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Weekend Rewind

By on May 13, 2013

Happy Monday Ya’ll!
We had such a busy weekend it just flew by.

First of all I hope everyone had an amazing Mother’s Day. I had some mixed emotions going into it since it was my first without my Mom but it ended up being a really special day with my guys.

 photo 943478_10101793269784821_64611854_n_zpsb5de2314.jpg
My Mother’s Day Shopping Spree Clothes
Pants. Shirt Similar.

Branden got up with Ace and made me breakfast. I was able to get ready in peace which was so nice!

 photo 970374_10101793744767951_544993391_n_zps7c30bed8.jpg
Ace watering the flowers with his sippy
Ace’s Shirt J.Crew sold out, similar Here
We went to my parents’ and grandparents’ graves and then had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We came home and put Ace down for a nap then headed to Menchies, which is like my total fave right now.
 photo 941817_10101794129432081_1164626279_n_zpsbdfdb60d.jpg

After that we headed to my cousins and I went to see The Big Wedding with my cousins Kayla and Teresa while the guys hung out at home. It was such a funny movie. Definitely worth seeing with girlfriends.
 photo 923170_10101790051060171_2101865110_n_zpsb37e7ba5.jpgAfter that we had dinner and just hung out at their house. Overall I really enjoyed it.

Rewind to Friday, we went to the Tim McGraw concert which was ah-mah-zing! Bran and I met up with some friends and relaxed on the lawn and just listened to the music. It was nice to have a night away.

Saturday was my sister’s housewarming party. It was so much fun. We had a babysitter so we could really enjoy ourselves and I got so see some old friends and make new ones.

 photo 941981_4943053777754_468958001_n_zps9bc6b0ca.jpg
My sister and me with my new friend Jeremy
I hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as I did. I think things are going to finally start slowing down. It has been a busy month or so for us!

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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Ace | life | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind!

By on April 15, 2013

This past weekend was super busy but so much fun. Since I haven’t posted much since last week I am starting on Thursday since I have some cute pictures from that day.

Thursday we went to our first Story Time at the Library near our new house. It wasn’t too bad but the best part was seeing our friends Lindsay and Payton. Payton is just about the cutest thing ever. She also made me slightly jealous that Ace isn’t a little more contained when we go out, ha!

 photo DSCN0159_zps8e1d86e7.jpg photo DSCN0160_zpse5ec2d58.jpg

How cute are these two together? First Payton gave Ace a huge and he was like what is going on here? Then he gave her one and she was way too into her stickers to care.

Friday my friend Anna came down to visit. She is ah-mah-zing! Probably one of my most favorite people ever. She moved to NYC when I moved to Tampa and so whenever we can get together is always a fun time. We went to surprise my sister since she didn’t know Anna was coming down and just had a great day.

 photo DSCN0216_zpsef299c64.jpg photo DSCN0215_zpsc20ad71b.jpg

The dogs and Ace were obsessed with her!
Later on that night my sister took Ace so Bran and I could have a date night.

 photo 14072_10101148918140855_89105482_n-1_zpsb9c002af.jpg 
Bran gave me a kiss and Ace came over and grabbed onto me. He is so sweet.
Saturday wasn’t too exciting because Bran worked but later that night we had to put up a gate on the stairs and Ace got his tools and helped Bran put it up. Talk about cute, right? BTW don’t mind our stairs, they are bare right now since we have to get flooring on them.
 photo DSCN0229_zps3bb1485c.jpg photo DSCN0227_zps8a2a1323.jpg photo DSCN0228_zpsbed22d37.jpg
Sunday we went to a Bar-B-Q at my sister’s house and Ace loved the pool with all the kids and my brother and his family came and Ace and his cousin Gavin are just under 3 months apart so it was super cute seeing them together. 
 photo DSCN0276_zps858290cf.jpg photo DSCN0267_zps56103cc8.jpg photo DSCN0262_zps29470be9.jpg photo DSCN0250_zps58033af0.jpg photo DSCN0240_zpsd016106a.jpg
And how cute is this picture? He only has eyes for his cousin Brianna, every time he sees her he runs straight for her.
 photo DSCN0254_zps504f3161.jpg
That was our weekend in a nutshell. How was everyone else’s? Do anything exciting?
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life | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind!

