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5 Ways Having 3 Kids Close in Age is Easier Than You Think

By on November 9, 2017
Disclaimer: This post is not to say that having 3 young children isn’t hard sometimes. It definitely can be but overall we make it work and have a good time. I still have sleepless nights or my children fight. 

Happy Thursday! Recently, it seems like everyone is talking about what age gap is best in some Mommy groups I am in. I am in groups for Twiblings (siblings close in age due to things like adoption that more closely mirror twins than a regular sibling set) and Irish Twins (children born within 12 months of each other). We often talk about the struggles and joys of having children so close in age. One thing I have noticed about many of us in the twiblings group is that it seems to be a bit easier for us than when children are further apart in age. This is not to say there aren’t struggles.

The baby stage is rough because you are dealing with two babies who are very close in age (five months for my girls) but are going through different stages of infancy. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have had to deal with as a parent yet. Once I got through that first year everything changed. My girls were on the same level and I felt like I could breathe again. All three of my children were really able to play with each other and I could finally really enjoy them. So here are my reasons why having children close in age is easier than you might think. They are into the same things at the same time. Now they might not be into the exact same things per say. But the nice thing about all of my children being within 2.5 years from each other is they are all into pretend play, dolls or super heroes, legos, play doh and art. I can usually buy certain things that will be for all of them because they will all enjoy playing with it. They share really well. Yes, they can fight over things, it’s totally natural for them to have moments where they suck at sharing but overall my kids rock at sharing. Not only do they rock at it but they learned to do this very early on. My kids really didn’t have a choice but to be really laid back about sharing because there was always a baby or toddler wanting what you have.

So here are some of the things I noticed about having 3 children super close in age that has made parenting a lot easier.

  1. They are very independent. Another perk to having 3 so close in age is they learned to do things on their own because sometimes Mommy or Daddy can’t get to you as quickly as we’d like because someone else needs us right then. I really noticed this because Everly being our youngest is the most independent at the earliest age. It was like she was always trying to keep up and could do things I didn’t even think she could do at her age. Once Ace even got up early with the girls, didn’t wake us up and made them cereal. I came downstairs right after and they were all sitting eating it and were super content. He was only 5!
  2. Your oldest is will probably be a nurturer. Ace has always been a sweet, empathetic child. When the girls were born I noticed how much he loved to comfort them and hold them and help me. He makes sure to hold someones hand when we cross the street, he will help the girls get a snack or get something they want. He isn’t just this way with his sisters either. When he was in preschool his friend was upset because his Mom walked out of the class and he told him it would be ok and sang a song to him to comfort him. His sweet heart is something I am very proud of.
  3. You’re basically a Mama duck. So ever since my kids were walking I have felt like a Mama duck. All of my ducklings following along after me. Not like a crazy mess, one running off this way or that way but literally in a row whether it’s next to me or slightly behind me. My kids have always been so good about just sticking by me like little ducklings do with their mom. They just know that the train is still moving so you better keep up.
  4. They will be very close. One thing I noticed and lived myself is that children very close in age just naturally seem to be close as children. All siblings of course love each other and have a bond of some sort but when you are close in age you are each others first playmates and best friend. My sister and I are only 19 months apart and literally every memory I have of us as kids is us playing together, sharing toys, clothes and friends. My brother is 8 years older than me and I don’t have a lot of memories with him because when I was in elementary school he was already in middle and high school so he was off with his friends. Our closeness came much later when I was around 19 or 20 (so don’t worry if your kids aren’t close now). So being close in age just means you have more in common and are going to experience similar life events at around the same time. Even the 2 year difference (and maybe gender difference?) with Ace and the girls is a different bond than the girls who are only 5 months apart. My girls have a bond like nothing I have ever seen. They are like magnets to each other. They had their own language as babies for crying out loud! Everly is even translates for Ashlyn if she says something we don’t understand. It’s such a different bond than even what my sister and I had and we were very, very close growing up. I really can’t even explain it but they are very close and they are each others everything.
  5. You are a more confident parent. I have a group of girlfriends who are in the same life stage as me. We all had our first babies at the same time and we have a group chat where we talk about everything. We have been through the best and worth times of our lives together. I love these girls so much. I was the first one to have the second (and third) babies of the group. I thankfully had them there to help me at play dates to take a baby and vent and talk to. The fun thing about being the first one to have the most kids in the group is you get to tell them “it’s seriously not that bad having a bunch of kids” “it gets easier” or “it will get better” since you went through a bunch of tough times, sleepless nights and everything in between. You know that if you can go to the grocery store with 3 babies and survive that you can do it again and it’s such a confidence boost as a Mom. Heck, I took all 3 of my kids to Epcot alone (and it down poured) and had the best time. People told me I was crazy to go alone with them but once you realize you can do stuff with all of them and they overall are really good about it you feel like you can conquer anything.

