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What’s in my…Mommy Purse

By on June 1, 2017

  A couple years ago I did a similar post but now that my little ones are older I no longer have a diaper bag. I must say, not having to carry around diapers, ointments, wipes, bottles and formula for now one but two babies has made getting out of the house much easier. 

This post contains affiliate links. 

So what do I keep in my Mommy purse with three children 5 and under? Lets take a look…

1. Wallet. Yep, this will be forever a staple. I actually just got this wallet a couple weeks ago at WalMart, I don’t usually go there often because we don’t have one super close and when I did go I was shocked to see such a cute wallet. Can’t be that it was under $10 as well, but will it last? Only time will tell. I also found this similar one that is really pretty.

2. Water. Depending on where we are going I usually will just throw a water bottle in my bag in case anyone gets thirsty. If we are going to the park or beach I will pack individual thermoses for each of them since I know for sure they will use them. These are my absolute favorite. They last forever and keep drinks cold. 
3. Snacks. Another one that will probably always be a staple in my bag. It never fails that we will be out and someone gets hungry. A quick and healthy snack is a bonus. We recently were sent these snacks from Beech Nut and my kids love them. Their favorites are the fruit & veggie melties  and blueberry cereal puffs and you probably will be stealing their quinoa crispies and fruity oat bars. If you have smaller ones these oatmeal pouches are a perfect way to feed your baby on the go. 

4. Pens and notebooks. I try to remember to bring these because all of my children love to draw. It keeps them busy and preoccupied when I need them to calm down and chill out. It is also great for when you are at a restaurant and they are over coloring. 
5. Bandaids because my children are always getting some kind of boo boo at the park or outside. I love being able to have character ones but my children think of them as stickers and end up crying wolf on boo boos so I had to switch to the skin colored ones. 
6. Benadryl Itch Relief Spray. Ace and Ashlyn are both allergic to mosquitos so this is a huge life saver when they are freaking out over their monstrous mosquito bites and being crazy itchy. 
7. Starbucks Gift Card. A sweet gift from one of my students. These kids know the way to my heart. I am seriously going to miss them when they graduate. 
8. Random socks and toys. Because it would’t be a Mommy purse without something random of your children’s. There was also a random silver flashlight keychain my kids play with in there.
9. iPhone charger. I got this teeny charger awhile ago and it charges super quick. 
As you can see my Mommy purse has a lot less than my old diaper bag days. I definitely don’t miss having to make sure my bag is stocked every night. 
What are some of your must haves for your purse or diaper bag?



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5 Must Have Spring Outdoor Toys!

By on April 12, 2017

  Hello Spring! I love this time of year. It hasn’t hit that sweltering heat that Florida gets in the Summer so we really try to get outside as much as possible. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase an item from one of the links you click on from my site I will receive a small portion of that sale. This in no way affects you. 

Some of my favorite items for Spring (and Summer for those who haven’t gotten a break from the cold yet) usually have to do with being outside. We spent majority of our time in the pool or running around the neighborhood till dinner time when I was a child. Since times have changed we really can’t expect our kids to be outside alone for hours on end. Here are some fun must haves to make hanging with your kids outside a little easier and a whole lot of fun.

Water Balloons. Yep, I said it, water balloons are so much fun. I love getting into this with the kids. Last Summer my best friend introduced me to these easy to fill water balloons and we have been hooked ever since. Just make sure to clean up the balloon debri afterwards. We told the kids prior to playing that if they wanted to play they had to clean up the water balloon pieces and they were good with it. We made that into a game of who could clean up the fastest, whatever works, right? Follow it up with a popsicle and it makes for the perfect cool off activity. 

Bubble Machine. Just turn it on and they will run around chasing bubbles till you are ready for them to stop. I bought this one because it had great reviews and I must say I am impressed with it. Even I was mesmerized by the amount of bubbles that come out at a time. We had this Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine one awhile back and it works great, similar style to the other one but the piece that holds the bubble liquid comes off to make it easier to refill, which is nice, but made is easily breakable. Both work great though. If you get the second one just make sure you have kids old enough to not take it off and accidentally break it.
Slip N’ Slide. One of my favorite activities from childhood. If you want a good old fashion one you can get it here but now they have so many fun ones you really can’t go wrong with any option you pick. This one might looks super fun. Kids love being able to slide down these slippery slides that you might actually get a little time to sit back and relax. 

Sidewalk Chalk. This is the one thing that is a staple in our house year round. The minute I am running low I go buy more. My kids are obsessed and I love that it is a creative outlet as well. The girls got these awesome Walkie Chalk “Stand Up” Sidewalk Chalk Holders for their birthdays and they love them. We also love these sidewalk holders to make them a bit less messy. 
Sidewalk Chalk Paint. So this one is a favorite but not something we take out often. I love this because the kids have so much fun with it but it is messy. This is a good one to take out when you are doing something with water right after. Have them play with this in their bathing suits as well. It’s definitely a must have though because it is so fun. 
And I highly suggest becoming an Amazon Prime (try if for 30 days free!) Member. We have it and ordering all of these items is super easy and inexpensive. Free 2 day shipping isn’t bad either! 
What are some of your Spring or Summer must haves for playing outdoors? We love getting new ideas. 