By on April 8, 2013

This past weekend was a great one. After being in the hospital I was ready for a good time with good friends.


On Friday Branden and I got some more unpacking done and got ready for my bestie and her family to come stay with us. He put together our new Leirvik bed frame from IKEA which I am obsessed with. Ace obviously is too.

Forgot to rotate this but Ace kept telling Daddy “kiss”

1 little monkey jumping on the bed! 

The kid is obsessed I tell you

We also got this Hemnes shoe cabinet from IKEA for the front door. I had been lusting over it for forever. I had first seen it on iHeartOrganzing and loved how it didn’t look like your typical shoe holder. You can find it here, and I just love it.


Sydney was like my baby when he was born. I spent almost everyday with Katie and Sydney and was so attached to him. I still can not believe he is 13!

Saturday Katie, Sydney, his two friends and Tracy, Katie’s wife all got here around 11 and we all hung out for a bit and then Ace took and nap and they headed out for awhile. After that we all got ready for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was an early dinner so I was thinking it was going to be an easy one with Ace which it probably would have been had the restaurant not taken forever to get our food out. Overall it was a great time though.

Ace loving cake! 

Bran is such a big kid!

Branden cracks me up when he gets around Sydney, the two of them always have so much fun together. I love how he can be such a big kid.

After dinner we grabbed a few things from our old house and headed back to our new house and went to bed, nothing too exciting there.


Sunday Bran had to work and we all hung out before everyone had to leave. I was really bummed to see them go.

After Ace’s nap we headed to Target so I could get a few items for some restaurant reinforcements (a post about this is coming very soon!). We got home and went on a walk around our neighborhood and to the park down the street and we got a lovely surprise, a beach! I had no idea there was a little beach on the lake right by the park. It was like a huge sandbox for Ace. I wish I had known so I could have brought his sand toys. We headed home and played on the back patio. Ace is getting quite good at blowing bubbles and using his sidewalk chalk.

After that we had an early dinner and just hung out inside till Daddy got home.

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Ace | Weekend Rewind

Birthday Weekend! Photo Overload!

By on October 28, 2012

This past weekend was probably one of the best ones we have had in a long time. Branden was actually off both days, which rarely happens unless we are going out of town. We had two birthdays to go to so we were very busy! Saturday we went to Ace’s friend Payton’s first birthday. It was Hello Kitty theme and Lindsay, Payton’s Mom, went all out. I wish I had taken pictures of everything because it was insanely cute. Ace got to jump in a bounce house, which he loved. 

This kid cracks me up

How cute is Payton’s birthday outfit?

Ace with his buddies in the bounce house

Painting fun! He kept eating it.

Ace and Brody making a huge mess, so fun!
The cute birthday girl!

He loved that straw. 

Payton screaming out of excitement. Isn’t her cake beautiful?

Ace loving on his friend

Brody’s so adorable!

On Sunday we had my nephew, Gavin’s, first birthday party. It was Halloween theme and so we of course were going to dress Ace as the hulk. Well, after an hour of trying to find his damn costume we decided it was a lost cause and headed to the party store to try and find something for the party. We ended up getting him this gnome costume. It was so freaking cute on him.

My little gnome and me!

Ace with his cousins Brianna and Adrien in the background

Can you tell he had fun? 

Ace with his “cousin” Manon

She was Chuckie! 

I was obsessed with her costume lol

Minnie down the slide!

Ace’s turn!

More bounce house fun!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics with Ace and his cousin Gavin because my camera died here and right after this Gavin got in the bounce house. I think someone took one of them later on together so I am hoping to get one of them together. All the kids had fun and it was cute seeing them in their costumes. Gavin was a little devil and then had one skeleton jammies later. 

So what is everyone else’s littles being for Halloween? Any big plans?

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Ace | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind!

By on September 3, 2012

It is time for another weekend rewind! 

We had a really fun weekend. Friday we went to a back to school event at church. I wanted to go support my cousin’s who were performing. My cousin Brian was playing the drums, Kayla was dancing, Mike was “rapping” and Teresa was taking pictures and helping the girls with their charity. It was really loud and Ace was a bit nervous when we got there. At one point I put him down and he started dancing and the kids were all standing in a circle and they would go to the middle to dance so I tried to get him to go do it but once he realized I wasn’t right by him he ran back to me. I wish it hadn’t been so loud because I know he would have gone out there and danced longer.