So if you are a new Mom of 3 or pregnant with your third and nervous just remember it will get easier. All my friends can tell you I had a rough first year with all three children. Everly never stopped crying, I felt guilty over Ashlyn not getting that one on one time Ace had, I felt like Ace wasn’t getting enough of me either and I was just overwhelmed. It was a rough year but it made me a more confident and patient Mom. I still have moments where I am stressed and my kids fight but overall I really do think to myself “how is it this easy now?” Maybe I am jinxing myself and we will go through a rough stage again soon or maybe in a few years but till then I am enjoying this time that they are all easier than that first year with 3 children under 3.

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Motherhood: Stop the Comparisons

By on August 21, 2017

This post contains affiliate links. This in no way affects you but I may benefit from a sale or click on a link.

I am a huge fan of books on “tape”. I recently downloaded the Audible app (Get Two Free Audiobooks) and downloaded Rachel Cruze’s Love Your Life Not Theirs. In it she talks about comparisons and how it can steal our joy. It made me realize how true that is in motherhood. We see the perfect moments on instagram or Facebook and think “Why isn’t my house that perfect?” “Why don’t my children play nicely like that?” It can be hard to sit back and remember this is just a moment in time. Their life is probably not always this put together and perfect. I know for myself people would come up to me when the girls were babies and Ace was a toddler and say things like “Wow, you make it look so easy, how do you do it?” But in reality Everly was constantly crying from colic and I was trying to make sure my other two children were getting enough attention. It was overwhelming most of the time. My life just appeared calm and collected because I only posted pictures where everyone was happy. Well, almost always, you can see a not so happy picture of the girls here. It’s pretty classic of what our life was like majority of the time. Those closest to me knew that it wasn’t as easy as it may have looked.

Comparison will play tricks on you as a new mom. I think the older our children get and even the more children we have the less we compare and become more confident in ourselves. We know it’s not always peaches and cream. We realize there are amazing moments and tough ones. New moms are just trying to get through those first few weeks of learning to breastfeed, never sleeping and getting to know your baby. It can be a total mind f*ck. It really felt like that when I first had Ace. Thankfully I had seasoned mothers who helped me through it but when you are in it it can be rough.

So how do we stop the comparison game when it comes to motherhood?

Remind yourself that more often than not others are going to emphasize the good and not show the bad. No one wants to post pictures of their house in disarray or their children being complete disasters even if that is your typical day. So when you see that perfectly put together family know that that is just a blip in time. It probably took 10 shots to get that one perfect one. Heck, I still can’t get a perfect shot of my 3 kids after a bunch of pictures so don’t feel bad if you can’t either. Look at our 4th of July picture, I probably took 15 pictures and this was the best I could get. Thanks for closing your eyes, Everly!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover no matter how beautiful it is. It may look like a million bucks but inside it’s a Mom that is going full force to get her house and children looking perfect for that one shot on instagram. I know bloggers who will even pull pieces from other rooms to stage a picture for an instagram picture. When your job is displaying products (kids clothing, room decor, food, etc.) on social media it is going to look better than just your random shot of your kids in their play clothes. Trust me!

Stop comparing yourself to seasoned moms, blogging moms, or other new moms. We are all a hot mess in at least one area in our lives, some are just better at hiding it than others. Instead be honest about the hard times. This may create a safe place for another Mom to open up about her trials as a mother. I know that is how I learned about other Moms struggling. I was honest about my children being colicky or having trouble nursing. Maybe my baby wasn’t sleeping and I was just plain exhausted. If I told a friend there was always someone there to say “Girl, I’ve been there!”

Motherhood isn’t always easy. It can be one of the hardest things because we love these little people so much, with such passion that our fear of screwing them up causes us to stress ourselves out. Remember they will more than likely remember things in a much more positive light so try not to stress it too much. Try to slow down, appreciate what you have and not what others are portraying on the internet or out in public.