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Must Haves

My Top 5 Baby Items of the Week!

By on July 21, 2014

Each week I want to give you all my favorite baby items. This week in my Citrus Lane box I got a couple really awesome items and I thought this would be the perfect thing to share.
Here are my top picks of the week…

Top 5 Baby Essentials

1. Aden & Anais Bamboo Muslin Security Blanket  2. Sophie Giraffe  3. Halo Sleep Sack   
4. MamaRoo Classic Bouncer  5. Sleepers

Both of my daughters like to put blankets over their heads to fall asleep. These Muslin security blankets are breathable and light which makes me feel a bit better when they want to cover their faces. 

I think we can all agree that Sophie is the best teether ever!
Sleep Sacks are a must for bedtimes when it’s chilly. 
The MamaRoo bouncer both my girls lived in.
And last but not least sleepers, they are cozy and cute. 

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Must Haves | What I'm Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving…

By on May 6, 2013

It’s that time again! What I am loving this week.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at110635PM_zps93272761.png

1. Crayola No Drip Paint Brush Pens. Ok let me just say these are the best invention for toddlers. I just tried these out with Ace last week because he loves to paint but I don’t love how disasterous it always is so I bought these paint brush pens and he loved them. They can still paint but there is no dipping in paint and the tip keeps the paint from going all over the place. The paper also dries super fast this way. It doesn’t give the same affect as finger paint of course but it is a good alternative to painting with paint brushes. They come in a 5 pack and a 40 pack, we have the 5 pack for Ace which works out really well for one child but if you have more than one I would highly suggest a larger pack or buying 2 of the smaller ones since they are easy to switch from one color to the next and kids can get really creative.

2. This Rose Gold Bow Tie Bracelet. All over Pinterest people are pinning the Michael Kors Watches with bracelets of the same rose gold tone and this is one of my favorites to pair with it. I think it is just so girly and cute. Oh and the best part? It is only $1.95!

3. B+B Pillow. I found this pillow on Etsy at the shop Polka Dot Pears and love it in our new house! I am slightly obsessed. It has the year we were married on it and it just has a really classic look. When I contacted the owner of the shop to tell her how much I loved the pillow and I would be featuring it on my blog she offered a coupon code for my readers! Use code LOVEIT and get 14% off your order. She also has some nautical theme pillows which would be perfect for Ace’s big boy room. Yay!

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gift ideas | Must Haves

What I’m Loving…

By on April 24, 2013

Hey guys! Here is another addition of What I’m Loving…

 photo ScreenShot2013-04-23at72217PM_zps733211da.png
1. Recently a bunch of my friends were posting pictures of this adorable little car the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. It is similar to the traditional Little Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. I loved that you can see your kiddo from the top on this one and it has a handle so if your child gets tired you can push the car for them. They are both comparable in price and I know people love the Little Tikes one but I have to say I am really loving the Step2 Coupe. Either way this is a toddler staple.

2. Ace is obsessed with this Baby Einstein Count and Discover Treasure Chest. It is my favorite toy to use to help him learn colors too. He will take the “coins” out of the chest and put them back in over and over again. I thought  it might be a little young for him but seeing how much he loves putting things into other items I figured it was worth a try and it definitely was a perfect buy.

3. My new camera! Bran got me this ah-mah-zing camera, a Nikon COOLPIX P510. I had been wanting one that was a little better than the one I had before but I didn’t want to buy the super expensive ones where you can change the lens because I just don’t have patience to learn to use those and this was like one step below that. Bran found a great deal on this one on Amazon. It came with the SD card, case, tripod and a cleaning kit. You can get it with all of the fun accessories here or alone here. It is $100 difference which is still less than it was at Target!

4. I am really into this Sterling Silver Wishbone necklace and have yet to get one but I saw this one on sale for Mother’s Day and I think a certain someone may need to get this for me. ::hint hint::

5. Last but not least I am seriously obsessed with these ‘Staches Drink Markers if you love entertaining or have a party coming up I would highly suggest these drink markers. Not only are they totally fun but they are pretty hilarious. A great way to add a little something extra to your party.

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Summer Style Must Haves: Day to Night

By on February 21, 2013

With spring and summer right around the corner and the fact that Florida is already super hot I decided to check out Pinterest and see what was out there. We all know the chevron print is totally in and I found the cutest dress! This Navy Chevron Print Belted Dress is to die for! I love this for dinner out with friends or a date night. It also is the perfect dress for lunch with your girlfriends because it is light and airy which means you won’t feel over dressed.

I also wanted a pair of Boyfriend Jeans for running around running errands. It is a good compromise between shorts and regular jeans, don’t you think? You can still manage to look put together and casual all at the same time. When it comes to going out at night just throw on a pair of simple black heels and a flowy top and you are good to go!

