

You are 23 months old and I am in complete shock you will be 2 in a month.

I love you so much and I can not even imagine having a more incredible child.

 photo 983963_10101869588671161_1647769241_n_zps6f0315f4.jpg 

Your Daddy and I sometimes just look at each other and say “Can you believe how lucky we got?” and it is so true. You are overall a very happy child, love to meet new people and are always making people laugh. You love to talk and explore.

I love that you pick up on things so easily too. I think you get that from your Daddy.

You love to “help” Daddy with house projects like hanging curtains or anything that involves tools.

 photo DSCN1040_zps6fc8f561.jpg

You are obsessed with cars, trucks, buses, boats, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cubby (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) your water table, going outside, sitting on the dogs and throwing balls.

 photo IMAG0407_zpsb3568774.jpg 

You have been obsessed with shoes. You will put on anyone’s shoes you can find.

You are so polite, you will tell us excuse me, thank you, bless you and you have even said good morning to people.

You started swim lessons and gymnastics class which you love and are awesome at.

We had an early birthday party for you yesterday with our Michigan family and friends.

 photo IMAG0403_zpsc39a1990.jpg

You lost another grandparent this past month as well. Grandpa Herman was such a sweet man and loved you very much. My heart aches that you will never truly know 3 of your grandparents.

It has been a great month with you as usual and we can’t wait to see what next month brings because you will be turning 2!

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22 Months Old

By on May 16, 2013
 photo 401855_10101794135639641_1469085542_n_zps1e5257fe.jpg


This past month has been a big one for you. You are saying so many more words together that it really surprised me. You have always been a talker but this month hearing you put words together to make your own little sentences really makes me realize you are no longer a baby but a little boy.

 photo 247129_10101786215207251_1227226781_n_zps4d7c73d0.jpgYou are also so rambunctious. If there was one word to describe you that would be it. You are so busy and all over the place. You love to play, explore and entertain. You love saying hi to anyone and everyone.
You did the cutest thing. We have to attach the dogs to the leash so they can run around the backyard on their own so we have the least by the sliding door, you grabbed the end of the leash and Simon’s collar and since he wouldn’t get up you kept saying “Go Baby, go Baby!” It was adorable!

Some things you do now…

Puts cups in the dishwasher.

Helps Mommy feed the dogs and put their bowls away.

 photo IMAG0199_zpsd57d0816.jpg

Is obsessed with his doggy bike.

Says “Ready to go.” when we are going somewhere.

Signs “more” and says “more, again” when he wants to do something over and over again.

 photo 260278_10101801125167571_875030610_n_zpsec76385e.jpg

Says “there she is” whenever he sees something or we find someone or something we were looking for.

Says gooshie when he snuggles with his blankets.

Says “got you” for tickling and asks to play “got you” all the time. Also says “I got you” when he hugs us or we hold him.

Tells us when he has a dirty diaper and likes to sit on the potty but hasn’t actually gone on the potty, we are holding off on real potty training till the Fall.

Newest sign is broken.

You can count to 3.

We love you bug! You are incredible and so smart and growing so fast. In 2 months you will be 2 years old!

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Ace | Monthly Updates

21 Months

By on April 17, 2013

 photo DSCN0200_zps8fc34a81.jpg
You are now 21 months old. You are becoming such a big boy, its unreal. You are still quite the talker and repeat everything.

This past month been such a crazy handful but we are trying to embrace your rambunctious personality. because it definitely is awesome seeing you be so outgoing.

 photo DSC_0195_zps4075aa56.jpg
Cardigan: The Anchor & Bows Boutique

You love coloring and painting. You love jumping and bikes.

We are trying to teach you to stop throwing since this has been a big thing you have done the past month. You also began hitting again, which we are not a fan of.

You love helping bring groceries in, feeding and walking the dogs. You are such a big helper.

We bought you a baby doll and you just love it. You are super loving and sweet. This month you have gotten really into cuddling too which is awesome.

Says “want it” when he sees something he wants.

Has used “I” which I thought was really cool.

