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Doctor Apt. set!

By on August 31, 2010

Okay, so I did it. I finally made the call to my OBGYN and made an apt. I am going in next Thursday to get an exam and blood work done.

I am going into this a little blind. Basically I just want to tell him it’s been a year since we started TTC and my cycles are all F’d up but what else should I do or ask about?

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BFN, grrr!

By on August 30, 2010

Ok so I know I am only 8DPO but I got anxious and wanted to test. I did and of course it was a BFN. I shouldn’t have wasted that test. I am so annoyed with myself.

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Party | Pregnancy | TTC

Gender, Party?

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Awhile back I had told Branden I thought it would be fun to have a party to find out the gender of the baby we finally get pregnant with. I had seen this on one of the Duggar shows, they went on the Today show and had a bakery bake a cake with blue or pink icing depending on the baby’s gender. I thought this was such a great idea.
I just found an article on someone else doing it! I liked it because they added a few things to it such as a raffle with a gag gift as a prize.

Here is the article in case anyone is interested.

It’s a Party!

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Bitter, Much?

By on August 29, 2010

So I went to the grocery store with Branden and was walking around and I see this couple and the woman was pregnant. I looked at him and rolled my eyes! I am such a brat!

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A somber day.

By on August 28, 2010

Today was the funeral of my friend Jaime’s grandfather Michael Carerra. My friend Vicky also lost her grandma today and my friend Maggie also lost a friend today. Earlier in the week my old manager passed away and it was very shocking. I am hoping this is the end of all this loss.

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Jack Johnson was…

By on August 27, 2010
AMAZING!!! I can not even express how amazing it was.
We drove to Tampa Wednesday and got there around 5 or so, had dinner with Mags and then went and got ready in our hotel and met up with Maggie’s friend.  Then we headed to see THE JACK JOHNSON. That is what I kept calling him.
After about a crazy amount of time making U-turns trying to avoid the insane traffic, $20 VIP parking, $25 on two beers, $20 to upgrade seats due to wet grass and butts we were ready to see Jack freaking Johnson.  I literally almost peed my pants I was so excited when he came out.  I had so much fun just dancing and singing along to the most amazing singer in the world.
He also sang Angel! For those who don’t know, that is the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding.  The last song he sang was Better Together and Maggie and I always joke that is our song. They did an amazing job because he had all the special guests come out and sing it with him and it was perfect.
That was one of the best experiences of my life, top 10 for sure!
Now onto the TTC front.  I am guessing I am about 5 DPO since I got the +OPK on Sunday. So when do I start to test? I hear that implantation doesn’t even happen until 7DPO but I am already having some “symptoms” which most who are TTC know isn’t abnormal since your body has these symptoms before AF as well. My boobs are basically the main thing bothering me. That was what bothered me a lot when I got pregnant and had the miscarriage so now I am always focusing on that symptom since it was really strong. I never really felt sick, which I think is because I never got past 8 weeks.
I want to test like now but I know I will just get a BFN. The thing that sucks is if I do get AF or a for sure BFN then I am on to the next month and if this next cycle is more then 2 months long too, I am going to go nuts!

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About Me

Tomorrow, my life will be complete!

By on August 25, 2010

Ok maybe not complete but it will be close.

Tomorrow I am seeing my all time favorite musician, JACK FREAKIN’ JOHNSON! I mean I have never felt this obsessed with a singer since I was 12 years old and cried myself to sleep while holding a poster of Taylor Hansen while listening to MmmBop!

What…that’s normal, right?


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Tick Tock…

By on August 24, 2010

I feel like this whole 2 week wait situation is going to feel like forever.  It is what…day one? Yeah so basically I need to wait at least 10 days just to test but I should probably wait the full two weeks…yeah right!

On a not TTC note, today was the first day of classes. So far my classes seem like cake. First class is Psych. of Human Development and my professor focuses on babies and young children, score! The second class is Psych. of Reading with Keating who I have had 2 other times and lets just say this class can be passed by a middle schooler. He basically just gives us questions and we have to give our opinion on it. Third class is the lab to Psych. of Human Development and we get 200 points just for showing up, participating and completing some online thing. The class total is 500 points. Yeah, like I said a. piece. of. cake!

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Our Trying to Conceive Timeline

By on August 22, 2010


July 16, 2011: Adonis Scott Eugene is born @ 11:17am! 6lbs 4ozs, 19inches.

February 20,2011: Gender Reveal Party, It’s a BOY!

February 12, 2011: Ultrasound 15 weeks 6 days.

January 20, 2011: 12 week NT scan, baby looked amazing measured 4 days ahead, announced on FB.

December 23, 2010: ER visit but baby is ok,Ultrasound and heard the heartbeat, 170BPM.

December 8, 2010: First OB visit, saw our baby!

December 2, 2010: Beta results for 4 w. 2d. 2,261! More blood work done. 

November 20, 2010: BFP!! We’re having a BABY!

November 11, 2010:OBGYN Apt./ Found out I have PCOS, start Clomid next cycle if we aren’t pregnant this one.

November 10, 2010: Positive OPK!

September 21, 2010: OBGYN Apt./ Blood work

September 6, 2010: CD 1

August 22, 2010: Positive OPK!

June 24, 2010: AF arrives 2 weeks late

Previous CD 1’s (8 cycles of TTC) 06/24/10 – 05/06/10 – 04/04/10 – 02/28/10 – 01/27/10 – 12/19/09 – 11/12/09- 10/ 05/09

September 2009: Casually start TTC

August 1, 2009: MARRIED!

October 21, 2008: Miscarried, D&C performed

September 20, 2008:PREGNANT!

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TTC: Positive OPK test…EEEK!

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So freaking excited. I have been having some messed up cycles; June 24th was a two week late and prior to that they had been pretty consistent. Now here I am waiting almost 2 months late for my period to get here and still nothing. I decide to randomly take an OPK test this morning and it was positive!
I had taken them in May for about 2 weeks when I thought I was ovulating and never got a positive. I thought maybe I did them wrong so I stopped taking them about 5 days before I thought my period was coming. That was of course the month and I was 2 weeks late. So I didn’t bother using them the next month and good thing because I didn’t even ovulate till now!
So, now here I am wondering what I can do to help things along. How can I make this work. How can I make sure my egg and his guys meet up…Yeah, I am thinking I have no control but really wishing I did!

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