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Remembering those lost

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Today is 9 years since the September 11th attacks. What a sad day. I remember being woken up by my friend and turning on the news and being really confused. I thought a building somewhere was just on fire then as I watched and realized what was going on I was completely freaked out.  I remember getting in my car and driving to my Dad’s work and watching the news with him and my grandpa. Then the first building collapsed and I watched my grandpa get upset. I could not believe it. That whole day or maybe it was the next I can’t remember now I just know I watched the news and cried and felt so horrible for those people who were in the planes and buildings. I thought about how scared they must have been.

I remember everyone buying American flags and putting them on their cars and they were everywhere. Firemen were standing on the streets collecting donations for the families of those lost and those who were in need of medical care. It was so surreal. It was such an insane thing to live through. I never thought something like this would happen in my lifetime. Now we have a war going on, another thing I never thought I would experience and thankfully I am here and not there.

I am also so thankful that there was no need for a draft. I remember at one point people saying there might have been one and I was freaked out because they said they were going to make women do it too. It was all just so crazy back then. Now I feel like we are almost forgetting what we all felt in those days, months and years right after. People don’t have the flags hanging from their car windows anymore or out in their front yards. I really think we need to get one. Why not? Why not show our pride in our country and not wait for another event like this to happen to unify us once again.

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Grr, need a new layout!

By on September 10, 2010

Ok so I am in desperate need of a new layout and heck a new name for my blog! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This week has been somewhat of a bust for me.  I only worked 2 days since there is a Jewish holiday going on so the other two babysitting jobs I have were busy celebrating or taking the days off of work.  I got some crappy news about my Dad needing to lose weight ASAP or he could very well have a heart attack. To say I was a complete mess is an understatement. I also have a lot of homework I need to get done. UHG!

Some positives are…
1. Branden brought me home roses earlier in the week because I wasn’t feeling so hot. 
2. I went out and bought a bunch of healthy food to try to at least keep myself in good health.
3. Our internet is working after being messed up for two days!
4. I just got a check in the mail from school reimbursing me for my tuition at the other school I am taking a class at making us only having to of paid $80 for classes this semester for me!

So not a total bust but it had its moments. Thankfully I have my man by my side to make me feel better. I was being super “needy” last night. Just wanting to hug Bran a lot and cuddle with him and he was super sweet.

Then he turned on football and I was outta there!

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Oh Dave, how do I love thee!

By on September 8, 2010

My husband and I have been sorta, kinda following the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.  Ok not completely but we have been trying to apply his rules to our lives without completely giving up our every little luxury.  We have been trying to clean up our debt (husband’s credit cards, small student loan and car payments) and look into smarter choices on savings and future investments. 

I love Dave Ramsey. We just started watching his show and I just think he is a really smart man.  He went from becoming a millionaire to bankrupt and had to rebuild his wealth and did it the right way the next time around. Doesn’t live beyond his means, ect. 

My husband and I are fortunate to not have the typical debt of two people in their mid twenties.  My husband has a small student loan, he has 3 credit cards and a car payment. He just paid off one credit card today! Hoo Rah! His car will be paid off in December and he thinks we can get the other two credit cards paid off in the next 4 to 6 months.

I went through bankruptcy last year and it sucked. I was fortunate to learn a huge lesson from it and will NEVER have a credit card again. I think Dave Ramsey’s program has shown us how to make the right choices for our future. I am so grateful we found out about him at our ages instead of later on in life with the debt a lot of the people that call into his show have.

This is another reason I think its best for us to wait to have a child. I really want to start a life with a child the right way. Not because I so desperately want a baby. I want to start a family with Bran because we are ready and financially secure.

I want to teach our future children that debt should not be the norm. We should all live within our means as much as possible. We don’t use credit cards anymore, whatever we buy its from our bank accounts and that is the way I like it! We are okay knowing that we will have to sacrifice on having super nice cars or a huge home. I never want to go through a financial crisis like so many do.

Thank you Dave Ramsey for being a huge inspiration!

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Better Luck, Next time?

By on September 6, 2010

Well AF reared her ugly head right on time.  I hate to say it I am not complaining. After a year of TTC I feel like I am giving up for a few months.

Branden and I want to get Disney seasonal passes which means they are for a year and you can go anytime there isn’t blackout dates. The blackout dates are basically winter break for kids in school, a week or two in April and the summer.  This is fine with us since as a Floridian you know better then to go to Disney in the summer or when kids have off of school.  So the point is if we bought these tickets and I got pregnant I probably wouldn’t be able to go on a lot of rides that I would want to and then we’d have a baby so would we want to really go after that with a baby?

