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Ace’s Super Hero Birthday Party

By on July 30, 2015

This year I decided I wanted to keep Ace’s party easy.  He has been talking about having an Avengers party for forever so we knew the theme would be Super Heroes. 

Since his birthday is in the Summer we always plan an indoor party because every year (except this year of course) it has rained on his party day. It is also disgustingly hot and humid here so no one enjoys outdoor parties unless they are water related in the Summer. 

I finally decided a movie theme would be perfect. Ace has really gotten into going to the movies so we borrowed my friends projector and popcorn maker for an authentic movie night! 

Basket: Similar

Branden Mcgyver’d up a screen on the wall where our TV usually sits and we threw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor to make it extra cozy. I bought these chairs and my friend passed down her daughter’s to my girls so we had extra seating with those as well. 

Chalk Sign / Popcorn Maker

I wanted to keep food simple too so I made Buffalo Chicken Dip, ordered pizza and made up a Popcorn bar. I just bought a bunch of candies from the grocery store so the kids could throw them in their bags of popcorn. They loved it! 

I ordered cupcakes from the grocery store as well. I asked them to spray two colors on each cupcake; purple and green for the Hulk, red and yellow for Iron Man and of course Red, White and Blue for Captain America. I used puffy stickers I got at Walmart as the toppers. I just taped them to toothpicks. Super easy. 

For favors I bought a bunch of Super Hero capes when we were doing Everly’s party. They were a huge hit. My girls are more obsessed with these than Ace. They are incredibly cute running around in them. 
I also had goodie bags with Avengers ritz, gummies and rice crispy treats. 

Overall we had a blast hanging out with friends on a Friday night and loved celebrating this sweet boy! 
And I had to get this picture of Ace and my cousin Brian. They have an awesome bond. The first one is from Ace’s 2nd birthday and obviously the second one is his 4th. 

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Ashlyn’s First Birthday To Do List

By on September 12, 2014
 photo 10600643_256876331103154_8969680194336238257_n_zps7394cddf.jpg
Wickedly Cute Body Suit / Cat Ears Headband Similar

It is just over a month till Ashlyn’s first birthday and I have quite a lot of planning to do.
First birthdays are such a big event in my mind. It is a celebration of so many firsts and the day this beautiful little person came into our lives. I think the first birthday is more for the parents but hey, it was a lot of work for us! 
I am doing a Monster Mash/Halloween theme for her first birthday. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween I thought it would be super fun to have all the kids dress up in their costumes. 
I know we will have a lot of Elsa and Anna’s coming this year too, ha!
I am thinking of dressing Ashlyn and Everly as a cat and mouse. Ace will get to pick his costume so I am not sure what he will be yet.
I happened to look back on my post on Ace’s first birthday to do list and man I feel like I had my life together so much more than. I mean, lets face it, I did. Having one child is way easier than three! 
So here is what I can think of that I need to get done for now. 

  • Take Pictures
    • Smash Cake
    • Birthday Pictures
  • Make or Order Cupcakes
  • Make or Order Smash Cake
  • Make invitation list
  • Make invitations
  • Order birthday outfit
  • Organize games & activities 
  • Order or Make Food
  • Set up Decorations
I am sure there is more that will need to be done but hopefully this will keep me on track.

Did you do a big birthday party for your little ones first birthday or a smaller low key one? 

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