You love going up and down our new stairs.

You just started telling us when you have a pee pee or poopy diaper but not all the time.

As far as size goes you are in 2T tops and still in 18 month pants, you have such a skinny little waist and broad shoulders, our little linebacker.

We love you little guy! You are so awesome, happy, sweet and funny. Everyone seems to just love your personality and smile. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all the new things you do next month!

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Ace | life | Monthly Updates

20 Months Old

By on March 16, 2013

You are 20 months old. For some reason seeing that 2 makes me realize how close you are to actually turning 2. I know a lot of parents get sad about it but not me. You have grown so much and I love how much you are “maturing”. You are so fun and just a very cool little guy. I love how you are able to really understand and communicate what you want and need.

You went on your first cruise this past month which was crazy. I didn’t go on my first one till I was about 8! You are always such a little traveler.

You went to Cozumel, Mexico for the first time.

We are realizing though that it is becoming more and more difficult to travel with you since you are so busy. You are into everything.

You say so many words, I can’t even keep track of all the new ones you say.

You had your first milkshake, you were obsessed, we were sharing and you drank it all!

You call people by their names.

Your blanket or kiki is your new security item. You also found a paci and tried to use it, sorry, Dude, not happening! You wouldn’t use it when you were a newborn and you aren’t using it now. We do let you have your kiki though.

You are driving us a bit nuts with feeding the dogs your food. We are very much over that, it’s no longer cute.

You love your Jake and the Neverland Pirate toy. You ask for Jake a lot so we are planning on having a pirate party for your 2nd birthday.

You love the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and do the motions for it as well as the Wheels on the Bus which I think is really awesome.

You are definitely becoming very defiant when you want what you want and don’t get your way. This used to never be a big problem but I am hoping this doesn’t last very long. I noticed it started when you were at daycare for a bit so I am not sure if its the age or something to do with that or getting attention? Either way I am hoping that now that I am home with you we can work on that.

You are an incredible joy to us and such a blessing. We love you more and more everyday and I can not believe how big you are. I love you my handsome little boy!

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19 Months Old

By on February 17, 2013

My little man, you are 19 months old. This past month has had many ups and downs for you. You got some more teeth, which were a killer for you. This has been the first time you have ever truly had issues with teething. You were a hot mess and even got an ear infection to go along with it making you even more miserable. There was a time or two Mommy even cried over how to handle your pain. I hate seeing you so distressed.
You also are having major separation anxiety. I know this has to do with daycare and the fact that Mommy went out of town for a weekend but it breaks my heart to watch you cry when we leave you. You always stop crying fairly quickly but it still stinks.

On to the positives…
You are so so funny. I mean there are no words for how funny you are. Everyone always comments on it and I must say I am pretty proud of the fact that you are so silly, happy and laid back (when you aren’t getting those awful molars). You definitely take after the Boyd side with your goofball attitude. You are a lot like your cousin Kayla when she was little and I love it because she is my mini-me and you are hers.

You also are really starting to copy things we say. The other day in the store you dropped my phone and it broke and I said “That’s ok” and you copied it, I nearly died from how cute you said it. You also are remembering what things are more and more. We went to Chick-Fil-A for family night and they had the cow walking around and you pointed and yelled “COW!”
You are obsessed with your Grandpa’s Ipod and when you want to listen to the music you say “dance” and hold your one hand in the air and do a little tiptoe dance with your feet. We will do “dance parties” before bed and you just crack up.

At school they call you their surfer dude because of your teething necklace and mohawk. Everyone thinks you are so cute and enjoys you.

You have started calling your blankets “kiki” and are starting to really get attached to having a blanket with you. You went through this once before so I am wondering if it will stick this time. You also do this with your sippy, if you are upset you want to hold it.

You want to eat all.the.time.

You shreek and scream a lot now. People always laugh when you do it so unfortunately you think you are super funny.

You are obsessed with your cousins. You think they are hilarious.