For a dressier look I love these Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis, they are easy to wear and look stylish. During the day you can pair it with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of flats and dress it up at night with heels, some statement jewelry and even a khaki blazer.

I am a huge fan of loose tops in the spring and summer. It just adds to the laid back style of summer. This Chiffon Pullover  in white is the perfect top to go with a pair of cut off shorts during the day or tucked into a body con skirt at night. It is a top you will end up wearing year round, guaranteed.

Au Natural Baby model, Maggie with Ace, she’s rocking the gold jewelry!

So what is the 5th item to add to your summer wardrobe? Jewelry of course! Jewelry can make any outfit go from day to night in an instant. Take a couple of bangles and throw them on for a fun daytime look, add a statement necklace or ring to the look for night. Want to draw attention to your face? Add a pair of statement earrings. Gold is very in right now so don’t be afraid of it.

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Giveaway | Must Haves | Toddler Must Haves

BabyBjörn Booster Chair!

By on February 19, 2013

Side and Front View

As a Mom of a toddler I am realizing more and more that my son is no longer a little baby and at times it makes me a bit sad but overall I love watching him become the amazing little person that he is. With that being said I love products that are functional and made specifically for toddlers. When going from having a baby with a ton of stuff all around the house (i.e. swing, bouncer, play mat, ect.) I was excited to start streamlining Ace’s things that he needed on a daily basis. One of the main items we had to keep around was his Space Saver seat. I love this seat because it attaches to a regular chair and can be used from babyhood to kid hood <–is that even a word? The only “issue” I had with this product was the lack of mobility it had. It was big and clunky as well. Less clunky than a regular high chair but still clunky. I then got this awesome BabyBjörn Booster Chair.
Booster Chair
First of all this seat is the perfect height for sitting at a table so Ace can sit with us at the dinner table and not at his other seat which is a bit too high for the table. With that chair he still has to use his chair. It also is great for when he does arts and crafts. When we would do them in his Space Saver seat it made it difficult because the tray is small and paper would always stick off the edge causing coloring books to fall to the floor easily. At the kitchen table he has a lot more space. He also was so excited to be sitting at the table like a big boy.
Booster Chair
The best feature has got to be how small it is, making it easy to take with us to friend’s houses where we are having dinner or our place in the Keys. It straps to a chair and you are good to go.

Overall this has got to be one of my favorite items for my little toddler.

Pros: Small, Perfect heigh for a kitchen table, Attaches to a chair, Portable. Easy to clean. Neutral color.
Cons: No Safety belt around child’s waist.

The only con I could find is there isn’t a safety belt that goes around the child’s waist but in reality at this age Ace doesn’t need one. I do think some parents might not like this so I listed it.

Do you want to win your very own BabyBjörn Booster Chair?! Here is your chance!

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Deals | Must Haves | style

My First Glossy Box!

By on February 6, 2013
 photo wintersurvivalkitjanbox-700x335_zpse61cceba.jpg Today I received my first Gloss Box. Talk about ah-mah-zing! I seriously love this box. First of all if you have heard of Birch Box than you know the deal with the monthly surprise boxes of beauty items except the Glossy Box gives you full size items as well as samples where as Birch Box only gives you samples. Birch Box is less money so I am not dissing them because I think for $11 less a month Birch Box is still super fun!

 photo GlossyBoxManRepeller2013-02-05at101518PM_zps74c29d33.png
Back to Glossy Box, this month’s theme was Winter Survival Kit and it is called The Man Repeller.  Already in love with the fabulous attention to details this box has. First of all the little silver box is freaking cute and inside is a little note that makes you feel like this box was sent with love from one of your besties. It also comes with the Glossy Box Magazine which has all the latest trends as well as beauty tips.
Next up are the awesome products.

Here is the detailed list…

Professional Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Styling Treatment
– Tarte High Performance Naturals Lipstick
– Narciso Rodriguez for Her Perfume Sample
– Sumptuous Extreme Last Multiplying Volume Mascara Sample
– fresh. Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum Sample
– OPI Liquid Sand in Can’t Let Go
– Le Metier De Beaute Replenishing Daily Solution SPF30 Sample

I would say all of that is worth the $21.00! 3 full size items and 4 samples is pretty good. The mascara sample is a perfect size for carrying in your purse.

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baby must haves | Must Have Gifts | Must Haves

My Top Day Care Must Haves

By on January 21, 2013
 photo ScreenShot2013-01-21at122742AM_zpse0e58ecc.png
It’s day care time in the Kania household! Ace is rolling with the big boys. This meant we had to get him all ready for his first day of “school”. I took a little ride to the store and got some special things for his first day. My favorite has to be his little lunch bag. I love the Skip Hop designs. We got him the dog one but I found an adorable giraffe one online and had they had it in the store I would have gotten it instead but the dog one is super adorable too. 
Some of my fellow Mommy friends also gave me some great tips on what to pack for him so combine that with what the day care had told us to pack and what they suggest I think we got a good top ten list right here! 

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