Bean Burrito everywhere!

Branden worked so the boogie and I hung out and cleaned. I got some laundry done and picked out some of my clothes for our Michigan/Ohio trip.
My best friend, Katie, was in town dropping off her brother at the airport so her and her son Sydney came over and visited with us. I love them. Sydney was attached to me when he was little and thought I was his other mom, ha! I love that kid like my own.
We didn’t really do anything too exciting when Bran got home, just ordered in food.

He takes Branden’s hats and walks around the house saying “dada” 


Branden was off, which is always nice. We went to the splash pad, which was on our Summer To-Do List and Ace was loving it. He kept running through the water and laughing. He fell pretty hard once and cried for a split second then was off running around again. This kid is such a bruiser I swear.

His face cracks me up here
We went over to the slides at one point and he ran under them and there was a little girl there all alone and upset. I had seen her Mom earlier trying to get her to come out so I talked to her and asked her if she was having fun and she said no and I asked her what was wrong and she was upset her Mom forgot her bike. I told her Ace would go play with her if she wanted and she shook her head no. I said I bet your friends would really like to play with you (she was there for a birthday party) and she smiled. She was so adorable. She was probably 7. Her Mom walked over and said they are having watermelon and cake and pretzels and I said “Wow, that sounds good, you better get over there before it all runs out!” She smiled at me and ran and her mom whispered thank you. I felt so good helping her. I love kids and I always hate seeing them missing out because they are having a hard time. Sometimes they just want someone to acknowledge that it is ok for them to be upset.

He loved the slides

Such a Goober!

Ace heading over to check out the little girl under the slides

After that we headed home, ate lunch and put the Boogie down for a nap. We went to a bunch of stores and headed home for dinner and an early bedtime for Ace since he only took one short nap. 
We had a really nice weekend together. I can’t believe Thursday we leave for Michigan!

Since I will be traveling with a toddler I will need some travel tips!! What are some things you think will be helpful on the plane?

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Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind!

By on August 21, 2012
Cheers to Monday!

And here is my weekend rewind!

Came home and went to dinner with my bestie! I was a hot mess and she had gotten poured on so we picked this place we knew no one ever goes to and go figure we see someone we know.

I had planned to have a Mommy Day Off. I went to my Mom’s and she dyed my horrible grays and I got a text from friends to go hang with them and their baby so we all ended up going to lunch (after an hour drive because Bran took the WORST road ever!). We had Chipotle and it was my first time actually eating there. Let me tell you, that place is the bomb! I had one of their bowls before because Bran brought me home one but there is definitely something about going and eating there and hanging out with friends that makes it even better. After that we went to this place called A Latte Fun! We got there 30 minutes before they closed so thankfully we talked the girl into giving us a discount and went in to play. Ace and Brady made a little friend and girlfriend. This little girl loved giving hugs. I think her and Brady are made for each other. He is a hugging machine! Then Ace dragged this drum around the entire time we were there. I couldn’t get him to play with any other toy and he even fell into a box of toys and just sat there playing with the drum, ha! That kid is a trip. The men sat in some chairs and messed with their phones and had man talk. Then before we left we threw Ace in a foam pit, which he really liked and then jumped with him on the trampoline they had there. So fun!

We had planned to have dinner and movie night with my cousins but after we got home Ace and I both felt terrible. He took a crappy nap and I just laid around. My head had been killing me all day so that was no fun. We ended up just ordering food in and watching Real World. Yeah, that show is still on.

Woke up to a crying Boogie. Poor guy! Then we went and played in the living room and I got the funniest video of Ace dancing to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme song. I wish I had gotten it right when it first played because he was breaking it down and throwing his hands in the air but I just hit rewind and recorded him doing it a second time. Not quite as funny but still pretty entertaining.
We then had lunch at Hooters, where Ace fell in love with our waitress (typical). Then we headed to Target and bought some shipping supplies and fun stuff for my desk and of course groceries. It was PACKED! I forgot school is starting back up.