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Healthy Snack Ideas for Toddlers

By on July 12, 2017
Snack ideas for toddlers and children
Lets just be honest for a second: sometimes feeding your kids is hard. Wealthy or poor, one child or six kids, working mom or stay-at-homers – we all just want our kids to eat healthy portions of healthy foods. And we all face different challenges:
Some of us have kids that are bonafide picky-pants. These are the kids that eat the same foods over and over and would rather go hungry than try something new that they almost certainly would like if they gave it a shot. On the other hand you have the quote “good eaters”, the ones that try lots of different foods, including the occasional vegetable. I happen to have one of each, and sometimes it’s hard to not like my adventurous eater a little better than her picky sister, at least at mealtimes.
Another challenge that moms face is time. The thing about toddlers is that they usually don’t tell you when they are beginning to feel a little bit hungry. Most of the time they wait until they are on the verge of becoming full on ravenous wild beasts that need food NOW. Like right now, or maybe even ten minutes before now. This is where you learn that toddlers are extremely prone to the condition known as ‘hangry”.
Something else I think we can all agree on is that we want our kids to eat things that are healthy, or at least that contain more nutrition than bad stuff. And if we could do that in a cost-effective manner, then we would really have something!
So we want yummy, quick, healthy, and affordable. Here are a few of the toddler snacks I love that fit that description:
We love fruit! Our favorites for speed of delivery are bananas and blueberries because those can be served almost instantaneously. If you have two extra minutes to spare for prepping you can slice strawberries, apples, or grapes, or peel a clementine. Or you can make these fruit popsicles to keep on hand for healthy treats on hot days. Melons like cantaloup or watermelon are a fun way to mix it up when they are in season. 
 toddler snack ideas
Cheese is a big favorite around here. We like all mild types of cheese for snack time, like mozzarella, mild cheddar, or Monterey Jack. You can get string cheese, cheese cubes, or you can cut slices off of a bigger block if you want the slightly slower but least expensive option.
A few months ago I started using this recipe for homemade yogurt and it allows me to make an entire gallon of yogurt for about $4.50! Life changing, for me at least. A lot of people like fruit in their yogurt so you can customize that to your taste, and I like to mix a few tablespoons of quick cooking oats into the yogurt to absorb some of the liquid to make self feeding easier for new spoon users. I also sweeten with honey instead of refined sugar.
 toddler snack ideas
Graham crackers, ritz crackers, or cheerios are a good choice for this food group. Surprising fun fact: chocolate cheerios have less sugar in them than honey nut and they make your milk chocolate! Another thing I love is granola bars. This is my recipe that I like for toddlers because it’s not tough or crunchy like a lot of the prepackaged ones.
Sneaky is the name of the game when it comes to veggies. The only two ways that I have successfully snuck them is by putting tons of spinach in all their smoothies and by inventing this recipe for chocolate hummus that they dip their strawberries and graham crackers in.
On The Go Snacks
Travel snacks demand special consideration. The key is to find the combination that meets most or all of the requirements we listed before, plus can be packed up with getting melty, crumbly, or smushy. 
Craisins or raisins, and applesauce pouches – dried fruit is a great non-messy finger food. When we are home we eat homemade applesauce, but when we are on the road applesauce pouches are the way to go.
String cheese – prepackaged for convenience, and if you freeze them you don’t even need to pack a cooler for them to stay good for a few hours.
Fruit snacks (gummies) – these are something that I only buy for treats or traveling. There are a couple high fruit/low sugar options that are passably healthy for those occasions. If anybody out there has a good recipe for healthy, homemade gummies hit me up!
Pretzels and peanuts – these are good options for older toddlers and preschoolers. They aren’t messy and they keep you full for a while.
 toddler snack ideas
My general policy is to provide one thing from two different categories for snack time, and then three different things with bigger portions for meals. There is so much more that could be said about snack time (because we all know that snack time is a big part of life for toddlers and their mamas) but this about covers the highlights of the snack menu we love at my house. I hope you’ve found some helpful suggestions and I would love to hear what YOU love to snack on with your wee ones!
Jordan writes about all things food
and books over at Read. Eat. Repeat.
She eats, reads, and lives in small
townTennessee with her husband
and two little girls.

