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5 Ways Having 3 Kids Close in Age is Easier Than You Think

By on November 9, 2017
Disclaimer: This post is not to say that having 3 young children isn’t hard sometimes. It definitely can be but overall we make it work and have a good time. I still have sleepless nights or my children fight. 

Happy Thursday! Recently, it seems like everyone is talking about what age gap is best in some Mommy groups I am in. I am in groups for Twiblings (siblings close in age due to things like adoption that more closely mirror twins than a regular sibling set) and Irish Twins (children born within 12 months of each other). We often talk about the struggles and joys of having children so close in age. One thing I have noticed about many of us in the twiblings group is that it seems to be a bit easier for us than when children are further apart in age. This is not to say there aren’t struggles.

The baby stage is rough because you are dealing with two babies who are very close in age (five months for my girls) but are going through different stages of infancy. It’s definitely the hardest thing I have had to deal with as a parent yet. Once I got through that first year everything changed. My girls were on the same level and I felt like I could breathe again. All three of my children were really able to play with each other and I could finally really enjoy them. So here are my reasons why having children close in age is easier than you might think. They are into the same things at the same time. Now they might not be into the exact same things per say. But the nice thing about all of my children being within 2.5 years from each other is they are all into pretend play, dolls or super heroes, legos, play doh and art. I can usually buy certain things that will be for all of them because they will all enjoy playing with it. They share really well. Yes, they can fight over things, it’s totally natural for them to have moments where they suck at sharing but overall my kids rock at sharing. Not only do they rock at it but they learned to do this very early on. My kids really didn’t have a choice but to be really laid back about sharing because there was always a baby or toddler wanting what you have.

So here are some of the things I noticed about having 3 children super close in age that has made parenting a lot easier.

  1. They are very independent. Another perk to having 3 so close in age is they learned to do things on their own because sometimes Mommy or Daddy can’t get to you as quickly as we’d like because someone else needs us right then. I really noticed this because Everly being our youngest is the most independent at the earliest age. It was like she was always trying to keep up and could do things I didn’t even think she could do at her age. Once Ace even got up early with the girls, didn’t wake us up and made them cereal. I came downstairs right after and they were all sitting eating it and were super content. He was only 5!
  2. Your oldest is will probably be a nurturer. Ace has always been a sweet, empathetic child. When the girls were born I noticed how much he loved to comfort them and hold them and help me. He makes sure to hold someones hand when we cross the street, he will help the girls get a snack or get something they want. He isn’t just this way with his sisters either. When he was in preschool his friend was upset because his Mom walked out of the class and he told him it would be ok and sang a song to him to comfort him. His sweet heart is something I am very proud of.
  3. You’re basically a Mama duck. So ever since my kids were walking I have felt like a Mama duck. All of my ducklings following along after me. Not like a crazy mess, one running off this way or that way but literally in a row whether it’s next to me or slightly behind me. My kids have always been so good about just sticking by me like little ducklings do with their mom. They just know that the train is still moving so you better keep up.
  4. They will be very close. One thing I noticed and lived myself is that children very close in age just naturally seem to be close as children. All siblings of course love each other and have a bond of some sort but when you are close in age you are each others first playmates and best friend. My sister and I are only 19 months apart and literally every memory I have of us as kids is us playing together, sharing toys, clothes and friends. My brother is 8 years older than me and I don’t have a lot of memories with him because when I was in elementary school he was already in middle and high school so he was off with his friends. Our closeness came much later when I was around 19 or 20 (so don’t worry if your kids aren’t close now). So being close in age just means you have more in common and are going to experience similar life events at around the same time. Even the 2 year difference (and maybe gender difference?) with Ace and the girls is a different bond than the girls who are only 5 months apart. My girls have a bond like nothing I have ever seen. They are like magnets to each other. They had their own language as babies for crying out loud! Everly is even translates for Ashlyn if she says something we don’t understand. It’s such a different bond than even what my sister and I had and we were very, very close growing up. I really can’t even explain it but they are very close and they are each others everything.
  5. You are a more confident parent. I have a group of girlfriends who are in the same life stage as me. We all had our first babies at the same time and we have a group chat where we talk about everything. We have been through the best and worth times of our lives together. I love these girls so much. I was the first one to have the second (and third) babies of the group. I thankfully had them there to help me at play dates to take a baby and vent and talk to. The fun thing about being the first one to have the most kids in the group is you get to tell them “it’s seriously not that bad having a bunch of kids” “it gets easier” or “it will get better” since you went through a bunch of tough times, sleepless nights and everything in between. You know that if you can go to the grocery store with 3 babies and survive that you can do it again and it’s such a confidence boost as a Mom. Heck, I took all 3 of my kids to Epcot alone (and it down poured) and had the best time. People told me I was crazy to go alone with them but once you realize you can do stuff with all of them and they overall are really good about it you feel like you can conquer anything.