Hanging out at Hooters

Already pretending he isn’t with me when there are pretty girls around
After that we headed home, cleaned, works on some orders and relaxed.
Some of my orders!
Overall it was a great weekend. What was your weekend like?
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Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

By on July 30, 2012
Ashley with her beautiful cake! Isn’t she cute?

This weekend was great! Branden had Saturday off, which is a rare occasion and it was so nice getting to spend the day with him.
First of all our kid is amazing! He had a bottle when he woke up and went right back to bed and slept in till 10:30 am! Yeah, we are pretty lucky. Then we headed out and had some wraps from Froots. Love that place. Then we went to Target and ran some errands and then Ace napped while Bran and I worked on our computers and did some things around the house and got ready for my sister’s 30th birthday party.
We headed over to Ashley’s after Ace’s nap. We had a great time. I spent most of the night trying to wrangle the munchkin but it was great seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones.

My parents, my siblings and the grand babies

Someone wanted to do a keg stand, yikes!

Ace and Aunt Ashley in front of her Fabulous cake!

Sunday wasn’t very exciting. Ace slept in again, heck yeah! Then we went grocery shopping, ate and he napped. I did lots of laundry (blah). 

Next weekend is my girls weekend with my sister and our besties. Can’t wait!

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Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

By on July 9, 2012
As usual this weekend was busy. 
I spent the night stuffing goodie bags. It was actually kind of fun. It felt like I was really getting things done for this party. Again I totally went overboard! 
Stuffed Goodie Bags
Some of the treats
On Saturday I went to Chik-Fil-A to meet up with two friends who I hadn’t seen in forever! We all three had kids now and it was so nice hanging out with them. While we were there Ace was trying to crawl around but his poor leg kept getting scraped by the floor so my friend Natalia had her daughter’s PJ pants with her and we put those on him. They may or may not have been Tinkerbell ones. :-X
Rocking Tinkerbelle pants
Ace checking out a little girl in Toddler Town
A present from my friend Amy
After nap time Branden and I wanted to take Ace to get his first haircut. Well, that didn’t work out so well. The Cartoon Cuts was ridiculous. We got there and the woman in the front ignored us and then the other woman finally got done and said it would be a half hour and it was already late so we said screw it. They don’t let you make appointments which I find ridiculous when you are going to be cutting little kids hair but whatever. 
Just taking a walk around the mall
Bran went to work and Ace and I headed to church. It was a great service about integrity. They spoke about Daniel and it really reminded me of my cousin Teresa. She is who I go to about a lot of things I am going through or when I have issues with someone and she is so positive and inspiring with her advice. 
This was also the first time Ace got upset in the daycare. I think he was overtired and I think his teeth are bothering him. Poor buggie. It worked out well because he loves the music so he got fussy towards the end and was able to enjoy the music. 
After church Ace and I took naps. I was so tired. Branden got off early so after we woke up we went to my Mom’s and got Ace’s haircut. She did a great job. 
We can finally spike his hair again!
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Birthday | Etsy Shop | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

By on June 25, 2012
Our attempt at pictures in the backyard

My Boogie and Me!

Ace and I woke up and headed to Target while Branden went golfing. We may or may not have gone a little crazy buying clothes, more birthday party supplies and some food. Then we headed home, had lunch and Ace man went down for a nap.

Bran got home and we had Ace’s 1 year pictures taken by the most fabulous photographer Dawn. She seriously has a true talent with children. Ace was so tired and getting cranky by the time she got here and we were wondering if he would be in the mood to take pictures. She got him to smile and laugh the entire time. She also had some amazing ideas for pictures and I almost teared up when we got a picture of him in my Grandpa’s old brief case and shirt. He is who Ace is named after so it was a touching moment for me. She also got a picture of him with my old blanket. She got some great shots. I can not wait till we have our viewing session so we can see the finished photos.
After that Branden took over with mini man and I headed over to my sisters. We had dinner and talked “business”. We are starting out very own Etsy shop and went over all the details including a business plan, store policies, name ideas, did lots of brainstorming and had some beer and wings while we were at it. It was a good time.


Ace slept in till 10AM (seriously this kid is awesome). Then we had breakfast and headed to church and met up with my cousins. Then we came home had lunch, Ace went down for a nap and Ashley and I worked on our shop some more. Picked a name, Perfectly Inviting, and got to work on the templates and creative part of the shop. We are so blessed to have all this coming together. We spent the entire day just working away and I think we have a great store. I will be posting more on that later.