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5 Tips for Preparing your Dog for a New Baby

By on July 6, 2017
tips for preparing dogs for a new baby

I’m Vanessa, mom of one 5 month old cutie named Noah, wife to a very talented media director & music producer, Julio, and blogger over at Dumpy Diapers I’ve been enjoying the past few months as a stay at home mom while on maternity leave, but am currently gearing up to return to my full time job as a teacher of preschool students with special needs. Dumpy Diapers was born of this time I’ve been enjoying with my little guy, as I wanted to reach out and share with others this beautiful sisterhood of motherhood!

Before bringing a bouncing, beautiful baby boy into the world, I was a very happy mom to two precious pups. Our dogs had been part of our family… well, before we even were a family. Our boy, Skillet is 10, and we adopted our little girl Chili, 2, just after our first anniversary. Pets really have a way of working themselves into home & heart, so we knew that making sure there was a positive relationship between them and the new baby we’d bring home was a big priority. I want to share with you some of the things we did that I feel really helped us nurture a healthy bond between our dogs and our baby, that might help you do the same with yours!

Make pet-talk and cuddle time bump friendly.
This might seem a little silly at first, but as highly social creatures, dogs will pick up in your behavioral changes as well as those in your body chemistry and physical appearance as your belly grows. So talk to them about it! Use the word “baby’ and the name you’ve picked out lots while gesturing to your bump. Bring the dogs up close for sniffing. I also worked on “gentle” to teach them not to jump or bare weight on me and baby. Once Noah was born, I continued to use the same terms repetitively, so they would hopefully make the connection. Do I know that they get it? Of course not. But do they seem to? I think so!

Bring home baby’s clothes for hospital-stay sniffs.
While we were stuck in the hospital, my husband would bring home the baby’s hats, onesies and blankets for our dogs to sniff. Because scent is such a big part of a dog’s world, knowing baby’s smell will limit chances that they could feel threatened or territorial, as it will feel less like a tiny stranger invading their home and will create a sense of familiarity.

Give them one-on-one time.
My dogs are not the super cute, baby-loving types you see go viral on The Dodo. They didn’t grow up with Noah. They are now the spurned older siblings, and they definitely get jealous. Yours may be, as well. To avoid your pooches feeling too left out when baby is too tiny for them to be near, make sure to give them extra snuggles, walks and playtime, as well as occasional treats to make them feel special. As hard as it might be not to just lay down when baby is down in those early weeks, invest some time in your pets without your little one. It will make their adjustment into furry siblingdom so much easier.

Little by little.
As baby grows, work with your pets being around and near him. Let them sniff (and lick, if you’re willing) to get to know their new little human brother or sister. Practice gentle petting with baby, and redirect any hair, ear or tail pulling as little one gets more adventurous. You’d be surprised how early your baby can start doing damage (and to your head of hair, too)!

Always supervise.
Even the gentlest of dogs still has animal instinct, so be sure to keep a close eye and stay within arms length when your fur babies are hanging out with your tiny tot.

Our geezer doesn’t care much for his baby brother, but since Chili is younger (and oh so spoiled) she plays hot and cold with Noah all the time. We are constantly using the tips I shared with you today, so I hope you find them as useful as we have! Feel free to share about your own experiences with your pets and babies in the comments below and tag us in your super cute photos @dumpydiapersblog on Instagram. We’d love to see them!

Happy mommin’!

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How to Plan an Epic Summer on a Budget