No, these tickets aren’t the only deciding factor of waiting a few more months to TTC. The other thing is I am tired of being so cautious because I could be pregnant. I am getting really sick of it. I am also sick of the F’d up cycles I am having. I also need to focus on school since I will be done in May. All of these things are just pointing to waiting at least till November/ December to start TTC again. I think it will be hard because every time I hear about someone having a baby or getting pregnant I am like a nut and want one but I think we need to do things we need to get done first before TTC. This year has been a pain when it comes to TTC and I think we need to stop worrying about it.  I also really want to save some more money since our cruise took some of our savings from us since we missed a week of work and splurged a little there.

I still plan on keeping up with my blog. I am wondering if I should change to title though. Then again watch me change my mind next month lol. Oh well.

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Nap = Pregnant?

By on September 5, 2010

So we are in the Keys this weekend at my parents vacation home and last night I asked my mom if I could take a sleeping pill because I had allergies and was sharing a room with Ashley and her dog (Bran was back home working) and Ash and her dog have an insane case of the mouth breather train snorer syndrome. My mom gave me one and I passed out. Well usually whenever I take anything to help me sleep which is usually only benadryl because I can’t take other OTC PM medicines since they give me restless leg, I end up feeling really tired the next day. Today was like no other and so I was super tired and cranky so everyone went on the boat and I took a nap.

Well apparently my Mom and brother both asked think I am pregnant now! My mom looks at my and goes is there something you want to tell me? I was like no Mom, I am not pregnant. Then my sister tells me Dustin asked her and so when he walked out and smiled at me I said shut up, I am not pregnant. Sibling love lol.

Oh and the movie Going the Distance, not worth the trip to the movies. Sorry Drew and Justin, better luck next time.

Anyway, Ash and I went to Calypsos and had some cracked conch and there was a dolphin swimming by the dock! I have never seen one swim that close to a dock before. So cool!

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Going the Distance

By on September 4, 2010

Going to see this with the family today! Bran has to work this weekend so I am going to the Keys with my family and the boat is messed up so we are going to a movie and dinner which we love going to when we are there because theater is so small and cute. My Mom won’t see a movie in a regular theater so its nice to go when we are there.

I can’t wait to see it!

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TTC: To test or not to test…

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that is the question…

I think I am going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow. I feel like my period should be here any day since I got a positive OPK 2 weeks ago this Sunday so why not test tomorrow morning? I only have a dollar tree test so hopefully if I am pregnant it will pick it up.

I am going to the Keys tomorrow for the weekend so hopefully if I test and its positive I can keep it quiet so Bran doesn’t know and surprise him when I get back on Sunday since he has to work and isn’t going.

It’s weird because I am getting a bit of deja vu from last time I was pregnant. I had my eyes checked today and I had them checked right before I found out last time so it’s just kind of weird because its almost 2 years since I found out I was pregnant before.

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Disney Passes!!

By on September 1, 2010

We are getting Disney Seasonal Passes!!! I am so excited. I know, I know. Who buys passes to theme parks when they are trying to get pregnant? THIS GIRL! There is more to the parks then just hardcore rides so I think if I get preggers I will be fine with ridding the kiddie rides and seeing shows. My sister is going to get a pass to so she can ride the non-pregger lady rides if I do get knocked up.

There is just something about Disney that makes me so happy. It was something I did so much as a kid. My Dad would wake us up at like 4AM and Ash and I would whine and pass back out in the van then wake up and annoy our Dad with a nice round of It’s a Small World singing and my Mom would laugh.  Then we would go straight to the park as it was opening and it just felt so perfect. The music they play as you are walking in, the castle right in front of you at Magic Kingdom. I love all the parks. Animal Kingdom is probably my least favorite only because it doesn’t have enough rides yet but I am sure it will get there eventually. I know my way around the parks like no other and which rides to hit first. I speed walk the whole way and can spot a first timer in a heartbeat. Ash and I used to go so much that when we got older we would go alone and run around the park and hit all the rides in no time. It was so fun. I have so many pictures of going there, I am going to have to dig them out because those were seriously some of the best times.

One of my all time favorite times though was with Branden for my 25th birthday. We went to Orlando for a whole week and went to all parks minus Animal Kingdom and also went to the Universal ones. Bran had only been to Magic Kingdom once so it was great going with a somewhat first timer.

Here are some pics. I just love them because it was one of our first real vacations together. P.S. These pictures made me realize I am a real graceful eater.

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