So if you are a new Mom of 3 or pregnant with your third and nervous just remember it will get easier. All my friends can tell you I had a rough first year with all three children. Everly never stopped crying, I felt guilty over Ashlyn not getting that one on one time Ace had, I felt like Ace wasn’t getting enough of me either and I was just overwhelmed. It was a rough year but it made me a more confident and patient Mom. I still have moments where I am stressed and my kids fight but overall I really do think to myself “how is it this easy now?” Maybe I am jinxing myself and we will go through a rough stage again soon or maybe in a few years but till then I am enjoying this time that they are all easier than that first year with 3 children under 3.

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Recap of our trip to Rogers City, Michigan

By on October 30, 2017

Oh Happy Fall Weather! Shout out to all my Florida peeps who are wearing Uggs, mittens and scarfs on this cold day. All you northerners can officially make fun of us.

So I have been a bit MIA because we went to Michigan on Thursday the 19th for my brother-in-laws wedding. It was such a beautiful weekend. The weather was perfection and we had the best time. If it didn’t get so freezing cold there I would move there in a heartbeat. I always get sad when we leave our family up there. Just a heads up this is going to be a super long post on our trip because I want to make sure we remember every bit of it.

We flew up Thursday and this was the girls first real flight, Ashlyn had only been on a plane when she was a newborn so it was really exciting for them. We flew Frontier and it was a really nice plane. Very spacious seats, only downfall was they didn’t recline unless you upgraded to a different seat. Overall a great airline. (Not sponsored but I had been wondering about it prior to flying and am happy to report it was great.)

Anyway we flew into Detroit then had to drive 4 hours to Rogers City. The kids did so well. They played with toys, colored and then we sang Disney songs when they were over all their stuff. The best part was driving down the hills and we would have them hold their hands up and scream. So freaking cute.

We stayed with Branden’s brother Robert and his wife Angie so we got there and hung out Thursday night while the kids watched movies. The next day we went to the hall where the reception was going to be and the kids got to see their cousins Elliot and Russell. It was so cute seeing them all together. After a day there we took the kids to the park and beach before rehearsal dinner. The weather was gorgeous and we took the kids on the rock wall. Ashlyn and Everly were scared but eventually walked back instead of being held. They loved running around the beach too. It was nice just sitting there watching them play.

We headed back to the hall where we ate dinner and our family did a little birthday celebration for all the kids since they don’t get to celebrate with them normally. It was seriously so sweet. They got them each their own little cake and gifts. As my brother-in-law Robert said “I think Gertie was going to vibrate out of her seat she was so happy.”

Saturday was the wedding so I hung out at home while Branden went with his brothers to get ready. Everly and I both weren’t feeling well so we took our time getting ready. I also did our niece Emily’s hair then we headed out to this gorgeous barn where the wedding was. I mean talk about breath taking. I was obsessed. The ceremony was so sweet. They have been together for 19 years so it was just fun to see them be emotional even after all these years.

When the wedding was over our nieces Emily and Chelsea took the kids to their grandma’s house to play while we went on the bus with everyone to take pictures and have some drinks. Definitely nice to get that kid free time since it is so rare for Branden and me to get anytime without kids. I captured a hilarious moment with one of my brother-in-law Rodney’s oldest friends and Branden. The two of them together are so funny and they ended up matching so I was like aw you guys hold hands. Like if you want entertainment these two are the best.

At the wedding we got to see Branden’s cousin and her girls. I was so excited for our girls to finally meet. I just adore his cousin Brittany because she is literally the sweetest person ever and her and Branden (along with her sister Sarah who we really missed) have the cutest relationship. Watching all our kids together was by far the highlight of the trip.