By on June 12, 2017

Summer break has officially started!  My best friend, Kat, and I made a huge list of all the fun things we want to do with our kids this Summer and tried to keep everything under $10.
But how do you plan an epic Summer when you have three young children and don’t want to spend a lot of money? 
Here is a list of activities that are either free or under $10
*This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small income from the company. This in no way affects you so no worries on your end! 
1. Go to free or dollar movies at your local theater. Regal Cinema and other theaters have Summer Movie Programs where they show movies on specific mornings for only a dollar. You can’t beat that! 
2. Picnics in the park.
3. Get a frozen treat. When I was pregnant with Ace and I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with him it was disgustingly hot and humid out. Anytime I had to leave the house I stopped at Burger King for an Icee. They were only $1 and they were the perfect treat for a hot day. Seven-11 has slurpees as well and they are under $2. 
4. Have a glow in the dark party. We love to buy glow in the dark jewelry for the kids, turn out the lights and put music on. They love this. It is probably the easiest way to entertain them at night. If you live near the beach you can make it even more fun and have a glow in the dark party on the beach at night. You can get glow in the dark party packs for less than $10 here
5. Have a scavenger hunt. You can make this as easy as getting a sheet of paper, getting crayons and coloring squares and telling your child to go find items with the color of each square. Something fun my best friend and I do is use our Shopkicks app and have our kids scan items on the app at different stores. It’s actually fun and you earn points towards gift cards, ha! And no this isn’t sponsored, we just actually like doing this and it’s out of the heat. 
6. Check out your local library. Many libraries have story times and activities for children of a variety of ages in the Summer. They also may have a Summer reading program, a great way to get your child reading more. If your library doesn’t have any of these it’s still a great way to spend time indoors, out of the heat, and read some new books. 
7. Watch the Sunrise.
8. Watch the Sunset. 
9. Make your own bagel pizzas. You have to buy food for lunch anyway so make it fun!
10. Make S’mores. 
11. Explore new areas in your town.
12. Visit the local museums. Ours has free admission the first Tuesday of every month! Check to see if yours has any free days. 
13.Make your own popsicles. Go here for over 70 recipes!
14. Play hopscotch using sidewalk chalk
15. Go for a bike ride. 
16. Feed the ducks. 
17. Play freeze tag.
18. Make fluffy slime
19. Have a water balloon fight. We love these water balloons because they are easy to fill, have 3 sets of different colors (one per kid) and are under $10. If you want to spend less you can go with a more simple set like this one
20. Make forts out of sheets and furniture. 
21. Get ice cream from Chick-fil-A. The kid cones are under a dollar and your children can enjoy the air conditioned play area! Check your local Chick-fil-A for other events like Cow Appreciation Day on July 11th. Dress like a cow and you get free food! 

 Don’t forget to pin this for later!


What are some of your free or inexpensive activities for Summer? 
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Summer: Fun Weekly Themes by Fallan

By on June 10, 2017
Thank you Fallan for giving some fun weekly themes to keep our kids busy this Summer! 

Summertime is upon us and if you’re like me, you must be wondering how to occupy the kiddos to curb summer boredom (trust me, it’s coming) and save your own sanity.

The plan? Weekly summer themes.

Hear me out.

I’m a planner. I work better with a schedule and so do my children. My children have never attended camp because I make summer both fun and educational (I can’t help it! I’m a teacher!).

Weekly summer themes can be incorporated anywhere, even with vacations. It works for children of all ages and with both free and expensive activities. All you need is a bit of planning and some research. 

Let me break it down:

These are the weekly themes I came up with for this summer, with some help from my kids: Zachary, 8, and Oakley, 4:


You can be as specific or vague as you want with your themes. When my daughter was younger, I was broader with the themes to incorporate activities for both age groups. For example, last summer we had a week of transportation so my son could read up on submarines and space shuttles while my daughter learned about the different types of transportation we use in the air, on land, and to sail the seas.

Once you have your themes, now comes the research. With every theme, we go to the library once a week. It allows for quiet time, it’s free, it’s in the air conditioning, and it lets us chose books that help us learn about that week’s theme. We look for both fiction and non-fiction books.

Next, I think about local attractions and events that may accommodate our theme. Some of these are easy, like going to the science museum for science week or seeing the fireworks for the Fourth of July for the week focusing on America. 

But it helps to think outside the box here. You don’t want to necessarily go to the same attractions your family would go to on a regular weekend. I like to find something we rarely do or even something we’ve never tried before.

For example, we plan to try the glass blowing demonstration in Hollywood, as it’s something they’ve never seen and we’ve wanted to try. 

Summer is known for being kid-friendly so flipping through a local parenting magazine, such as South Florida Parenting, or searching online for a few keywords or even on Pinterest, can give you a multitude of ideas for your themes.

I like to look up free or cheap options to help keep costs down so we can often be found free museum days or at local parks with a magnifying glass. You could choose to just do a few weeks this summer.

Weekly summer themes can be as detailed as you want them to be. Have fun and happy summer!
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What’s in my…Mommy Purse

By on June 1, 2017

  A couple years ago I did a similar post but now that my little ones are older I no longer have a diaper bag. I must say, not having to carry around diapers, ointments, wipes, bottles and formula for now one but two babies has made getting out of the house much easier. 