Newest sign: cracker
Words: hard to keep track of these but here are a few… blankie “kiki”, that’s ok, don’t touch, baby Lily, “hey, girl, hey”, sparkle, you’re welcome

Height: 33 inches
Weight 26 lbs

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18 Months Update!

By on January 16, 2013

Big Boy Ace! You are now 18 months old. Just one year ago today you were 6 months old and now you are such a little person, it is incredible! I feel like this past month has been such a big one for you. You are such a big boy. You finally go down the slide on your own and usually go down backwards which is really cute.

You have started straddling Tanner and bouncing on him. Poor dog just lays there and takes its.

Separation anxiety is at an all time high. You get very upset when you have to go in the nursery at church or if I leave you with anyone other than Daddy but get over it quickly. I think it upsets me more than you.

The other night (1/9/13) when Daddy got home you said “Hi Dada!” You made our nights with that one. You will say a couple words together if we ask you but that was the first time you really did it on your own. You also say or try to say “lets go” and “I love you”.

You say hi and bye to everyone who passes you when we are out and say it till they acknowledge you. You have been mistaken for being at least 2 because people think you talk so well and are so social.
You also will blow kisses when we ask you to say “bye, bye”. You have gotten really sweet about giving us hugs and kisses.

You are a big time Daddy’s boy right now which has got to be the cutest thing for me to see. You two have so much fun together. You also love your dogs. You always say “Molly” even though is sounds like mommy.

You also are able to say a lot of people’s names. Some of the ones you try to say are Kayla, Uncle Mike, Uncle Dustin, Aunt Joanna, Aunt Ashley, Maggie (Auntie M.), and Minnie.

You went to a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party and had so much fun. I am thinking if you are still obsessed with them by the time your birthday comes around that might be the theme of your 2nd birthday. You always ask for Yo Gabba Gabba which is so funny to hear you try to say it. We can’t wait to  take you to see them in March!

       This past month you have also gotten the dreaded molars. Most of the time you have been ok and not had issues but I have noticed about 4 times when I can tell they are hurting you and you have woken up a couple times at night crying and if I rock you you will go back to sleep but I just know those teeth are causing you to wake up crying and it breaks my heart.

This month has been full of so many wonderful memories. I love you so much you little crazy boy! I can’t even imagine having a bigger blessing than you.

New Signs: kiss, orange (Kayla taught you that!)
Diapers: Size 5 if in disposables
Shirts: 2T/24 months
Pants: 18 months finally but you sometimes still need a belt.
Shoes: 5.5
Favorite thing to do: put toys inside of a treasure box, wipes box or anything like that, scooping dirt and putting it into a bucket, playing in the bath

What We are Loving & Don’t Want to Forget

  • Your jibberish
  • You are a total Daddy’s boy right now
  • How you blow kisses whenever someone says bye to you
  • That you are incredibly outgoing and funny
  • How happy you are all.the.time. It’s so awesome.
  • The way you say this, its precious 

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Ace | Monthly Updates

17 Months Old Update

By on December 16, 2012
Wild Child!

Dear Acey,
You are 17 months old today.

This month it seems like you have turned into such a little person, it is crazy to me. This was a hard month for me with the loss of your Grandma and Grandpa but having you has made it easier on me. Your beautiful smile and funny personality has been such a blessing to myself and our family.

Because of the loss of your Grandma and Grandpa you have also had a lot of people to entertain. You have been showing off quite a bit this month with your dance moves, talking and signing. Everyone who meets you describes you as funny and such a happy baby. You can have your moments but they are usually short and rare.

Your favorite thing to do is go to the park, play with brooms, dance and watch the beginning song to “Yo Gabba Gabba”. You don’t have much interested in TV (thankfully!) but you love when a song plays and you shake your butt back and forth. It is hilarious.

