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The History of Perfectly Imperfect Mom:

Perfectly Imperfect Mom was started by Brenna Boyd in 2010 to chronicle her life as struggling to conceive newly wed. Once she got pregnant with her first child she then wrote about pregnancy, motherhood and everything in between. Beginning February 2018 Perfectly Imperfect Mom evolved into a place for other Moms to share their stories and experiences. So sit back with your favorite glass of wine, read about the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood and if that isn’t enough join our new Facebook community!

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Perfectly Imperfect Mom

Hey guys! My name is Brenna and I am the owner and creator of Perfectly Imperfect Mom. I am a Mom to 3 awesome kids who drive me nuts and make my life worth living all in one cute package of cute smiling mess makers.

I love to write about the positive aspects of motherhood but also the reality of how difficult it can be. One of my favorite things about becoming a Mom has been the relationships I have made with other Moms because they have helped me realize we are all different and can make motherhood awesome in our own way.

My goal for this blog is to let moms know there is no perfect Mom out there and we don’t have to pretend to be. Embrace the imperfections of motherhood, love on your babies with all your might and enjoy the ride because its short and precious and one day we will be begging for just one more snuggle with our squishy babies.

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Well hello people of the interwebs! I’m Ashley, Brenna’s sister and if Brenna is perfectly imperfect I’m delightfully dysfunctional. I’m a mom to three kids, my boys are 11 & 12 and my daughter is that wonderfully torturous age of 3.  I am the Yin to Brenna’s Yang, she is the sunny, sweet one and I’m the sarcastic, dark one.  We grew up as “the girls” and sometimes I feel like we are not complete humans without each other, super healthy, right?

Bren is the “lets bake cookies & finger paint!” mom and I’m the “The cleaning lady just left! Pick up your crap!” & the “Oh shit, how long have we been out of milk?” mom.  I love my kids with every fiber of my being but I also wonder sometimes if they are too old to be dropped off at the fire station.

I am married to a super hot Colombian man. His accent is my favorite thing about him…. mainly because it gives me lots of comedic material, one day I will write about the “blinkers” incident.

I am warm, loyal and loving but I am also foul mouthed and borderline, oh who and I kidding, extremely inappropriate. You’ll know when I contribute something because there will usually be some kind of language warning.  I blog over at Behind the Gates so don’t forget to follow me over there as well.

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