This post contains affiliate links. 

So what do I keep in my Mommy purse with three children 5 and under? Lets take a look…

1. Wallet. Yep, this will be forever a staple. I actually just got this wallet a couple weeks ago at WalMart, I don’t usually go there often because we don’t have one super close and when I did go I was shocked to see such a cute wallet. Can’t be that it was under $10 as well, but will it last? Only time will tell. I also found this similar one that is really pretty.

2. Water. Depending on where we are going I usually will just throw a water bottle in my bag in case anyone gets thirsty. If we are going to the park or beach I will pack individual thermoses for each of them since I know for sure they will use them. These are my absolute favorite. They last forever and keep drinks cold. 
3. Snacks. Another one that will probably always be a staple in my bag. It never fails that we will be out and someone gets hungry. A quick and healthy snack is a bonus. We recently were sent these snacks from Beech Nut and my kids love them. Their favorites are the fruit & veggie melties  and blueberry cereal puffs and you probably will be stealing their quinoa crispies and fruity oat bars. If you have smaller ones these oatmeal pouches are a perfect way to feed your baby on the go. 

4. Pens and notebooks. I try to remember to bring these because all of my children love to draw. It keeps them busy and preoccupied when I need them to calm down and chill out. It is also great for when you are at a restaurant and they are over coloring. 
5. Bandaids because my children are always getting some kind of boo boo at the park or outside. I love being able to have character ones but my children think of them as stickers and end up crying wolf on boo boos so I had to switch to the skin colored ones. 
6. Benadryl Itch Relief Spray. Ace and Ashlyn are both allergic to mosquitos so this is a huge life saver when they are freaking out over their monstrous mosquito bites and being crazy itchy. 
7. Starbucks Gift Card. A sweet gift from one of my students. These kids know the way to my heart. I am seriously going to miss them when they graduate. 
8. Random socks and toys. Because it would’t be a Mommy purse without something random of your children’s. There was also a random silver flashlight keychain my kids play with in there.
9. iPhone charger. I got this teeny charger awhile ago and it charges super quick. 
As you can see my Mommy purse has a lot less than my old diaper bag days. I definitely don’t miss having to make sure my bag is stocked every night. 
What are some of your must haves for your purse or diaper bag?



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What Kind of Mom Are You?

By on May 6, 2017

Originally published May 6, 2016
 This post may contain affiliate links
In honor of Mother’s Day this year I decided to talk about the different types of Moms I have come across. Now, this obviously is not all types of Moms but overall it is some of the most common ones I have come in contact with. Which Mom are you?