Daddy’s Crazy Boy

You surprised us by signing “keys” randomly one day when you were looking for someones keys to steal. We haven’t used the sign in about a month because you learned to say keys and didn’t seem to catch on to the sign but when you did it on your own we were so proud of you. You are also speaking so much more now. Your newest and favorite words are “alright!” and “up” which you also use when you want to get down. You also say “Yo Gabba Gabba”. If we tell you to say a word you can usually say it in your own way. I am impressed with how much you can say and how well you communicate. You use signs and speak so I think that helps keep you from throwing tantrums.
And I can’t forget this cute milestone. You now say “hi” to everyone you see when we are out. People go crazy over it. You also blow kisses when we ask you to say goodbye to people.

What you have said this month: hi, bite, alright, awake, up, baby, mommy, daddy, Yo Gabba Gabba, Kayla, Grandma (mama), Grandpa (papa), swing, yuck, tickle tickle and the list can go on and on…

A try at a Family Pic

Newest signs: keys, baby, please and thank you

Shirts: 24 months
Pants 12 months, if we are lucky some 18 months
Shoes: 5.5
Diaper: 4’s, cloth you are still on the middle rise
Teeth: You finally got a new one so you now have 8! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it had cut through. You never even complained.

Christiaan, Ace, Brianna, Gavin and Adrien (Ace’s cousins)

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Ace | Family | Monthly Updates

16 months

By on November 16, 2012


This past month has been another crazy one for you. You are still a chatter box and learning new words everyday. Your newest sign is “thank you” and you also say it.

You love the song “The Wheels on the Bus” and right now your favorite part is bouncing up and down. You have pretty much stopped hitting your friends making for one happy Mommy. You do hit when you are over tired though.

You love carrying around a blankie and put it over your shoulders but don’t depend on it. You are obsessed with having milk and get really upset when I tell you no milk and give you water.
When you give hugs you always say “aw”. It is so funny. You are still a really great kid. You have your moments but overall you are easy going and happy. People describe you as the baby that always smiles or the happiest baby ever! You rarely whine or get upset. If you are crying when you get hurt we know you must really be hurt. You are starting to cry when you can’t have your way or you can’t have something you really want but it never lasts too long so I am hoping you aren’t going to be too dramatic with the temper tantrums.

Brady is still your favorite person and you two make each other laugh all day. I feel so fortunate to get to experience you two together on a daily basis. You do fight over toys here and there but overall you guys are awesome together. You two really compliment each other because you are exact opposites in every way possible.

You have gotten interested in climbing on things and bouncing on the couch, bed or your little chair.
You are in the 85th percentile in height and about the 50th for weight.

New Words: Apple, Thank you, down, all done, Kayden, Chicken, Bubbles, Mommy (said twice today!)
he repeats a lot of things we say now so I can’t remember all of the new words he says but those are the ones he says consistently and more clearly.

New Signs: Book, Baby, Thank you, Please (Signs it like bath but is trying!)

Sat in a booster seat at a restaurant and did well.
Starting to color
Trick or Treating

Shirts: size 18-24 months
Pants: size 12-18 months but 12 fit waist, 18 fit height so we need to get you some belts
Shoe: size 5
Weight: 23.8lbs (15.5 months)
Height: 32 inches (15.5 months)

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Ace | Monthly Updates

15 Month Update

By on October 16, 2012

You are now 15 months old and quite the handful. We have seen some interesting changes in you lately. You are much more outspoken on what you want and don’t want. You are a lot more “devilish” as well. You love to do things you aren’t supposed to and smile at us when you do it. You are really testing our patience but that smile helps keep Mommy and Daddy from pulling out our hair.

You are still one of the funniest kids I have ever met. You make the silliest faces and get very excited about your accomplishments.

Clothes Size: 12-18 months pants, 18-24 months shirts
Shoes: size 5
New Signs: Has done Thank You a few times
Loves: Getting into the dog’s water bowl, Brady, baths, the dogs, your swing, raisins

The Hulk & Spiderman!

His new favorite thing, a broom!

Uncle Daniel taught you to say “Wow!” while play with this toy and you say it all the time now. It is the cutest thing ever!

New this month
1 new tooth
got croup, pink eye and an ear infection all at once
pushes cars and the broom and makes a “vroom” sound
says “wow”, banana, diaper (perfectly), snack
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