On Sunday we went to Branden’s grandpa’s house where we saw his Mom’s side of the family. The kids were spoiled with a little train type ride. Even the adults got in on it. The kids also made a tiny little leaf pile which was funny. Poor Florida kids thought their tiny pile was something awesome.

Next we headed to Knaebe’s apple farm where they played, fed animals and went on a carriage ride. After that we headed to Branden’s Dad’s farm and went on a buggy ride through their property. They were so nervous but had fun. They also played with these super old trucks that Branden and his siblings played with as kids. It was cool to just watch them experience things their dad did as a child.

This was hands down my favorite trip up there. Seeing our kids playing with their cousins and enjoying such a beautiful place where their dad grew up made me just feel so happy.

I am now on a mission to make yearly or every other year trips up in the summer happen so we can get Branden’s other cousin and her kids up there so we will really have a big group of kids to watch play and grow up together.

Shop the kids outfits! (I tried to find similar items for those that are sold out)

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At Home Teeth Whitening That Actually Works!

By on October 12, 2017

Hi guys! Happy Thursday, I hope everyone is making it through the week alright. Mine feels like it is dragging a bit but that could be because I am really, really looking forward to this weekend. I am going to Food & Wine at Disney with my sister so bring on the weekend!

So now onto the goods. I was asked by a Smile Brilliant Rep to try out their whitening product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Growing up I always had pretty awesome teeth. They’re pretty white and really strong. But as I got older I have noticed a slight tinge to my teeth. The first Mother’s day after the girls were born I bought a coffee maker and haven’t turned back since. So with the amount of coffee I need to survive on a day my teeth were definitely not as white as they once were.

I have always been leery of whitening products. I stuck to Crest strips when I was younger but they were more of a nuisance when I had 3 children and couldn’t just hide in my bathroom to whiten my teeth. Now I had to actually do things while whitening my teeth because I am either running after children or trying to relax the second they are in bed. And lets be real the strips that are a one size fits all are more annoying than anything. So when I had the opportunity to try custom fit whitening trays I was all sign me up! 

So here is how it went. I got the kit while we were in the process of moving so it took me forever to send everything in. Once I actually did the molds which were super easy, you literally just take the putty like substance, mash it together, place in molds and put it in your mouth for a couple

minutes (insert drool face) and then you pop them out. Super easy. Just make sure you actually follow directions and get the correct mold of your teeth. My bottom mold was too shallow which I suspected and should have fixed right then but didn’t and ended up having the redo mine. Thankfully they ship everything extremely quickly.

Once you get your custom trays it’s all really simple. You use a string to put a line of whitening gel in the tray then pop them in. I really thought they wouldn’t be much different than the strips I have used from the store. Not sure why I thought this but I didn’t realize the custom trays would make it feel like you weren’t wearing anything. The only reason you know you have them in is if you put too much gel on the tray and you need to spit it out which I did the first time.

After the trays are in place you just go about your business. No one can tell you are wearing them which is nice too. My biggest issue with doing this review was trying to get a picture of me wearing them where you can actually tell I am wearing them. Either way they are really comfortable and work! The proof is in the pictures. Now it is your turn to try get yours. Use this link to order them now. You can also enter the giveaway below for a chance to win your own whitening kit! Comment down below if you have ever tried any type of whitening toothpastes or kits and how they worked for you.

So how do you enter to win your own whitening kit? Just go HERE and put your name and email in, extra entry for following Smile Brilliant on Instagram!

How Much Is Teeth Whitening

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Easy Swagbucks of the Day

By on October 10, 2017

Hey guys, so you know I am a huge fan of using Swagbucks to earn extra money. I decided that it might be nice for you all to get some tips on easy ways to earn those Swagbucks.

Now if you don’t know what Swagbucks are you can go HERE and check out my post on how you can easily earn 1500 (or $15.00) from Swagbucks from one offer. I feel Swagbucks are a really awesome way for people who want to earn money on the side or even Stay at Home Moms who just want to have some play money. It doesn’t take much time and some of the ways I earn Swagbucks I don’t even really have to pay attention to when I am earning.