The First Time Mom 
All of us Moms have been there. You get pregnant, envision this perfect cherub faced child who will nurse every few hours, sleep in between and you will sleep when baby sleeps, piece of cake…
 Then reality hits and you are crying over your cheerios and breast pump. You haven’t slept more than an hour at a time, your baby nurses for eternity, passes out at the boob, wakes up the second you put him down and you kind of want to strangle your husband because baby only wants you and he gets to sleep. You might hover over the baby while he sleeps or stress about which organic formula is the best. Is he eating, sleeping, and pooping enough? You are your own breed and we love you for it. Don’t worry it gets better, I promise! Then you can your second baby and realize how fun it is to have a first time Mom as a friend. I mean it really is entertaining. 
The Fun Mom
This Mom is the one who is running around the playground with her kids, pretending to be Captain Hook while your kids are the lost boys. She isn’t afraid to get dirty or look silly. You love her for her free spirit and energy. Your kids love going to her house for play dates because she has the best dress up clothes and games. It’s never a dull moment with her. She is also awesome when it’s a Mom’s night out and can party with the best of them. You can always have a guaranteed fun time with her. 
The Perfect Mom
She is always dressed in a comfy cute outfit, her child is dressed to the nines and she is the nicest person.  And let’s not forget her house is perfection. Does a child live there? Who knows! You would hate her for all her perfection if she wasn’t so sweet and threw a wicked awesome party. Lets be real though, she seems perfect but as we all know no Mom actually is but she comes pretty close. 
The Hot Mess Mom
She is the Mom who is running into play dates with her kids running in all directions, probably forgot to brush her teeth and needs a drink. She has a heart of gold and makes you feel better for not exactly having your shit together. She is the Mom who will help you when you need someone to watch your child and they will have the best time because even though she’s kind of a hot mess, she is also the Mom who makes everyone’s child feel like they are special. She also is the best Mom to go to when you are having a rough day, life is crazy or you just are miserable because she is empathetic and gets it. She somehow knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.
The “Expert” Mom
This is the Mom who you turn to when you are busy crying over your cheerios and breast pump and your baby baby won’t sleep. She reminds you how hard the first couple months are and promises it will get better. She offers any and all support to help you through. She seems to have some kind of powers over getting your baby to sleep and calming down. She has been there and you can count on her to help you through the toughest parts of Motherhood. She is probably your own Mother, Aunt, Cousin, Sister or Friend and you love her!
The Overprotective Mom
The Mom who knows how to baby proof a house in 2.5 seconds and can see a safety hazard a mile away. She might even be there the whole first day of kindergarten because let’s face it that day is harder for Mom than child. Her child will never see a bruise from falling off their bike or skates because you better believe they are covered in knee, elbow, shin and any other kind of pads on the market and of course a helmet. These Moms are serious about safety and you can count on them to know what kind of scary sh*t is out there. Stuff you didn’t even know you should worry about or things that seemed small are a bit more scary because this Mom knows what is up. She is the WebMD of your Mom group and you probably would have a broken child without all her knowledge. 
The Drama Mom
There’s always one, right? This is the Mom who you try to get to know or include but it just doesn’t work. Nothing seems to make her happy or she finds issues with other Moms. You can’t quite figure her out and what the problem is. She constantly has problems with someone in her life and it doesn’t seem to matter who but it’s a constant. You realize that maybe it’s not everyone else but her, common denominator if you will. After your best efforts you learn to steer clear of her. Hey, at least you tried!
The Best Friend Mom
Does it get any better than the best friend Mom? The one who you either met when you became a Mom or your best friend who also has children. She is the person who you rely on for support in all aspects of life but having that bond over being mothers at the same time makes everything better. She gets what you are going through and knows that all you need is an ear to talk to or someone to say “I get it! I’ve been there.” You’ve cried together, you’ve laughed together, you’ve been there for each others’ child’s milestones and it’s the best thing ever! Your kids grow up as best friends or even like cousins. You are fiercely protective over their child as if they were your own and you would do anything to make Mommy hood easier for one another. If your lucky you have more than one of these like me! I wouldn’t survive motherhood without these girls. They know who they are and this post (except for the drama Mom) was based on all of you. You are all a mix of these Moms and have made my life as a Mom amazing. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing Moms out there! 
So…which Mom are you? Which Mom is your favorite to hang out with?

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Talking about Adoption to our Children

By on April 27, 2017

  Since Ashlyn is adopted we talk about adoption randomly and are very open with our children. Now that Ashlyn is getting older I try to talk about it a little more than before because I know she is going to start understanding things. 

Ashlyn and YaYa in October 2016

Tonight we were reading a book from her first mommy called Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You. I love this book so much. It is seriously such a great book for children who are adopted. The book is read by her YaYa so in the beginning she says this is a book for you Ashlyn from your Mama YaYa. It’s a great way to remind her that she has two mommies and how lucky she is to also have two more sisters. 
Tonight I told Ashlyn that she was in YaYa’s tummy. When I asked her whose tummy she was she goes JoJo’s (her Godmother). I was like no you were in YaYa’s. She laughed and said no JoJo’s, Gavin’s Mommy. She thought it was so funny. 
This is the interesting thing about an adoption. We are learning how to talk to our children about it and when is the right time to tell them certain things because we aren’t quite sure they will get it. This was a time when I realized I really needed to make Ashlyn a book about her adoption and family so it’s less confusing. 
Another funny thing the girls do is when we talk about Ashlyn’s sisters she will then ask who are Everly’s sisters and I will tell her you are. She doesn’t get yet that she has two extra sisters so then they both just say they have two more sisters. I know as time goes on things will make more sense to them but it is funny to see how they process things. Ace gets everything way more than the girls and seemed to understand it a lot earlier too. I think the girls have a harder time because they don’t understand why one has something the other doesn’t. They don’t really know how to separate themselves from each other in that way yet. 
I am curious how other families talk about adoption with their toddlers. I never want it to be a shock to Ashlyn so we have always talked about it, talked and met up with her first mom so hopefully it will just be her norm.


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