My Mantel

4th of July Subway Art from our Shop Perfectly Inviting

Overall the weekend was busy but we got even more things checked off Ace’s birthday to-do list and even got our store off the ground.

Hanging with his buddy Simon

Here is an updated version of the Birthday To-Do List!

Ace’s Birthday and Baptism To-Do List

  • Pictures
    • Smash Cake
    • One Year Old
    • Baptism Outfit
  • Order Cakes
    • Smash Cake
    • Cupcakes
  • Order Party Supplies from Oriental Trading
  • Make Smash Cake Album for Party
  • Organize Party Supplies that we have
  • Make Invitations
  • Mail Out Invitations
  • Make and Finish Ace’s Wish list
  • Order Ace’s Birthday Outfit
  • Hire Lifeguard
  • Make Birthday Wreath
  • Finalize Food with Mom and Celeste
  • Get Final Headcount
  • Make Goody bags
  • Organize Prizes and Games
  • Set up Baby Changing Station
  • Make reservations for Baptism dinner with family
  • Set up and Enjoy the day!
  • And don’t forget to Like my Facebook Page. When I hit 150 Likes I will be posting a Baby K’tan Giveaway!!!
    I would also like to Welcome my new followers! Thank you for the support!!
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Linking up | Summer | Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind

By on June 18, 2012
One of my most favorite people in the world was in town so my sister, Ace and I all went to dinner with the most fabulous Anna. Anna is a friend from high school who moved to NYC when I moved to Tampa. Her, myself, my sister and friend Maggie were all pretty insuperable prior to us all moving away and referred to ourselves as the Fab Four. Yes, we are fabulous and yes there are four of us. Clever huh? Maggie was out of town for her old high schools reunion so Ace took her place to make a new Fab Four. We caught up on life and have a great time together. I am so sad it was such a short visit. We didn’t get any pictures either which was such a bummer.
BIG DAY! Ace is 11 months old, first trip to the zoo and first popsicle. We headed to the zoo for 10am and met up with the family I work for and their baby Brady. We had a great time but it was HOT! The babies were good considering they usually nap at 10am (totally a fail on my part planning it for that time) and how warm it was. Luckily Ace fell asleep in his stroller half way through and we headed out after lunch. 

Got his ticket!

After the zoo we went to Target and got some goodies for Ace’s birthday and my sisters birthday not so surprise weekend. She figured it out when we went to the movies but I have some more surprises in store for her.
After Ace got up from his nap we had dinner and played. I really wanted him to get a popsicle from the ice cream man so we headed out front to wait for him. Go figure the night we actually make it out there he doesn’t come by! Such a bummer. Bran hit some golf balls in the empty lot next door and Ace played with his toys in his baby pool. I remembered we had these natural strawberry popsicles in the freezer and grabbed one of those. 
Bran hitting some golf balls

I tried to let him bite it but it was way too cold and he kept trying to grab it and then would cry because it would be too cold to hold as well. I finally stuck him on my lap and ripped pieces off for him to eat. We were a disaster but that is the kind of stuff I love! I love those moments where you get messy because you are doing something fun and memorable. I made Branden grab the camera and told him to just keep shooting. I think he thought I was nuts. 

Wanted to hold it but it was too cold 🙁

This worked out better

We were a mess! 
After that we headed inside so Mr. Sticky could take a bath. That was interesting to say the least. Then he got PJ’s on and headed to bed. 
Father’s Day! Branden had to work from 7am to 3pm so we spent part of the day at my Dad’s house enjoying their amazing pool.

When my sister and I got there and first worked on a fun little painting project with Ace for Branden. We tried to get his hands which didn’t work so we got his feet and butt print. This was suggested by my awesome friend Christel. She said she does this every year with her kids so I had to try it. It was so much fun to watch Ace play in the paint. I love the mess of it all.

Then we went in the pool and listen to music. Bran got here after work and we hung out for a bit and then headed home. I stayed and got my hair chopped off. I needed less hair to deal with. I will get a picture of it later.
Overall it was a very fun weekend. We got a few of our Summer To-Do List actives checked off our list too! 
Linking Up!
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