So here is my tips for today. When you sign into your account (if you don’t have one sign up HERE and we will both earn money just from you signing up!) head over to the Discover page. Scroll down to Most Recent Offers and click on the Follow Dreamworks Animation on Instagram. Click it and follow. You just earned a really simple 4 SB. Don’t forget to do your Daily Poll either.

And if you follow Swagbucks on Facebook, which I suggest you should, make sure you get noticed when they post their daily Swagcodes. I am going to try to start posting when they go up so you all can get them and not miss out. My personal favorite way to earn is through the NCrave page under the Watch section. I earn the most Swagbucks that way, do at least one or more of these daily.

If you want to see more ways to earn money from your phone check out this post HERE.

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Nights at the Field

By on October 9, 2017

Happy Monday! We had the best weekend. We took the kids to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and it was seriously the best experience. I will have a post up about later this week so I hope you enjoy all the pictures.

Now that Fall is in full swing we have been busy with all the after school activities. This year is really fun because Ace is doing t-ball and my best friend’s daughter is doing softball. They ended up having practices the same nights and around the same time. Since we are all super close and maybe slightly obsessed with each other we ended up going early to watch Brielle practice and they stayed late to watch Ace practice. We are all super into our children feeling supported by each other so any event or activities they do we try to be there for them. It makes it a lot easier now that we don’t live 3.5 hours apart, ha!

The best part about t-ball is Ace loves it. This is his second time doing it, previously he played soccer and lacrosse. He was really little when he did soccer and liked it. Lacrosse he loved at first but it was so intense and complicated. The children who had been on the team the year prior were really good and got most of the attention, which I understood because the games were intense so they wanted their best players in the main action. Ace was always on offense so he did a lot of standing around. Anyway he is really good at baseball and t-ball so it has been a lot of fun for him. He has always loved it, I think because him and Branden love practicing together. It’s a huge difference from him feeling discouraged with lacrosse and being really awesome at t-ball. I do think he should be doing baseball because he’s one of the oldest on the team and can actually hit a ball thrown at him but then I think it is nice that he is for once the older one on the team instead of the youngest and can really build that confidence.

And of course I really love going to the field on these beautiful nights. The weather has been perfection. Since we are in Florida we don’t get super cool Fall weather but it’s been really windy and not humid so I am really loving it.  That is the one thing I love about sports versus the girls dance and gymnastics, being outside. Although if the activities is during the day in the hot sun, no thank you!

So tell me, do your kids do any after school activities or tried any in the past? If so what are their favorites? What did they absolutely hate?

Have a great week everyone! Later this week I will be teaming up with Smile Brilliant for an exciting giveaway so check back then.

Make sure you check out my latest post on how to earn extra money for the upcoming holidays!

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How You Can Get Paid to Watch HULU & Try ABC Mouse

By on October 3, 2017

Happy October! Am I the only one who feels like once October hits we are running full speed into everything holidays? With the holidays comes lots of shopping. Earning some extra money to spend on decorations, gifts and parties is a definite must! I am been plugging away a little here and there at my side hustle Swagbucks. I love Swagbucks because it’s pretty easy to earn a little extra money everyday. Here is one way you can easily earn over $20 in one day using Swagbucks by trying out ABC Mouse and Hulu.

If you don’t know what Swagbucks is than here is a very brief description. It is a website you can earn points which then translate to cash. In order to earn Swagbucks (SB) than you can do things like surveys, shop using links through the website, run videos on the website or app and try out websites or apps. There are more ways than just that but these are the ways I generally earn SB. Each SB is equal to one cent. So if you earn 20 SB you are earning 20 cents. Super simple.

When you first sign up for Swagbucks you can use my referral link and when you earn your first $3.00 we each earn an extra $3.00. And I am going to tell you how you can earn this $3.00 in a hot minute. Lets start.

Step one: Sign up HERE.

Step two: Go to the Search bar and type in Hulu.

Step Three: Click offer and sign up!

Your credits should go to your account within 24 hours.

Now that you have earned 1500 SB you will also earn your extra 300 SB and you officially have 1800 SB in your bank. Now go sign up for your free one month trial of ABC Mouse for 200 SB and you have 20000 SB.


It really is that simple. If you want to keep earning SB, which you really should, go do some surveys, watch some videos, run them on your app while you are doing something or shop through the website.

