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We are already going nuts!

By on November 27, 2010

Ok, so I know I am only just over a month pregnant but let’s face it I have been waiting for this for 2 years so of course I am going to go a little crazy over baby things.

Today my Mom, sister and I had to do some errands for Christmas. We went to the dollar store to find snowflake decor for my Dad, then we went to Target where my Mom proceeded to the baby section to buy something neutral for the baby. From Grandma, of course. She saw this really cute monkey sleep outfit and I had to admit it is a little more boyish but so cute that I didn’t even care. If we have a girl it’s not like anyone is going to care what she wears to sleep.

Then we ran some more errands and then went to Baby’s R Us! I was in Heaven. I showed my Mom the monitor I want because it’s a motion sensor one and it is supposed to help prevent SIDS. The baby I watch has it and I love it. Then my Mom picked out some more baby items and to say they were cute is an understatement. She got two more sleep outfits, booties, a whale towel I wanted and I think that might be it I can’t remember. I bought an expecting ornament since Branden and I buy a special ornament each year and a alligator that is a plush one. It is so soft. I love it! If we have a boy his bedding will be the Nantucket one from Target and it has alligators on it. Either way its a cute stuffed animal. I am going to try not to buy anything else for awhile haha, yeah right!

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Victoria Secret

By on October 1, 2010


I am in love with Victoria Secret. I know this is not a new store and I have been shopping there forever but it had been a long time since I bought any bras there just because I was being frugal about it. I always hate spending a lot on bras and almost forgot how amazing their bras really are. I had been getting really sick of the ones I had because they just felt like crap on and so I told my husband yesterday I was splurging on some new ones.  I went to this place called Pembroke Falls which is amazing. I love going there. It is like an outside town center. Its new and beautiful. For some reason it always reminds me of Christmas. So I went and walked around and had some “me” time and went to this store Love Culture first to see if they had any tanks but they didn’t so I headed over to VS. Since I am part of the Big Booby Club I never buy push up bras, because, well my boobs are pretty awesome as is so I opted for two Sexy Tee Demi bras since they were 2 for $49 and I got one in hot pink and another in buff.  Then I also got a black bra with multi- way straps. I think that one was $39. I can’t find that one online.

I also got some fun samples in the mail yesterday! P&G sent a sample of Pantene Pro-V, Head and Shoulders and Tampax pearl tampons. Woot! Woot! I love getting samples especially when there are three in one shot! I was surprised because I don’t remember signing up for them but I was excited. I was so excited I took a picture lol. So here ya go!

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Shopping Fever!

By on September 17, 2010

I definitely have a shopping bug. I shouldn’t be spending all my extra babysitting money on clothes but I can’t help it. I went to the mall thinking I was going to get some cheap t-shirts to wear to my nannying jobs and then I went into Forever21 and saw this skirt I wanted forever ago. I swear I think I was going to get it for New Years and never did. They had one left and I had grabbed this awesome green flowy tank with a cute back and thought this could be a match made in heaven. I tried it on and LOVED it. I of course took a picture there since I still don’t have a long mirror. My BFF is giving me hers since she is getting rid of it which is why I have yet to buy one. I will take more pics when I can but here is one for now.
Skirt: FOREVER21: Asymmetrical Pleated Skirt
Top: FOREVER21: Couldn’t find link. 

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