When I told one of my friends about this she said “Everyone gets to try HULU for one month free.” So you can go ahead and try it out for free if you are interested in it but if you go through Swagbucks you get paid to try it out. All you have to do is cancel them before the 30 days were up. We just set an event reminder on our phones and cancel them a day or two before. I actually canceled my Hulu 11:30pm last night because my free month ended today. I was worried that since I canceled it so close to the time it might not go through and I would get charge but I didn’t. It was easy too. I just went to my account and there is a cancel or hold subscription link at the bottom that you click and follow the prompts. I didn’t have to call or anything.

So if you want to try out Hulu (or ABC Mouse, FabKids, etc.) and get paid to do so than definitely sign up for Swagbucks. This is the perfect time because you can start earning money to buy Christmas presents! Here is a tip as well, in order to get paid you redeem gift cards. I usually redeem them in the amount of $25 even if I have more because you get them for only $22.00 so you are already saving $3 right there. They have so many gift card options but I usually pick Amazon or Target. I figure by the time Christmas comes around I will be saving a ton between the $3 discount and getting this money for FREE.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

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The Undeserved Life: Part 2 + Giveaway!

By on September 27, 2017

This two part series from This Undeserved Life is from Author Natalie Brenner. She is a fellow Mom of two babies who were born less than 5 months apart. I am so excited for you to read the second excerpt from her book. She has generously offered a copy of her book to one of my awesome readers. So sit back and enjoy the rest of this chapter and make sure you enter the giveaway at the end.

An excerpt from This Undeserved Life
(May 2016)

People refer to me as Super Mom or Super Woman. But these titles are the furthest from the truth. I am just as much a wreck as any other mom. I am a hot mess and need Jesus just as much. I am unsure how to tear down the false beliefs that I somehow have it together more than the next mom. It is probably the same as tearing down every other false belief and stigma: by being honest.
And so I am. I remind mamas I cry a lot, constantly wondering if I am messing up my child’s attachment forever. I need Jesus. Just like every other mama, I needed Jesus during our “waiting season,” in discovering we were pregnant (both times), as we considered our son’s situation, the moment we said “yes” and trusted He would provide, and when his birth mama chose us. I need Jesus every single moment of every single day and I know when Sage’s little brother arrives, I will need even more of Him.
Artificial or virtual twinning, whichever name society prefers, is certainly not for everyone, but it isn’t set apart for super women either. Raising two babies less than five months apart, in two different developmental stages, is going to be hard. I know this. But I also know He is with me. He prepared me for this. He used the weighty wait to create a hunger in me to be broken and poured out into little humans. He was refining me to invest in these little souls; it was God showing me how to teach my boys what it meant to love and be loved well. If I teach these two how to love well, I will have done my job. It’s easier said than done, and I’m not ready to think I know what I am doing. I simply agreed to take this beloved journey one day at a time, and be honest along the way.
There are so many reasons not to virtual twin and I agree with them. Before I knew I was pregnant again, I had an inkling we would live some beautiful, unique story. When our social worker told us we shouldn’t be trying to also get pregnant while adopting, something in my gut said, “But what if we were made for this?”
As we approached our biological baby’s due date, I relished in our time with Sage as an only child. He will hold this spot briefly: five months if all goes well. He won’t remember being an only child either. For us, this was unique and precious. We had a few months to be parent to one, before inviting our second treasure home. We will only experience being parents to one for a few, short months. This is unique and precious.
We don’t know how the story will unfold, how parenting these two so close in age will work out, but we are thankful for the opportunity to do our best. I fully believe that doing my best means constantly stopping to ask questions, listening to others, hearing from adoptees, other virtual twins, and people of color. More than ever, I am learning that loving my boys well meant listening to others who had already lived a story similar to theirs. I will continue to listen for the sake of my soon to be artificial twins.

I want to give a huge thank you to Natalie for sharing her story and giving away a copy of her new book. Make sure you follow all social media outlets for Natalie and fill out the rest of the giveaway entries below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

NATALIE BRENNER is wife to Loren and mom to two under two. She authored This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the gifts of grief and fullness of life. She likes her wine red, ice cream served by the pint, and conversations vulnerable. Natalie believes in the impossible and hopes to create safe spaces for every fractured soul. You can love Jesus or not, go to church or not: she’d love to have coffee with you. Natalie is a bookworm, a speaker, and a wanna-be runner. Connect with her at and join her popular email list.

Order her book, email her and receive bonuses: This Undeserved Life

Facebook Community / Instagram / Website / Twitter / Free ebooks [grief guide + fundraising guide]

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This Undeserved Life: Part 1

By on September 25, 2017

This two part series from This Undeserved Life is from Author Natalie Brenner. She is a fellow Mom of two babies who were born less than 5 months apart. I am so excited for you to read an excerpt from her book. She has generously offered a copy of her book to one of my awesome readers. So sit back and enjoy the first part of her story.

An excerpt from This Undeserved Life
(May 2016)

Life is weird. It just is, you know? People are weird. People look at me and stare. I’m wearing a Target maternity dress, revealing my rounding body, wearing a tiny Sage against my chest in the Moby wrap. Grocery shopping in Costco is an invitation to comments and questions. It feels like every eye follows me around the produce section. As my body appears more and more pregnant, I guess people stop assuming my belly is leftover postpartum flesh and more pregnant flesh; people started staring. It makes me giggle, really. Loren and I smile and wave. Take a picture, it lasts longer, I want to sass. I often wonder why people don’t just ask, but then when people do they say the most hurtful things or ask the most intrusive questions. I find my jaw drop a lot in shock. It seems to be a lose-lose for us all. I pick through the bell peppers, smiling, when a lady smiles at me and asks how old our son was.  “About 4 months,” I say joyfully.  She responds to my smile with a smile of her own and asks, “And when are you due?” I want to hug her so hard.  “I am due in about three and a half weeks. So, five weeks?” I laugh, knowing full well I’ll go past my due date.
“My daughter is due around that time too! So, did you adopt?” She asks gently with love. She cares. I can always tell when someone is kind and caring, and when they are not.
“Yes! We did. We were privileged to adopt this little one while I was twenty weeks pregnant.” I found the purest looking bell peppers and stuck them in the cart.
“My daughter and her husband tried for several years and endured many miscarriages. She is now in her last term and due in the next few weeks. I am happy for you. Two babies in one year, wow. What a blessing.”
I nod with tears in my eyes. I feel seen and safe. I feel loved. It may be the only conversation with a stranger about having two so close in age that feels so safe. Usually, people raise their eyebrows and say, “You’re going to be busy!” Or, “Oh yeah, pregnancy always follows adoption. People always get pregnant after they adopt.” Or, “Are you crazy?” Or, “You are super woman!” They even ask, “So was his real mom on drugs?”
Some of these are true and some of them aren’t. Yes, I am going to be and am busy; but what parent isn’t? From the beginning of becoming Sage’s mama, I told myself one baby was easy. I made myself believe caring for one baby was easy, and soon we would have two. That was going to be hard. Busy was an understatement, but we were busy when we were building a youth ministry. Busyness isn’t reserved only for mamas of almost-twins.

Come back tomorrow for the second half of this excerpt from Natalie’s book. We will be giving away a copy of her book to one lucky reader! 

NATALIE BRENNER is wife to Loren and mom to two under two. She authored This Undeserved Life: Uncovering the gifts of grief and the fullness of life. She likes her wine red, ice cream served by the pint, and conversations vulnerable. Natalie believes in the impossible and hopes to create safe spaces for every fractured soul. You can love Jesus or not, go to church or not: she’d love to have coffee with you. Natalie is a bookworm, a speaker, and a wanna-be runner. Connect with her at and join her popular email list.

Order her book, email her and receive bonuses: This Undeserved Life

Facebook Community / Instagram / Website / Twitter / Free ebooks [grief guide + fundraising guide]

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Friday Fall Favorites

By on September 22, 2017

Happy Fall!!! Since it is the first day of Fall I had to do my Friday Favorites all about my Fall Favorites. Can you guess the first thing?!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes! I know, so basic as the kids say these days. But come on, it’s so good. I love to buy Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice Creamer so I don’t blow all my money at Starbucks. If you are as obsessed as me you might want to go grab this shirt! I love a good play on a Spice Girls song.

Fall colors are also my absolutely favorite. I love the darker tones and can’t help but buy a couple of essentials for our wardrobes. Since we are in Florida that means we can’t completely indulge in the sweaters and scarves all the time but the colors of Fall help us feel like we are living it up. I bought the girls some dresses at Old Navy that were so perfect. This mustard color one is my absolute favorite with the open back, I didn’t even notice it till Everly was wearing it. I think it would be perfectly paired with some cute tights, boots and a cardigan.

These adorable fit and flare dresses were on sale for $6 so I grabbed two and am seriously regretting not also getting the mustard one since they are now $8 which is nothing but dang it! I went with the teal and pink ones because the girls wanted those colors. I originally planned to get the mustard and teal but apparently one mustard dress is enough for them. My girls love twirling in them. I love it.

For the ladies this top is to die for. So simple but really will make you look put together on a day you just don’t feel like doing anything but putting on some skinnies and a top. I love the variety of colors as well. The red saucy color is also on sale so snatch it up before it’s gone. I also am in love with this top. I have it in white (such a mom fail there guys) but really need to get it in another color because my white one already has two spots on it and I can not get them out. They are super small so I still wear it but come on! I don’t know what I was thinking. And can we talk about how this top is only $10 at Target? This top was sold out in a hot minute over at Nordstrom when they had their sale a couple weeks ago but you can never go wrong with Target, am I right?

Another obsession I have during Fall, well anytime, are candles. I love lighting candles. This Capri Blue Pumpkin candle is yummy. You can’t go wrong with a good pumpkin scented candle.

If you are on Instagram make sure you go check out my stories on there before they disappear. There are some funny videos of the girls at Old Navy.

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Life Lately

By on September 16, 2017

I feel like I haven’t done a good update on our family in a long time. I think the last time I really wrote about anything was the moving post. We have been so busy this Summer so this post might be mostly pictures. Throughout the Summer we spent a lot of time with my best friend and her girls, going to the beach, getting ice cream, and lots of playing. It was like something really changed this Summer with the kids. They were so good at just playing and entertaining themselves. I really enjoyed just being home with them. It makes me realize how much they are growing up. Ace started 1st grade mid August and his teacher is super awesome. She seems very funny but also can be firm when she needs to be. I really like that. Ace loves being able to go to school with his cousin (my best friends’ younger daughter). We drive them to and from school together. It’s really cute. She is 2 years older than him so sometimes I will catch them holding hands when they are waiting for me to drive up to pick them up. It’s the sweetest thing ever. They had a rough couple of years and the past year they have grown so close.

Ashlyn and Everly started Pre-k 3 and go 2 days a week. We made some sweet friends from their school which has been so nice. Shout out to Sara for welcoming us to the hood, ha! The girls love their school which makes me so happy because I have been so worried about all these changes for the kids. The kids are all in activities this year too. Ashlyn is doing ballet and Everly is in gymnastics. I love that they all have their own thing, especially the girls. It didn’t surprise me they wanted to do different things but it was funny how definite they were in their decisions. Ashlyn had fun trying gymnastics with Everly but before even trying ballet again (she took one class a couple months ago) she said she wanted to do ballet. Everly tried ballet with Ashlyn but was over it after 10 minutes. It was definitely too slow paced for her. She did her first gymnastics class alone and all the other kids were doing the bounce house at the end and she asked to go do more of the gymnastics activities. They were really impressed with her. Ashlyn was in pure heaven at her first official ballet class. I loved watching her smile the entire time. Ace is doing Cub Scouts and T-ball. Ace has only just started Cub Scouts but will be starting t-ball in mid September. He loves baseball so it will be fun watching him play. As for the move, we could not be happier. I really miss everyone down south, of course. But I will say this place is just so great. It’s very family oriented. Everyone is very welcoming and it’s very much like a little big town. It is what I have been wanting for so long and I am glad we took the risk of just moving. We have a lot coming up these next couple of months so I am really excited for Fall. We are going up to Michigan for Branden’s brother’s wedding which is going to be awesome. The girls haven’t been yet and I haven’t been since Ace was 2 years old. The last time Branden and Ace went was 2 years ago. I love it up there so this is long over do. I am hoping now that the girls are older it will be easier to get up there. We will be driving so wish us luck! We also have a fun Disney trip for my nieces birthday and then I am going for a girls weekend. I seriously love Fall. So much fun stuff to do! What are your favorite things to do for Fall? I want to make a fun bucket list so any ideas you want to share would be awesome. 

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